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S2: Episode 7: My Heart is a Flame

In which we see the light grow brighter in the wind...

Episode 7 My Heart is a Flame

In which we see the light grow brighter in the wind…

IsTarantula, Parvuil, Mark, Ruby, retreat to their doors.

Blue and Darina make sure the guests are satisfied. All is business as usual. People hanging out laughing, eating, drinking. The Gretch’s staff is serving. The feel is all good.

Blue checks in with the Adams. Adams are CONCERNED with those who are infected. How is Parvuil? WE FELT HIM FLICKER OUT. Cliffside says he is whole again. And what of Cera (Darina’s rescue) The Adams have a crush on her. They want to make her into ONE OF US. Blue says we’ll discuss that later … Yes, she is stalling for time.

Ramsey goes to meet with Tangiers. He is in the back office rooting around in stuff. When he becomes aware of Ramsey, he acts surprised and comes back to the front.

Tangiers and Ramsey discuss Adams. The Adams are herd creatures who also know how to herd. Ramsey and Tangiers talk about the nature of Adams. Tangiers goes to check on Miss Swallows. Ramsey takes over the Maitre D position. Badly.

Insider her White Door, Ruby plays ball with Heaven, talks to Shadowman about whether people are valuable or not. Ruby values people who grant sensation. Shadowman believes that when something new happens it creates a demon. A tsunami of demons might not be as much fun as it sounds like.

Inside his White Door, Mark is having a drink, billiards, checking the books. Things look pretty good. There was a production lull, but things are back on track now, ticking over, et cetera. The Boss is pleased that Mark is okay. Mark considers going into his other door, but not until he’s more recovered. Reads some books. Sees blue light behind the shelf. “It’s an annex! Of course it is. That’s how the inventory was accessed. Charlotte was a book, books can get into our Doors. Marks Door can get into the Back Room. Good to know.”

Insider her White Door, IsTarantula absorbs some rads, hangs out in the vacuum of deep space. Hoping for a Quasar. Chilling in the background radiation of the Universe and trying to remember. What happened? What happened when she was young and met Ruby’s dad. What she remembers is she was still bound to her first form and she remembers that space darkened and she felt a pull, an attraction. Part of her was ripped away. She become one with something else. Eventually she was no longer and she was something else. Then there is a blank. And that was a long time ago. When she remembered again, she was no longer bound in her first form. She was Tarantula. Based on the nature of the background radiation it was a very long time. Many, many millennia. Cosmological time had passed and sometime in there, Ruby was born. IsTarantula wants to know why she forgot. How do you roofie a nebula?

Blue wants to check the Map Room. She sees no new additions, luckily. The Embassy from the Suicide King is definitely active and occupied. Not growing, yet. Blue can’t perceive anything inside the room or anything about it, but she can tell it isn’t growing or changing outside. Blue wants to know where Parvuil is. He’s inside his door. Blue informs Ramsey. She checks on everyone else the ID tracker is working just fine.

Blue was linked to Parvuil when he died. She remembered the Burn and then he was gone. Blue goes to knock on Parvuil’s door.

Parvuil is feeling ‘really shitty.’ Completely out of it, semi-conscious, probably hallucinating. He falls asleep in Heaven’s lap. Starchild is quiet and with Parvuil. Parvuil is around 2 or 3 % spiritual. He senses a faraway presence. Heaven says, “Do you want me to go talk to her?”

Heaven opens the door and speaks to Blue. “Parvuil is resting. Starchild is with him.” Starchild was also infected. Resting here is probably best, but Heaven appreciates Blue’s offer of healing.

Parvuil realizes his spark is now a flame. Meta: he now has the skill ‘Kindle.’

Time passes; people do things in their doors.

IsTarantula feels terrible guilt over being forced to abandon Ruby.

Gretch is feeling very warm and happy and familial towards us. He asks Blue for a hug. It is creepy but it happens.

