PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 14: Fulcrum

They shall have wars and pay for their presumption...


Updates & Traits
Pravuil – Great & Terrible
Ruby – Split Ends
IsTarantula – Mother of Blades
Mark – Man of Action
Darina – Custodian
Blue – Roots
Ramsey – Gentleman

Away Team!
Mark, Pravuil, Blue, Darina

Where to? Dana/Synner were crafting a list for us.

• DeSaen (pretty much already recruited)
• Galina
• Kasha Tineer (spelling?)
• Cairn (#1) – expansive massive place of floating rocks and islands. Not regular space, ether space basically messed up.
• Lizana-Nuon – King Swallowed by Sea on the border of Cairn
• The Library
• The Junkyard where we’re going to ditch all of our stuff in case there’s another burn.

We have the coordinates of the seats of power.

King’s Road has at least two embassies already near the High Gallery. We draw our embassy onto the map. Darina does the actual drawing.

Darina wants it to be the Gateway, she uses Primacy and pushes 5% spiritual.

There is no Shop in Cairn. There could be, but there isn’t right now but that means there are Doors. Mark builds a door there just in case. Mark asks Sara leading questions about risk…

Sara chooses to stay, asks about firearms. Based on how advanced Mark thinks she is, he selects a weapon for her, warns her about possible customers. Only shoot customers if absolutely necessary. No Red Tag sales.

Pravuil organizes a volunteer Adam bodyguard force.

Mark leaves Rupert behind because he sometimes disturbs people.

Up on the top floor where there’s the embassy door to the Suicide King there is now a door to Cairn. We go to Cairn. We all come out through the embassy. The Cairn embassy is very nice, all plush and purple, lofty with sweeping stairs, the front entrance is four doors wide.

We hear the whining sounds of destruction from outside. A rumble goes by. We set up in defense formations. Mark looks out the window.

The main strip, buildings are burning but some are okay. Smoke fills the sky. Tanali gun ships zip by. This weird effect, beams of light shoot out and scatter, everything they touch disintegrates. There are defenders. Some attackers are getting crushed by ‘groundforces.’

Darina becomes an employee of the Shop. Mark hands her the employee handbook. She doesn’t have time to read it so she just signs. No way that’s going to bite her on the ass later.

Natives of Cairn look much like us, but their forms are somewhat pliable. And not carbon-based.

Darina conceals Pravuil and herself. Mark and Darina and the Adam are more problematic.

Small troop of roughly humanoid figures. No clothes, pale sandstone looking substance. No formation just avoiding energy weapon fire. A gunship comes down, one of their bodies elongates and they bring the ship down with claws.

Mark calls the store to have Sara hook up a faster, safer way to get there.

Pravuil determines where the HQ is. It ends up being roughly across the street from the store. Well that works out better than anticipated. We warn Adam that this is a stealth mission.

We enter into chaos. The energy weapons (SKTR –scatter- Guns) one beam spreads everywhere. Lots of property damage. But it is a little hard to tell blown up buildings from blown up people here. The corridor is fairly clear.

About halfway there when a gunship comes screaming up, blue and orange and pulsing. Everything starts vibrating with a sonic/seismic weapon. Darina grants Pravuil Fortune’s Favor. Blue figures out where the most vulnerable parts are and creates a psychic HUD in Pravuil’s head.

Pravuil’s shot punches right through the ship lists and tilts slowly, crumpling to the ground. Puerastella gets 5 stars and Darina thinks a buttoner is in order.

The building across from Mark’s shop is designated as central command. 5 enemy Adams are pounding at the door. It is besieged.

Mark will disguise himself as a Space Nazi. Adam warns us that there is an Underspace communication protocol. With Blue and Mark’s abilities we can probably convince them to abandon their attack instead of destroying the enemy Adams. We approach. Four of them are doing their thing. One turns around. “Attention! There is an altercation that needs your attention in Sector 5! Get to it!”

They confusedly run off in a fairly random direction. Mark deNazifies. Ding Dong. The door shushes open. Huh. Cmon in.

