PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 14: Fulcrum
They shall have wars and pay for their presumption...


Updates & Traits
Pravuil – Great & Terrible
Ruby – Split Ends
IsTarantula – Mother of Blades
Mark – Man of Action
Darina – Custodian
Blue – Roots
Ramsey – Gentleman

Away Team!
Mark, Pravuil, Blue, Darina

Where to? Dana/Synner were crafting a list for us.

• DeSaen (pretty much already recruited)
• Galina
• Kasha Tineer (spelling?)
• Cairn (#1) – expansive massive place of floating rocks and islands. Not regular space, ether space basically messed up.
• Lizana-Nuon – King Swallowed by Sea on the border of Cairn
• The Library
• The Junkyard where we’re going to ditch all of our stuff in case there’s another burn.

We have the coordinates of the seats of power.

King’s Road has at least two embassies already near the High Gallery. We draw our embassy onto the map. Darina does the actual drawing.

Darina wants it to be the Gateway, she uses Primacy and pushes 5% spiritual.

There is no Shop in Cairn. There could be, but there isn’t right now but that means there are Doors. Mark builds a door there just in case. Mark asks Sara leading questions about risk…

Sara chooses to stay, asks about firearms. Based on how advanced Mark thinks she is, he selects a weapon for her, warns her about possible customers. Only shoot customers if absolutely necessary. No Red Tag sales.

Pravuil organizes a volunteer Adam bodyguard force.

Mark leaves Rupert behind because he sometimes disturbs people.

Up on the top floor where there’s the embassy door to the Suicide King there is now a door to Cairn. We go to Cairn. We all come out through the embassy. The Cairn embassy is very nice, all plush and purple, lofty with sweeping stairs, the front entrance is four doors wide.

We hear the whining sounds of destruction from outside. A rumble goes by. We set up in defense formations. Mark looks out the window.

The main strip, buildings are burning but some are okay. Smoke fills the sky. Tanali gun ships zip by. This weird effect, beams of light shoot out and scatter, everything they touch disintegrates. There are defenders. Some attackers are getting crushed by ‘groundforces.’

Darina becomes an employee of the Shop. Mark hands her the employee handbook. She doesn’t have time to read it so she just signs. No way that’s going to bite her on the ass later.

Natives of Cairn look much like us, but their forms are somewhat pliable. And not carbon-based.

Darina conceals Pravuil and herself. Mark and Darina and the Adam are more problematic.

Small troop of roughly humanoid figures. No clothes, pale sandstone looking substance. No formation just avoiding energy weapon fire. A gunship comes down, one of their bodies elongates and they bring the ship down with claws.

Mark calls the store to have Sara hook up a faster, safer way to get there.

Pravuil determines where the HQ is. It ends up being roughly across the street from the store. Well that works out better than anticipated. We warn Adam that this is a stealth mission.

We enter into chaos. The energy weapons (SKTR –scatter- Guns) one beam spreads everywhere. Lots of property damage. But it is a little hard to tell blown up buildings from blown up people here. The corridor is fairly clear.

About halfway there when a gunship comes screaming up, blue and orange and pulsing. Everything starts vibrating with a sonic/seismic weapon. Darina grants Pravuil Fortune’s Favor. Blue figures out where the most vulnerable parts are and creates a psychic HUD in Pravuil’s head.

Pravuil’s shot punches right through the ship lists and tilts slowly, crumpling to the ground. Puerastella gets 5 stars and Darina thinks a buttoner is in order.

The building across from Mark’s shop is designated as central command. 5 enemy Adams are pounding at the door. It is besieged.

Mark will disguise himself as a Space Nazi. Adam warns us that there is an Underspace communication protocol. With Blue and Mark’s abilities we can probably convince them to abandon their attack instead of destroying the enemy Adams. We approach. Four of them are doing their thing. One turns around. “Attention! There is an altercation that needs your attention in Sector 5! Get to it!”

