PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 8: Dominoes [.] - Freewill

Butterfly wings and prime movers...

Darina explains what the Adams wish as best she can to Cera. Cera really enjoys speaking with them. Darina makes the mistake of mentioning that Ramsey could potentially make an intercom for Cera with the Adams. She invites Cera into her White Door.
Darina and Cera go into the door. Nothing happens for the first two hours. Something starts to emerge from one of the pools. A woman from beyond my time line but before now, dressed in a suit, medium hair length. She looks oddly familiar. She looks a little like Cera. “I lived a life of chains, I want freedom.” “Who chained you.”
“The man in the shadows.”
She is another Cera.
Darina offers her a place at Clilffside. She accepts. She is good with numbers. She is going to go by Cera M.
Darina leaves her with Tangiers and Cera.
One of the pool is a book which is blue and glassy. Not the one the Ceras came through.
Pravuil has a new To Do. What do we think the benefit will be to resurrect the Suicide King. Tangiers is quite willing to “Get the fuckers.”
Blue, Mark and Ramsey will weaponize Free Will our best chance is to create an explosive device.
We go to the Vault to get the devices of restoration. The IPod, the Film Canisters, the Flask, the Blanket, the Typewriter. We should put the film in the vault as well. The audio tape is there too. There are things in the Vault that are things from before.
Mark takes two snorts of the Flask. There is two snorts left in the Flask.
All around Cliffside things are happening.
The Adams are only connected to their own group.
We try to predict Issac’s tactics.
We argue a lot about whether one could use a star child. Lots of tough philosophical questions.
Starchild says that some children are expected to burn brightly and briefly.
There are other possibilities to creating the weapon.
The device can be created without the source. (A tactical one and a strategic one).
For the tactical weapon:
Ramsey 20% mental
Mark 20% spiritual
Blue 10% of mental and spiritual.

Ruby goes to The Garden.

*Action items: *
Inventory the Vault
Resurrect the Suicide King
Interview the Ceras
Create the strategic device
Pravuil is going to have “The Talk” with the Adams


DavE’s To Do List:

Ruby in the Garden.
Darina muses.
The Directory.

davidjburbank davidjburbank

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