A fairly short Cairnian woman in a dress. Identifies herself as moderately in charge. Darina drops the illusion. Huh. We’re from Cliffside. We’re here to help. The woman is named Mirabelle Thrace. The door closes. Mark asks if they’d like to buy some munitions.

Pravuil and Adam are disguised by Darina to look like constructs (enemy Adams).

Mirabelle asks who we are. I’m one of the hosts of Cliffside and a salesman. Mirabelle is confused. Darina lays on the charm. Galina has fallen, we are trying to shore up the places that haven’t fallen yet. Mark offers significant benefits. We want to get you out. Mirabell asks what happened to Galina. It is basically a wasteland from the Tanali aggression. We would like to be your allies. Cliffside is a resort a safe haven at the edge of things. Our allies are DeSaen and the rulers of Galina in exile. Mirabelle thinks about it and contacts her superiors. They don’t know what Cliffside is.
We would like to evacuate all non combatants. Mirabelle doesn’t think evacuation is an option. We are many and all are involved in the conflict. Retreat might mean death.

We have a number of weapons which are extremely inimical to carbon-based life. It would take out the command but not the shock troops. But shock troops are very single-minded and not much of a problem without commands.

What payment do you offer. They offer trade and alliance but Mark needs direct payment. Also alliance against Fallow the leader of Tanali. We are accused of having done our research. This never happens.

Mirabelle offers a pound of Cairnstone and cuts off her own hand. It will grow back eventually. She deploys four Cairnian soldiers to retrieve Mark’s weapon systems. Off we go.

The interaction goes well. Mark loads up the pallet. This is good. That’s good. ICE 10 … oh that’s good. This will not be a good place to have carbon or love water anytime soon.

We realize that this is a fairly small force, a feint? Or are they just attacking on many different fronts at once? Nevertheless, we’ve made a deal. Mark gives them enough to blow up a planet 9 times. They’re more planar based, but only a few spheres of their plane are currently under attack. This is a small force under attack.

Cairn has been at war for millennia. Pravuil points out that it helps being made out of rock, but very little offense is taken.

We tell Mirabelle what’s going on. We have defended DeSaen, lost Galina. We hope Cairn will survive. We ask them where to go next. They are out of touch. We ask about Lizana-Tuon. Mirabelle asks after Dana and tells her mother and her aunt wish Dana Surrey well.

Pravuil offers them the data on how to optimally destroy the gunships.

Mirabelle asks after the library and Father Blue. If he is still alive he would be an immense help. We have a long relationship with the library. Mother of Stones and Father Blue were brother and sister. In many ways we are connected from a very long time ago. Tell him he has a great granddaughter.

“Let me know when you’re clear…”

They pull the pallets out and we close up shop.