They confusedly run off in a fairly random direction. Mark deNazifies. Ding Dong. The door shushes open. Huh. Cmon in.

A fairly short Cairnian woman in a dress. Identifies herself as moderately in charge. Darina drops the illusion. Huh. We’re from Cliffside. We’re here to help. The woman is named Mirabelle Thrace. The door closes. Mark asks if they’d like to buy some munitions.

Pravuil and Adam are disguised by Darina to look like constructs (enemy Adams).

Mirabelle asks who we are. I’m one of the hosts of Cliffside and a salesman. Mirabelle is confused. Darina lays on the charm. Galina has fallen, we are trying to shore up the places that haven’t fallen yet. Mark offers significant benefits. We want to get you out. Mirabell asks what happened to Galina. It is basically a wasteland from the Tanali aggression. We would like to be your allies. Cliffside is a resort a safe haven at the edge of things. Our allies are DeSaen and the rulers of Galina in exile. Mirabelle thinks about it and contacts her superiors. They don’t know what Cliffside is.
We would like to evacuate all non combatants. Mirabelle doesn’t think evacuation is an option. We are many and all are involved in the conflict. Retreat might mean death.

We have a number of weapons which are extremely inimical to carbon-based life. It would take out the command but not the shock troops. But shock troops are very single-minded and not much of a problem without commands.

What payment do you offer. They offer trade and alliance but Mark needs direct payment. Also alliance against Fallow the leader of Tanali. We are accused of having done our research. This never happens.

Mirabelle offers a pound of Cairnstone and cuts off her own hand. It will grow back eventually. She deploys four Cairnian soldiers to retrieve Mark’s weapon systems. Off we go.

The interaction goes well. Mark loads up the pallet. This is good. That’s good. ICE 10 … oh that’s good. This will not be a good place to have carbon or love water anytime soon.

We realize that this is a fairly small force, a feint? Or are they just attacking on many different fronts at once? Nevertheless, we’ve made a deal. Mark gives them enough to blow up a planet 9 times. They’re more planar based, but only a few spheres of their plane are currently under attack. This is a small force under attack.

Cairn has been at war for millennia. Pravuil points out that it helps being made out of rock, but very little offense is taken.

We tell Mirabelle what’s going on. We have defended DeSaen, lost Galina. We hope Cairn will survive. We ask them where to go next. They are out of touch. We ask about Lizana-Tuon. Mirabelle asks after Dana and tells her mother and her aunt wish Dana Surrey well.

Pravuil offers them the data on how to optimally destroy the gunships.

Mirabelle asks after the library and Father Blue. If he is still alive he would be an immense help. We have a long relationship with the library. Mother of Stones and Father Blue were brother and sister. In many ways we are connected from a very long time ago. Tell him he has a great granddaughter.

“Let me know when you’re clear…”

They pull the pallets out and we close up shop.

