PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 3: Silver Scream, Pt. 2

In which we discover the true nature of the Suicide King...

We see things in technicolor but the blue glass teeth are touched up in Ramsey’s Black and White film. (We are in the tower)
Pravuil and Ramsey check and can speak to eachother and Blue can do so using telepathy.
Ramsey is taking copious notes.
Camille promises to bring us the ledger. We don’t think eating here is a big risk – so we eat refresh ment. Ruby is not sure her hair can be cut, the hair is likely to attack her back.
Fallow, Christine Bedford, Issac are in the register around the same time 1106 1107 1108 room numbers.

Camille reassures Darina that she can stay in the waterfall, by suggesting she isn’t very experienced.
We tell her that we came here through a movie.
Camille runs this place with her sibs, their father is the Man of Shadows.
Lots of polite chatting about endings. She says we have gravity to us. The others discuss the appearance of the Shadow Man with us and she seems to think it an honor that he tried to engage with us with direct intervention.
Marc says based on her description that the Shadow Man is the Black egg of the Phoenix.
She says there is much of the world we don’t know about and don’t know of.
Isaac is of the same race as the Adams.
Fallow made the people that came from Camille – Charlotte for example.
Camille says her the Shadow Man and Bluebelle are not infallible.
This is not a “game” where one wins. – one can only be fulfilled or not fulfilled.
Ramsey asks Showtime to show us Christopher – he sees a safe. The safe is in an office with a walnut desk, bookcases etc. The office is in the Suicide King.
Showtime shows him Christine Bedford – she is playing poker in a room with a child (10 year old) and a construct – an Adam like creature, Charlotte is shown in the same room but not in the same shot.
Camille says that some people choose pain and suffering.
Pravuil asks about the safe.
Ruby, Blue, and IsTarantula talks about pain and suffering.
Camille does not know of Christopher being in the safe.
Mr. Mitchell is one of the oldest and wishes to meet us.
This room is OURS, not Camille’s. We are hosts within our room.
Mark is not sure that in the normal way of things he would be on this side.
Pravuil asks Ramsey to figure out if the embassy is in the map room.
Ramsey goes to check and gives the Adam the laws of robotics.
Mr. Mitchell – A African/Asian man comes through the door, he is dressed in a pinstriped suit, where constellations make the pinstripes. He has a fedora. He bows and says he has heard much about us. He says he is a stranger, and that strangers are the sons and daughters of the Man of Shadows. He is the eldest son – and is a few generations older than Mark.
“Now is the most exciting time I have ever been in.”
He wants to talk about hearts and asks what we love. Ruby says she loves sensation. (Both Camille and Mr. Mitchell want to talk to Ruby later).
Issac and Fallow come in. Isaacs’ eyes look active/engaged/different. He is heavy.
Fallow is a small boy, has a gravity like Heaven.
We introduce ourselves to Issac.
Isaac – the last of his kind and the first.
Fallow says “I am Fallow”. His progeny are the Lords and Ladies of rule, Galena – “I pity them. He does not think they will survive. His people will crush them and make them into the Domiciles they deserve.” – His people – Space Nazis
Isaac says that they are made, and he was once a great general and his essence was made one with an Adam. This was by chance, but not by choice.
Isaac claims that there are legions of Adams that will march against us soon. Pravuil tells him that we’ve seen Adams make a choice to against their programming.
Darina wants to drown the “guests”.
We ask after Christine and she walks in and undoes a sack and a head rolls out of it and it is made of Shadow. She says the head is “Boss Wilford’s”.
Mr. Mitchell says that it is time for communion. Camille points to Mr. Mitchell and he produces a knife, which Marc finds scary due to his high primacy. He leans into the table and begins carving the head.
Blue wants to do a general sense of the head – she notices that this is like when she tried to tap the shadow. The head is extraordinarily heavy and the knife is as heavy. They are peeling off essence of the head.
Darina comforts Christine in the bathroom. She is heavy, and she is both play acting a story and has been changed.
Ruby, Pravuil, IsTarantula, Mark eat of the head. Blue-grey jello, acidic and feels like love in the soul. A feeling of connectedness and oneness of life. Mark is grossed out and makes a face and Blue giggles.
There is a moment of silence. And we all make eye contact with everyone else.
Showtime shows Ramsey Camille’s father – the head on the plate, the Shadow Man as he released the lumivore, a black hole eating all light, black, blue wall, flickering lights, a small town in Vermont, a coffee shop, black.
Mark asks after Charlotte and Camille looks at her and smiles. Jane and Charlotte have merged into Christine.
Pravuil and Blue stay behind. Darina, IsTarantula, Ruby and Mark go with Camille and Christine to get Christopher.
Ramsey finds the room in the Suicide King on the map.
The safe is behind a photo of Mr. Mitchell. Camille pulls out stacks of cash and a film reel. Camille tells Christine she will find her brother at the edge of the desert. Mark takes the film reel and puts it in his coat – the film is heavy. Christine puts the money in her bag.
Pravuil knows where all the bright things are, and he knows he could feed on the bright things and can feel that hunger. Pravuil knows that after some time that thing will feed on him.
IsTarantula feels a draw to go back to nest. She needs more children.

Action Items:

  • offer Adams dance lessons
  • discuss additions to Cliffside
  • weaponize “FREE WILL”
  • give Pravuil a photogasm.


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