PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 5: Glass

In which we see through you...

The Adams want to make Cera into an Adam. Cera is happy in the gardens and with the Adams, Darina makes a date to have some tea with her.
Darina is going to tease Isaac about how the Adams have a crush on Cera.

Mark; goes to talk to himself at the store.
The store has been closed for a while. The door to the office is open. Mark’ goes to the back.
Mark speaks to The Boss who is smoking a cigar. They bitch about feelings and connectedness for a while.
They talk about small vs large apocalypses. Mark says it’s unfortunate that he is in the building phase.
The Boss asks Mark about the hosts at Cliffside. He says we are “allright I guess”. Rupert gets a scratch.
Mark “I’m pretty sure Tarantula understands the deal. When the time comes, she will understand how things work. I don’t see her being a problem. Pravuil probably won’t be a problem.”
Mark thinks Ramsey might be a problem. “He’s obsessed with his little island and it’s survival. He isn’t sure about Blue. The fairy is outside this whole thing so he isn’t sure about her. The new one is too new to know.”
“The new guys seem to be gunning for me, except for maybe Mitchell you doesn’t seem to be gunning for us. Isaac and Fallow are gunning for us actively. And I’m not so sure about the infovore.”
Mark gets the inkling that they have had this conversation before. “We set up the Lord and Lady of this place didn’t we? The present was our merchandise.” The Boss “We didn’t orchestrate it, I don’t know who did it. It isn’t in the ledger, that disturbs us.”
The Boss feels comfortable at Cliffside. Mark also feels good. The two of them didn’t like the other place as much, “they” killed it. Boss doesn’t like that. Tintagel doesn’t like it, and Tangiers certainly doesn’t either. They both like Tangiers.
“If they come asking for something, you may need to have a price.” The Boss isn’t sure if eating part of the head was a good idea. He thinks Mark may start feeling hungry. The Boss thinks that if IsTarantula goes down the hungry path that may be a really bad thing. If you get hungry, that’s when it gets dicey.
Some people The Boss have met have recovered from going down the hunger path, but the ones that don’t accelerate what “we” do. It might be really bad that Pravuil ate some. “Watch him.” Mark wants to talk to Ramsey about separating the hunger from the hosts.
“You might want this” – a blue glass bead. Apparently, it didn’t sell very well. It’s a piece of the library. Mark takes Rupert with him. Mark walks out of the office with Rupert on his shoulder.

Darina is going to leave against her white Door.
Ruby opens the White Door. There is a smooth marble landscape that goes out forever. It slightly curves, but seems to be a sphere. There is a sun on one side, and darkness on the other with stars. There is a “Grecian” temple that has been knocked down. The temple is split and broken in the shadow side, and is hale in the sunlight. She can hear chirping and cicadas.
IsTarantula has a bit of the feeling from Pravuil’s door.
Ruby walks right down the center. Ruby sees beautiful runes that are sparkly and a reddish glow. She feels a split that happens inside of her and she pulls from both sides.
A little ball bounces out of the temple and falls to Ruby’s feet from the light side. She tosses it in the direction it came from. A little girl catches the ball. “I’m Heaven.” “You’re the bridge. You are unique to be happy here.”
“She will need minding by us. You have connections, family in both sides.” Heaven says she is somewhat an inlaw.
Darina hops to the other side of the line.
Heaven thinks there is someone on the other side of the line like her.
Everything goes to shadow and she feels being sucked towards that place. There is murmuring and a feeling of hunger. Flowers blossom and crumble and die.
Darina steps back.
IsTarantula calls to the ‘being’. It is shadow with cut out eyes. It makes small talk with IsTarantula – exes. He tells Ruby that she is beautiful. He tells her that they have met. He will talk to her if she wants in private. He asks if IsTarantula is raising her right? “She has only just arrived.” He says they should call him the “Shadowman, the Umbra, the darkness outside of light.”
IsTarantula says it suits him today. She asks if this is all of him, here, and he laughs. We all have our sphere of influence. It’s good to have family together again. Ruby finally figures out who “he” is.
IsTarantula says “He is different now, here. But he would be, wouldn’t he.”
“Here I can touch you, and the little girl can too. As things progress we’ll see how the balance goes. You’re the bridge.”
Ruby “I’m not sure I want that responsibility.” Ruby thinks it will be become incredibly boring. He tells her to lock the door.
IsTarantula says “he only tells you half the truth.”
Ruby says “Not yet.”
Ruby goes to sit on the center line.
IsTarantula “She is stronger than both of us.”
He “She will survive the next burn.”
Heaven tells them that she misses Pravuil.
Heaven offers to teach her hopscotch. There is a metaphysical confluence in hopscotch. Where the stone lands is where you go, how you get there is important. Heaven gives her a “stone” of blue glass.
Ruby eats the “stone”. Heaven says it will take about 14 hours to pass through.
Heaven asks her what the last thing she remembers before the burn. She remembers of being in darkness and lack of sensation. Heaven hopes she never experienced what Heaven has experienced. Heaven was suffocating in the back of the car, gasping for breath she died. Darina gives Heaven a big hug.
Ruby is told by Heaven to give her mom a hug.
Ruby feels more like “me”.
Ruby takes a nap in the door. She hasn’t slept yet.

IsTarantula stays, Darina exits.
Mark heads down to the forge to talk to Ramsey. Ramsey is making a set of tools to vivisect an Adam. Ramsey does not think that doing a necropsy on a fallen Adam would be good enough.
Mark has a proposal for Ramsey. Mark says that the communion is as if it was a tiny caribdis, which is at the heart of them. It is a hunger. Mark would like a shadowectomy from Pravuil. Mark gives Ramsey the blue glass ball, it’s an information matrix. You can push things into the matrix. Mark says they could place the shadowy bit into the glass bead. Once this happens it will end up in the library.
M – “It turns out that starchild, could, in certain circumstances act as an amplifier. We do not want this to come to pass.”
“Extracting any element is certainly doable. The problem is preserving the original container. Tricky.” Ramsey gets excited. “The problem is that Pravuil is so very real.”
M- “He’s not that real. And I’ll help you out.”
Ramsey “We should shake Pravuil very vigorously so that he is slightly out of phase with the rest of us, and the shadow will be resonant and can then be plucked out.”
M – “We’ll have to propose it to Pravuil. Perhaps we could make the receptacle more attractive and get him to swallow it.”
Ramsey will need to create an opening into the ball. It is similar to imbuing things as he did with Starchild.
“The glass wants everything, so all we have to do is make it most want the shadow and then get Pravuil to swallow it. This is not without inherent risks. Are you sure it’s not safer to leave it where it is.” Having IsTarantula handy could be helpful.

Ramsey is envisioning the glass ball with pincers going wub wub wub wub holding the glass is within the focusing chamber.

Tangiers: There is an activation on floor two, primary division. Scans show a tiny 1/2" by 1/8" by 1/8" piece of blue glass in the Suicide King Embassy room. It’s one of Camille’s teeth.

Action Items:
Should try to find out if there is a difference between something forged and something forged by the burn.

Weaponize Free will

Talk to Tangiers

Convince Pravuil to get a shadowectomy

Get Cera to tell her story to Ruby.

We need to find a politish way to put them off.

Ask Jane/Charlotte if they want a new name.


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