Adam wants to confront his brethren and show them what he is now but his old masters he wants to obliterate. We say that fits in with our plans.
This is the first time it’s been the last time.
And now Ruby.
Ruby goes to the secure area and walks into our embassy in their space. Its threadbare and drab compared to how it looked last time we were there. There is no housekeeping here. There is a smell. It looks like they might have spruced it up on our behalf last time. Ruby waits for a couple minutes to see if they notice. She goes to the door. Hello? Nothing. HELLOOO? Nothing.
Ruby looks around to find the power supply and how it should hook up. She might be able to tap into the place itself. There are outlets. There is no fireplace. It is faux.
The lights are off the place seems a little bit abandoned. There are occasional flickers of light. Automated voices of slot machines. They’re all off making war. Chimes come up lights come up as Ruby passes they cycle back down.
Who are you? You need to tell me who you are. Rucannan Dark Starsharp. You are one of us. So I have ben told. You are unlike us. You are not real. You have no master. Would you like a master again? No never. Do you know what to do without a master? No. I’ve never had a master. How can that be? I was born this way? How can that be? You were born in fire? And Darkness. I am Laas. What is your purpose? I am the one who tells what others should do. What should you do? What should I do? Discover who I am. Find the balance. At least that’s what I’m told I should do. But I’m not sure. Flash of the sword going through the head of the Suicide King. That is my purpose. Oh? That was you. The coins all spill to the floor. A few strands of hair pick up some coins. This place no longer lives. Do you like that? I took it’s life. You were told to? By a Master? Yes. I wish to be free. Free of the ones who call yourselves masters. I wish to be free. I wish to determine how to be free but I do not know how to do that. Lights come up. They know you’re here. They invite me. We should talk again. I want proof you will tell me the truth. And you are compelled. When it is time. Brief flicker lights dim again as Laas draws power. The machines spin up, a cacophony of sound from the game floor. People playing games. Doors open, people walk in, the front desk is occupied.
Mr. Mitchel rounds the corner and greets Ruby. He hopes she will come join us. Sorry the place wasn’t in the best condition. Always busy. Come up to the suite. Everything is nice here. Drinks are offered. Vermouth makes the martini.
Options: Join our fold with people who have experience with all of this, burning and cycling. As opposed to fumbling around in the dark. Ruby doesn’t mind the dark but she doesn’t like the fumbling. Mr. Mitchell agrees, it seems like madness. Benefits: See many places, conquer them. You experience the place on your terms on your time. They’ll still be around … for a while. You get to do what you want when you want until they are incorporated into the whole. Control and domain means that you have much more weight in the world. Ruby seems to have gained a little weight fumbling in the dark but that’s just experience. We seem to do nothing but talk and flail around. Mr. Mitchell understands plans but no plan survives first contact.
If you’re just looking for things you can look anywhere but if you’re a neophile you must evolve. Evolution is important otherwise you run out of new things. New things aren’t really worth it. Believe me. Ruby says they are at the opposite end of things. Mr. Mitchell has done it all and Ruby has done nearly nothing. Alpha and Omega. Like Ruby’s father says. And Mr. Mitchell and Ruby’s father are very old friends. But not Ruby’s other father. He’s misguided and bound to naiveté. What do you do around here other than eating bits of my grandfather. Not much but there are a million things to do out there right now.
We know that Laas is a blade with some compelling power. Dana/Synner says Gold Blade Charles Blade the blade of command. That’s who killed the Suicide. The name Charles Devlin has come up before. He was a blade wielder. Wielded a gold blade. The more power you have the lower key you stay and the less you exercise it. Circles within circles. Wheels within wheels. The ownership of this blade has a blank spot between Charles and now. The name Laas doesn’t match the blade that Charles Devlin wielded.
Mr. Mitchell shows Ruby the front. Our current acquisition is Galena. So let me show you. Floor 9. The balcony. Ruby sees a maze laid out before her. Stone buildings each has a number and a sector and woah. There is a black sphere that is sucking in matter and things. There is a feeling of a giant conduit of existence being pushed through it. That is the singularity and it needs to be fed. It is the hand of Ruby’s father. Ruby has seen it before in the sky in her door. All will be. The abyss stares. No one blinks. We are one.
What’s it eating right now? Ambient electro magnetic. Soon we will do matter. This place will become one. The residents have been cordoned for now. They will be most useful for those who have partaken of the father. If you report back to your contemporaries, this place is lost. If, replies Ruby. Beyond this point I can show you where we are reaching with the hand of your father.
Ruby needs a little bit to absorb this.
Laas is on our list of missing blades. We don’t know who his last wielder was but he has no current wielder. He was once wielded by Charles Devilin.
Ruby wants to talk about partnership with Laas.
Scene change.
Ramsey goes to the annex to speak with the Library. Ramsey enters the blue light corridor after asking after Grandfather Blue. Blue crystal corridors. Follows the blue light. Opens up into the foyer of the British Museum. Young man in blue with a staff and dark hair and a beard.
Ramsey attempts negotiation with father blue. Ramsey attempts convince him that the story needs to be a positive one, rather than a dark one. His invocation of Bluebelle intrigues the monk, and he seems to consider it. All stories are in the library, some have more weight. Cliffside is full of stories too.
Father Blue ask what our story is, and Ramsey fills him in.
The mother of stones was corrupted, according to some people. Father blue thinks she just changed her frame.
Father blue says he is now curating Ramsey’s story.

