PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 2: Silver Scream, Pt. 1

In which a rescue plan is put in motion...

Darina’s door-
Woman has no reason to live – bored, serf, etc. Darina takes Cera back to the hotel. Cera is fascinated by the Adams.
Blue’s Door –
Ramsey, Ruby, IsTarantula and Protector are going with Blue. The land beyond the door is very fragrant from flowers – and some of the scents are unfamiliar. There are three suns, and it is quite bright. Hanging gardens with daises and Indian-like architecture. There are some insects. Three voices say “welcome” in a heavy sort of way. Blue feels ecstatic – nor orgasmic, ecstatic. They all feel really good and feel accepted and one with everything they see. The star-related creatures feel a kinship with the stars. Blue feels like there is an open channel so that she can talk whenever she wants.
Ruby and Ramsey get bored. IsTarantula enjoys it more but leaves with Ramsey. Ramsey leaves with lots of notes.

Mark’s Office -
Mark goes to his office. (no notes here)

The Forge –
Ruby helps IsTarantula and Ramsey at the Forge. It’s either going to be amazing or awful. The starchildren call him “the tinker”. There is a starchild that is a big movie watcher and it is chosen. (a small Blue Giant). They do the forging and then they know it is good when they all feel good. And the child is named “Showtime”. The room becomes very bright and the shadows feel very sharp. Ramsey feels very uncomfortable, a bit like when he was in his black door near the darkness. Ruby hears a voice saying “Welcome Back”.
Pravuil stops a massive bar fight, he helps with some IT problems, and he hangs out with Tangiers.
Cera is in awe of Pravuil. She seems to notice his angelicness.

IsTarantula’s Door –
Ruby goes with IsTarantula, Ramsey – as do Blue and Mark. Intense heat for anyone nearby. Blue flees and dodges into her white door. Mark turns himself into something more resistant (likely weird and spherical). Ruby wraps herself in a hair cocoon. Mark and Ruby take 10% physical damage. IsTarantula feels great. IsTarantula closes the door behind her. IsTarantula hears Bluebell – “You have done well. You are a good child.”

Ramsey is working on a pair of IsTarantula-oculars. He pushes 5%.
Tangiers greets us at the theatre. There is big band music playing. Ramsey goes into the booth with Showtime and changes to fit the socket whenever it gets near one. Ramsey loads Showtime in. Ramsey hovers as Tangiers sets up the film.
Ramsey sees us in Black and White.
The shadows are very dark and the lights are very light and everything feels hyper real. The film starts to show the title sequence. The car shows up on the screen and there are no actors. It’s a desert road and we see the Suicide King. Ruby leaves some of her hair trailing out of the screen (an Adam with a buttoneer stays near them). He takes a hold of her hair as an anchor. Blue uses psychometry on the car and sees that Jane Fallows went into the casino and it looks like it has been in a gun fight. Pravuil records the placement of the hair tether.
We make our way to the Suicide King which is outside the strip. Darina hates the desert. The Suicide King seems not very busy. We walk in, and we see slot machines and game table. No customers or staff. We hear a “ding” as we go through the door. Mark looks in the ledger for Jane Fallows’ room number. There is an attendant with blue glass teeth at the desk (Camille) she offers us some rooms. She says she knows Lena is supposed to be there, but has not arrived yet. Charlotte and Christopher are known to her too.
Camille says she has written many stories and ended many stories. Mark realizes that she is a lexivore. Camille is from the library, (it is my mother, it is my father). Camille says that Charlotte has some family relationship with Ruby. Camille offers to help us find them. She agrees to give us the real register in the office. Blue does some psychometry and sees Jane hit floor 11. We hear a ding as if someone else is entering the casino. The doors open up onto a gorgeous suite. Darina gets wet in the waterfall.
Camille has primacy and is heavy.
To do:
• Add to the Hotel – map room


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