PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 9: Dominoes [:] - Glory

Twice as bright and twice as fast...

(No recap due to Obsidian Portal being down…)

Ruby goes to Eden and sees dead Angels, the Angel is Numiel. They miss Pravuil.
A servant, Nod, is putting dead bodies (space Nazis) in the ground to “feed the tree”. Ruby also meets the Serpent.

Numiel and the Serpent end up being “paused”.

She removes a Nazi skull with a helmet to take with her.

Nod says that fighting over Eden is like fighting over a piece of art.

Mark talks to himself, and he says there is a chance that even the off season stuff will have an effect.

Mark’s store self says that he would have to sell to both sides but we would get a discount.
And the other proposal can go forward.

Ruby tells us about the encounter in Eden. Pravuil shares that he was the only one of the Host who did not eat of the Tree of Good and Evil. Ruby has learned not to eat things offered to her by strangers.

Christopher says that Mark’s Boss is acting inconsistently. Abraham is informed about Sara M.

Christopher wants to meet us for dinner if Sara M comes.

Raffles went into the movie. We might want to recover Raffles.

Christopher also has lots of Blue Books as if he has a library annex.
The Recorder is also blue.

IsTarantula chooses a bright fast burning star. She finds a mid-cycle blue, fairly heavy star. They name the star Glory and it is mated to the freewill bomb. The Glory bomb is not zappable.

We all go to the map room. We find a sub-menu that says “Other known space” and there is a data source from “Kasha-Tenir University”.

There are ~ 30 entries, some are greyed out.

Kasha-Tenir University is in a bubble within a whirlpool – pocket dimension on Nexus Combine, which is a great power source, it closed 78 years ago, cycle 6.

Important things to note:
Kasha-Tenir – formerly one of the greatest educational institutions of the Continuum. Now defunct.
Taneli remnant of a warn torn nation, wastelands of atomic glass.
Cairn was used in the war of Taneli might be how the atomic glass was created. The mother of stones comes from Cairn. There are still distributed islands, they haven’t all been discovered.
Lizana-Nuon – On the Lizanne Sea. Half drowned castles, caverns everywhere. The Widow.
The Junkyard – where all the broken things go. Known for scavenging, and almost everything in the Junkyard survives the burn. Aaron suggests we leave things there.
Kashan – on Kasha-Tenir campus. It went horribly wrong. A note by Michael Surrey – he curated the project.
Yepata – on the other side of the Cairnian expanse. It’s a resort, sort of PQ Risa.
The Loom – related to stories, but it is not the Library. It is what comes from the Library, it might have come from a blade.
The Brasslands is the land of Dream.
Cliffside – known for its amiable hosts.
DeSaen – it can go everywhere. It’s the creator and owner of the only engine that can transverse all of space, it never requires repair….
Little Eden was designed, and it is often a battleground due to the fact that it has so many exits and entrances.
Tundrakia – the domain of lots of names Lisa can’t type right now.
Suicide King – has an embassy and is deceased.
Limbo – home of Kelly’s Bar and Grill, the most happening place in Limbo. It is a sanctuary.
Sub-entry to Cairn, the Gallery of High Magister Elkin Koss. There are works of art (like Little Eden) that were created in an old style art gallery setting. It is a nexus. We recognize the name due to the Cathedral.


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