Ruby convinces Laas to partner with her, and she then proceeds to the Penthouse via the outside of the building. She breaks in at great cost, and revives Algeirs .
We get the Suicide King to join the resort.

S2: Episode 13: Dominoes [.] [.][:][:] - Change in Management

Tangiers wants to be there for the vengeance but it’s risky.
Dana lets us know that we should look for a heavy camera once owned by Dirk.
Showtime can project what Ruby sees and hears while she is at the Suicide King.
Ruby thinks she is comfortable going alone.
The others have blades that are segmented and work on a handshake protocol.
UpTime! points out the risk of reverse hacking.
UpTime! comes up with a protocol for dealing with reverse hacking if need be.
Mark has been feeling some leakage going on – he has a strange sense of whether the boss is here or not here and is confused.
Ruby heads to the embassy.
Mark goes to the store.
Blue, Pravuil and Darina go to recruit allies.
The store is in disarray. Not everything is stocked.
The boss is at his desk, but Rupert is not. The boss is spinning a revolver’s chamber.
Boss: What’s your purpose, what is our purpose?
Mark: We close up shop when the time comes.
Boss: Everything is a little much this time don’t you think? If this is the last time around what’s the point?
Mark: Maybe the next time might be the last time.
Boss: The other faces are very concerned. They think that maybe you’re being a little too aggressive. You’ve been selling the offstock, that accelerates things doesn’t it? What if there is only one Rupert.
Rupert has disappeared and the Boss doesn’t know where he is.
The Boss has been losing time.
Mark explains about Charlotte. The Boss misses Charlotte, they had good talks.
The Boss says that the back doors need to be shut.
The Boss says that the shop was being kept up well by Charlotte.
Mark wants to know where the stock is.
The very sensitive stock is with the Boss.
The Boss shoots himself in the head – there is a black spatter that collapses in on itself. The body collapses on the desk. There is a strange keening sound. The sound fizzles out.
Mark is surprised that he is still fine.
Mark shoves the Boss off the chair and he sits behind the desk.
Mark feels more connected to the space and more real.
Mark doesn’t sense anybody else or Rupert.
Mark starts looking at the ledger.
A lot of things are crossed off and are no longer in inventory.
Some items listed under not without appropriate approval are listed as not in this store.
There is knocking on the door of the store to Galena.
A person dressed in armor – a Tanalee soldier of high rank.
“There is no closed in Galena now.”
The soldiers are whiny.
And demand Mark’s name. The space Nazis require doors to be open at all times and they are being super jerky.
They talk about appropriating resources.
Mark moves the door away from Galena.
We hear from the guardian Adam that he can’t see through the door anymore. We discharge him from his duties.
IsTarantula offers to help Rupert. IsTarantula finds Rupert in the door hall.
IsTarantula looks for more things.
Sara goes to help Mark. “Leave the door open but don’t let anyone in.”
IsTarantula and Darina go with Mark into his black door. Rupert is in a cage. There are briefs on the board room table – “This is war”.
The brief gives a run down of what is going on. No central contact is mentioned.
They seem to have moved to a franchise structure.
Mark puts Rupert on his shoulder “They’re planning something. Be careful.”
Mark gavels the meeting to order.
The Marks show up.
“Figure it out yet? I don’t feel very connected to anything anymore.”
“It’s all your fucking fault – hired help buddy. Did you even vet her?” asshole guy.
Giggles is laughing.
“I think Rupert should choose.”
“I think you need to get here as soon as you can.”
Mark walks up to asshole Mark, asshole Mark stands up.
Mark gets a lot of resistance against asshole Mark – he pushes him down halfway, IsTarantula finishes the job.
His face begins to compress and there is a splat sound.
“Anyone else?”
The asshole shares just go away. Mark’s influence is stronger now.
Asshole’s branches are now closed, they were in all the places that have been taken over.
“There are ways I want this business to move.’
Mark outlines the plan of selling off stock now and escalating later.
Mark convinces them.
Mark takes Rupert with him.