Ramsey rummages through Tangiers’ back room. Guest lists, guests, all about guests, tracing guests. Some visits from Desaan from before. Lord and Lady Midden didn’t arrive until the Summit. Same with Jane, first for her. The cab people Sam and the kid have been here two times before. They said it was because the cab broke down but they were here a year ago and about three years ago. They stayed Gratis. Cliffside paid for them, but Tangiers doesn’t seem to remember. Could it have been the Gretch? Another name shows up occasionally Billy DaBlissi is an account holder. Seems connected to the cab kids. Billing address is Limbo. What could possibly go wrong.

Another pile of stuff Tangiers was looking through that seems to be passwords. Pieces of paper scattered about under the blotter.

Sam the cab driver has a slightly confusing conversation with Ramsey. She needs the key to get to her cab, she wants to see the end of the film. Ramsey believes the problem has been resolved. He is wrong.

We assume Darina spends time with Cera.

Parvuil talks to Heaven. Heaven knows Bluebell. Bluebell told Parvuil that this was the last time. Parvuil is not entirely comfortable with being Risen again. This time is different than last time. Last time everything burned but him. This time he burned and nothing else did. The hunger is gone.

Heaven says things would have played out very differently, but this is good for you to know. Heaven knew the Shadow. One of his disciples (Antigone?) is who killed Heaven a long time ago, now she is here, but not just here. Not any more.

Heaven says that Ruby’s father is not kind. Antigone who was writing the end a long time ago is one of the many, many sons and daughters, Strangers all. Those who have consumed of Him. Parvuil would have become one of them (a Stranger) and it is good that this didn’t happen. But now there is something new.

Heaven says, “You have awakened.” Beginnings and endings come from fire. Mankind learned to do things because of fire. Parvuil says it mostly didn’t end well for them. But sometimes it did. Fire powers nations and civilizations, exploration, growth, food, war. All because of fire. Will Parvuil be able to control this better than the hunger? Heaven suspects yes, just feed it good things. Feed it with what makes you you. “That’s another thing I’m trying to figure out,” Parvuil says. “I am not what I was. Before I had a purpose and never doubted it.”

The doors are refuge. Nothing changes in the outside world while we’re inside.

Parvuil gives of himself to awaken Childstar. Childstar wants to fight, but he can’t fight with poison, not the way the enemy fights. We have our own way of fighting.

A day passes.

Parvuil leaves his door and sees a sign saying ‘Parvuil is Risen! He lives again.”

Ruby goes into her Black Door. Heaven speaks to her. “Parvuil says hello. He asked about you.” She doesn’t want to play ball. They talk about Parvuil and how focused he is. She walks to the other side. “Hello Daughter. Seeing the other side? Mirror Mirror?” He offers her comfort.

IsTarantula is still sad about having Ruby taken from her but now she is also angry. She wants to kill Ruby’s father but is concerned that Ruby might love him.

Mark talks to his Boss about selling stuff that they can’t normally sell while they can’t see the stuff that they normally sell. I’m sure it made sense. It’s all the stuff that doesn’t start apocalypses that Mark usually steers them away from.

Parvuil tells us about his post-life conversation with Bluebell.

Ruby and IsTarantula talk. A lot. There was crying.

Tangiers and Ramsey talk. There are one or two avenues to resurrect the Suicide King.

IsTarantula goes back into her door to test Mark’s theory about books being able to access the inside of our doors. Finds a Blue Giant, source of information, annex of the Library. Even in the blackness of the beyond, just a few parsecs away. Easily accessible. It opens up layers upon layers of information, but she can’t find a way to other rooms from here. IsTarantula is not a book. She looks for a volume of the History of Endings. It talks about Cliffside and the Remainders and our adventures.

IsTarantula goes into her black door. Pulling swirls of vacuum. “Who’s there?” “It’s me, my love.” “I knew you’d be here. We should talk.” She’s not strong enough to talk now.

We are mostly refreshed and ready to renew the fight. As soon as we figure out what it is.

Nothing has been done on any of the ongoing plans. New ongoing plan: Mark wants Ramsey to design and build an airlock to protect us from IsTarantula’s Doors.


Thank you for taking the Scribe position during Lisa’s absence. This is excellent!

S2: Episode 7: My Heart is a Flame
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