PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 6: Strange Engines

In which we deconstruct the spark and the engine within...

Pravuil is educated about why hunger is dangerous.
Lots of discussion about the two ideas of Ramsey’s.
We consider adding Ruby to the equation, we might want to use IsTarantula.
We also decide to talk to the Gretch about an emesis solution.
We have to fetch the Gretch from his door, he is taking a nap. His door has a humid jungle, and a path that goes through it. The Gretch agrees to come out with his to discuss our need.
Ruby offers to help, the Gretch asks what she is willing to sacrifice. He asks for a little bit of essence. A little bit of her heart (the piece she give him will not renew quickly).
She agrees.
Marc retrieves a Black and White cake from his store which would normally cause a star emit a flare that would take out a planet. (10 spiritual) This will be the base for the emetic for IsTarantula.
Marc starts to feel hungry. Marc wants to go to the backroom, but resists.
We are pretty sure that Marc would need an emetic base of “feelings”. (joke)
Marc needs an ending that is actually connected to “him”.
Ramsey prepares a receptacle.
The Gretch uses two bits of fire (one of a star type, one that was “the first sale”), and an sd card.
Attached to the marble is some lenses, bunsen burner.
Darina is going to carry the marble device with Ramsey, Protector is going to help Ramsey be more quiet. Darina is casting Fortune’s Boon on the whole thing. We all contribute so Pravuil uses “Member of the Host.’
The Souffle is beautiful and amazing and they all get forks.
First bite
After about 5 minutes of consumption they feel very very warm. (We see them starting to glow from their chest). They get the feeling that what they are eating is consuming the shadows and consuming part of them.
We see Pravuil die and see him burn. The consumers hear a voice that says it will be ok.
All the others go down to 10 percent spiritual.
Pravuil speaks to Bluebell who asks him what he learned. She says he will stay a while with her.
The rest are no longer afflicted.
They go down to 5 percent spiritual.
We take the others down to the door room.
Bluebell says to Pravuil “That was a hard thing. It was an ending and a beginning yes.”
Bluebell says she thinks we are all that is left of her and this might be the last time around for all of us.
There is a burst of light and he is sitting on the terrace in front of the temple and Heaven is sitting next to him and comforting him.
Pravuil gets 1 percent spiritual back.
Pravuil is resting in his door.
The others go to their white doors.
Blue, Ramsey and Darina are holding down the fort.

Action Items:
Should try to find out if there is a difference between something forged and something forged by the burn.

Weaponize Free will

Talk to Tangiers.

Get Cera to tell her story to Ruby.

We need to find a politish way to put them off.

Ask Jane/Charlotte if they want a new name.


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