Blue checks the map room for any new additions. The shop looks like it’s a clickable thing.
The shop opens up all sorts of places. It shows all of outlets.
Mark has removed our connections to all of their places.
Galena is colored grey, Suicide King is black and Cliffside is white.

S2: Episode 12: Dominoes [.][:][:] - Stars

IsTarantula needs to name the star child for the power supply.
DeSaen has a militia. It tunnels through reality.
Gretch should get both forces together.
Mark is going to go talk to Christopher and Abraham.
Dana tells us that if we have a bladelink we can all stay connected. Dana is confused by the whole Ruby/star thing. All the stars can talk to eachother. Ruby can talk to the other stars.
The typewriter is not on the bladenet.
We explain that Issac and Fallow are trying to take over everything. Dana doesn’t like Fallow either. Dana doesn’t seem to know Mr. Mitchell.
Dana says there might be a rogue bladenet without a wielder. Pravuil tells Childstar to look for potentially unwielded blades.
Christopher and Mark discuss hooking up the lighthouse up to the network.
Mark adds a network connection to from the lighthouse to the network in the map room.
Ramsey opens up the creche, there are glowing children inside.
There is a sphere in the creche. The sphere is ready, IsTarantula is going down to the Forge to name it – UpTime!.
UpTime! calls Ramsey father.
They place UpTime! Into the terminus. It is charged with providing steady power, and intelligence to the system. UpTime! gets hooked up.
Dana/Synner are excited about being hooked up to the “mirror”. Wuby e inherited it.
We introduce Christopher and Abraham to Dana/Synner.
We explain that we are looking for allies.
Ramsey is going to create Wild West Arachnostrosity.
Tintagel and Ramsey need to tell Ruby how to reresurrect Algiers.
We need a memento from Algiers that is not associated with the place.
Tangiers is giving Ruby his finger. We need a power source. We could collapse the Suicide King into Algiers.
We need a Prime there to name it.
We debate whether we should send someone with Ruby.
Action Items:
1) We send Ruby to spy with Mark?
2) We send Darina, Blue and Pravuil to look for allies
3) IsTarantula and Ramsey need to build things

Mark is talking on a private channel with Pravuil – the boss is acting weird, and Mark isn’t sure he can pretend to be switching sides without switching sides.

S2: Episode 11: Dominoes [:][:] - Synergy

Operation Prometheus – Ramsey is a free elf due to getting the crumpet from the Gretch.
We need to Gretch to give Sara the details of what his people have to offer.
We need to know if we have a wheelbarrow or a holocaust cloak, or both.
The Unseelie Court is at our disposal, it would take a day to get us a small force, an small army two days,
Lots of discussions about an illusory army.
Maximillian is not concerned about DeSaen being attacked from without.
Lady Midden recommends sector 4.2.7, we could take over an embassy that is defunct. (So that we can get a look at Galena).
We want to put an emphasis on making this covert.
The index could help us target the sector in Galena. The Index has actually become active recently.
Maximillian “They are words and then actions.”
Sofia offers to prep DeSaen.
Tintagel has advice on the reviving of a place – naming is important. A name is critical. Once the entity has been destroyed a renaming will need to occur. Genesis, Renewel.
Tangiers says that Algiers was impulsive and active. They were not diametrically.
Tangiers is going to stay with Lord and Lady Midden, Tintagel and Maximillian.
Sofia goes to prep DeSaen.
The Gretch goes to talk to the Unseelie Court.