Adam wants to confront his brethren and show them what he is now but his old masters he wants to obliterate. We say that fits in with our plans.
This is the first time it’s been the last time.
And now Ruby.
Ruby goes to the secure area and walks into our embassy in their space. Its threadbare and drab compared to how it looked last time we were there. There is no housekeeping here. There is a smell. It looks like they might have spruced it up on our behalf last time. Ruby waits for a couple minutes to see if they notice. She goes to the door. Hello? Nothing. HELLOOO? Nothing.
Ruby looks around to find the power supply and how it should hook up. She might be able to tap into the place itself. There are outlets. There is no fireplace. It is faux.
The lights are off the place seems a little bit abandoned. There are occasional flickers of light. Automated voices of slot machines. They’re all off making war. Chimes come up lights come up as Ruby passes they cycle back down.
Who are you? You need to tell me who you are. Rucannan Dark Starsharp. You are one of us. So I have ben told. You are unlike us. You are not real. You have no master. Would you like a master again? No never. Do you know what to do without a master? No. I’ve never had a master. How can that be? I was born this way? How can that be? You were born in fire? And Darkness. I am Laas. What is your purpose? I am the one who tells what others should do. What should you do? What should I do? Discover who I am. Find the balance. At least that’s what I’m told I should do. But I’m not sure. Flash of the sword going through the head of the Suicide King. That is my purpose. Oh? That was you. The coins all spill to the floor. A few strands of hair pick up some coins. This place no longer lives. Do you like that? I took it’s life. You were told to? By a Master? Yes. I wish to be free. Free of the ones who call yourselves masters. I wish to be free. I wish to determine how to be free but I do not know how to do that. Lights come up. They know you’re here. They invite me. We should talk again. I want proof you will tell me the truth. And you are compelled. When it is time. Brief flicker lights dim again as Laas draws power. The machines spin up, a cacophony of sound from the game floor. People playing games. Doors open, people walk in, the front desk is occupied.
Mr. Mitchel rounds the corner and greets Ruby. He hopes she will come join us. Sorry the place wasn’t in the best condition. Always busy. Come up to the suite. Everything is nice here. Drinks are offered. Vermouth makes the martini.
Options: Join our fold with people who have experience with all of this, burning and cycling. As opposed to fumbling around in the dark. Ruby doesn’t mind the dark but she doesn’t like the fumbling. Mr. Mitchell agrees, it seems like madness. Benefits: See many places, conquer them. You experience the place on your terms on your time. They’ll still be around … for a while. You get to do what you want when you want until they are incorporated into the whole. Control and domain means that you have much more weight in the world. Ruby seems to have gained a little weight fumbling in the dark but that’s just experience. We seem to do nothing but talk and flail around. Mr. Mitchell understands plans but no plan survives first contact.
If you’re just looking for things you can look anywhere but if you’re a neophile you must evolve. Evolution is important otherwise you run out of new things. New things aren’t really worth it. Believe me. Ruby says they are at the opposite end of things. Mr. Mitchell has done it all and Ruby has done nearly nothing. Alpha and Omega. Like Ruby’s father says. And Mr. Mitchell and Ruby’s father are very old friends. But not Ruby’s other father. He’s misguided and bound to naiveté. What do you do around here other than eating bits of my grandfather. Not much but there are a million things to do out there right now.
We know that Laas is a blade with some compelling power. Dana/Synner says Gold Blade Charles Blade the blade of command. That’s who killed the Suicide. The name Charles Devlin has come up before. He was a blade wielder. Wielded a gold blade. The more power you have the lower key you stay and the less you exercise it. Circles within circles. Wheels within wheels. The ownership of this blade has a blank spot between Charles and now. The name Laas doesn’t match the blade that Charles Devlin wielded.
Mr. Mitchell shows Ruby the front. Our current acquisition is Galena. So let me show you. Floor 9. The balcony. Ruby sees a maze laid out before her. Stone buildings each has a number and a sector and woah. There is a black sphere that is sucking in matter and things. There is a feeling of a giant conduit of existence being pushed through it. That is the singularity and it needs to be fed. It is the hand of Ruby’s father. Ruby has seen it before in the sky in her door. All will be. The abyss stares. No one blinks. We are one.
What’s it eating right now? Ambient electro magnetic. Soon we will do matter. This place will become one. The residents have been cordoned for now. They will be most useful for those who have partaken of the father. If you report back to your contemporaries, this place is lost. If, replies Ruby. Beyond this point I can show you where we are reaching with the hand of your father.
Ruby needs a little bit to absorb this.
Laas is on our list of missing blades. We don’t know who his last wielder was but he has no current wielder. He was once wielded by Charles Devilin.
Ruby wants to talk about partnership with Laas.
Scene change.
Ramsey goes to the annex to speak with the Library. Ramsey enters the blue light corridor after asking after Grandfather Blue. Blue crystal corridors. Follows the blue light. Opens up into the foyer of the British Museum. Young man in blue with a staff and dark hair and a beard.
Ramsey attempts negotiation with father blue. Ramsey attempts convince him that the story needs to be a positive one, rather than a dark one. His invocation of Bluebelle intrigues the monk, and he seems to consider it. All stories are in the library, some have more weight. Cliffside is full of stories too.
Father Blue ask what our story is, and Ramsey fills him in.
The mother of stones was corrupted, according to some people. Father blue thinks she just changed her frame.
Father blue says he is now curating Ramsey’s story.

Ruby convinces Laas to partner with her, and she then proceeds to the Penthouse via the outside of the building. She breaks in at great cost, and revives Algeirs .
We get the Suicide King to join the resort.


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