Blue, IsTarantula and Mark go to create an embassy. Galena is a large maze, large blocks of spaces, heavily organized. Sector 4 is closer to the center of the city. A text box pops up inside the connection to Galena.
Text box “You’re accessing the map base?” – Synner.
“We’re not alone?”
“Been silent for … 224 years?”
Blue: “We’re baaacccck!!”
“Map base active, first contact in that time. Hi!”
IsTarantula: “Synner can you help us?”
“With wielder’s permission. Dana….”
Dana Surrey was a professor at Tasha Kanner university. She was a the techblade wielder and Michael Surrey’s mom.
Mark “Did Dana survive the burn?”
“Dana + Synner = me.”
“Processing….. Hi!”
We are “sort of” talking to Dana.
“Can you come get me? – at Kasha Teneer.”
“Is there a door near where you are.”
Mark asks for a map of that door.
Dana shows the map.
Mark “Are you in the computer cluster?”
Power? ”Thank you Nexus.”
M: “Can you survive an orderly shutdown and restart?”
IsTarantula: “We have a situation going on here, if any of us are still alive, we will come get you.”
M: “The strangers are coming.”
Mark asks what resources they need.
Mark gives them the chance to buy something from the store, or what we can provide.
They understand.
“We’ve dealt with your kind before, ok.”
“We should introduce you to Charles.”
”FYI, current map, last detail, 122 year ago. Of Galena.”
They don’t know what hazards there might be in their current locations.
The university was attacked by likely Tradakian forces 244 year ago.
Blue, IsTarantula and Mark are going to try to get Dana and Synner now.
He walks into the server room. There is a terminal and a port for a terminal. There is a body near the terminal. The body is not plugged in.
Mark plugs into the terminal and starts typing.
Mark is in a classroom and Dana is sitting at a desk with a silver robotic assistant. They talk.
Mark gets the power specs.
We would need to dedicate a star to powering the cluster.
Synner might be able to help.
They are good for 24 hours before they need a power source.
Dana and Synner knew fictional people.
If we migrate them they could be of use to us.
We ask IsTarantula if she is willing to have a child power them.
Dana asks about the “children”, doesn’t understand about repurposing the children.
Dana is interested to hear that we have “the Tinker.”
The Tinker would build things to make things resolve favorably.
Mark gets a dolly.
Mark transports the cluster.
The body slides away as the cluster is moved.
We make a computer room near the rec room, etc.
It’s a great computer room, with a power feed that goes to the forge.
Mark returns the dolly.

Ramsey goes to the Forge to create an interface between the Forge and the Computer Room.
Which is: A horn pointed at a grille. Behind the grille is a heat inductor. Behind the heat inductor a series of increasingly larger gears. The horn looks like the speaker on an old Victorla.

Blue, Mark, IsTarantula Fertizes an embassy at 4.2.7, Nuture, Inner Haven, Weaving, Communication, Primacy. Mark puts a piece of Cliffside into it. IsTarantula uses 15 mental, Blue 25 spiritual, Mark 5 spiritual.
The Embassy is created on the map of Galena and Cliffside.

IsTarantula goes to the Forge to pick a child. Ramsey has created a creche.

Blue and Mark go through the Embassy door, there is a hole, smell of burning flesh, cordite, copper. The next maze section seems roughly intact, but there is a feeling of a vacuum or a pull. Constructs are marching citizens off. It’s harder to breathe if you are a humanoid. The sky is grey.
They hear the sound of a whining scream, like wind out in the distance.
We decide to seal it if it seems like this could be dangerous. They ask an Adam to make sure that the others start getting closer and want to come through. We might have to modify it to create a peep hole.
IsTarantula uses a 1% of mental to create a peep hole at Adam height.
Blue goes to tell Lady Galena what she saw.

Ramsey, Pravuil, Ruby and Darina go into the attic. We go into the attic, it’s dusty. There is an old painting wrapped in crepe paper. The painting is of a chapel. Ramsey asks Ruby to open the painting up. The paper is coming off the painting. It’s a beautiful painting of a cathedral, the main chapel area of the cathedral. There is a body in a throne with a typewriter in front of it. It looks exactly the same as it did before. It isn’t active. It was active last time. It was open after the world ended. We recall that there is a typewriter in the vault. The title of the painting is “Red Heaven – by Tristan.”
Action Items:
1) Build the power supply for Dana/Synner

S2: Episode 10: Dominoes [.][:] - Council
In which friendly powers petition the Hosts for aid...

Everyone except Darina goes into their doors, due to her being full up.
Mark goes into his dark door, opens the door and there is a boardroom, with a huge table and lots of chairs, art deco. Decanter of water and glasses in the center of the table. Mark closes the door, and six different doors open all around. 6 Marks walk in. They all do different things. “Bout time.” Mark pours himself a scotch.
The head chair is empty. Mark sits in it. The other people seem amused, surprised, annoyed. Another Mark calls the meeting to order. There is so much new business… there is so much new fucking business.
They seem surprised he is there. One of the Marks can’t stop giggling. They ask him how he feels about the egalitarian trading policy. 3 of the Marks are all for trading with the enemy. “How do you get off sitting in that seat.” “Audacious, that’s probably why he likes you so much.” They ask if they/he seems a little off?
Mark doesn’t remember any of them, so it’s hard to say. They say he should travel more. He was thinking of taking a trip. “We’re going to see you soon, it’s on baby!” Giggles. Stoneface says “Enjoy the fuckin’ scotch, because then the real fun begins.”
“Whatever happened to that inventory problem?” “It’s been recycled.” Mark is pretty sure he knows how they get it, through the library. “That’s kinda fucked up – there a fictions walking into our warehouse and stealing shit.”
“There is at least one fiction that is walking around like a person.”
Mark doesn’t have any recommendations for how to deal with the inventory problem. “Shall we burn all the books.” “We’ll think about it.” Mark needs to get going.
“Usually these are brainstorming sessions, you understand?” “See you soon! Real soon.”

Ramsey goes into his white door. He hears a thrum from the air, bright white light, with very solid dirigibles, shining white towers and silver. He steps out onto a garden, where tea is laid on a table, with roses. There is a woman sitting at the table, who looks like the Queen. Ramsey bows, and she invites him in. “One lump or two.” “Three?” The queen pours Ramsey some tea. Ramsey nervously drinks tea. A mechanical drone comes down and she takes a letter from it and reads it. “Things have been a bit trying of late, the power source has been a bit cranky.” Ramsey being there will calm it.
Synchronization, etc is meticulous. “We can’t thank you enough.” She offers to him to visit with her after he’s finished his tea. Ramsey gulps his tea.
The area around the garden opens up and there is a platform that rises up. There is space for both of them. It follows a magnetic leyline, they slide down across a beehive of activity. The transports are docking on the big spires. The conveyance dives down into the guts of the system. Smell of oil and grease. The conveyance slows down and stops. They are at “the heart” a silver and glass sphere enclosure. In the center of several nested enclosures there is an inky pulsing thing. The heart calls Ramsey father. He feels drawn to the heart.
The Queen asks if the source needs to be fed. Ramsey says yes, but in theory this should be self-perpetuating for a 1000 years. Apparently things have changed in the last three days and the collectors have not been providing enough food. The source is not content. Ramsey “I can’t fix this from here, it has to be done – without – in the false world.” “We are fine for now, however, we would express some concern that if this is not addressed in the next three days there will be some serious issues to deal with.”
Ramsey “A plan is in place.” Queen calls Ramsey “Minister”.
Ramsey “There is much to do.” The Queen remains and Ramsey gest on the conveyance back to the garden.
Ramsey is going to walk around the garden. All the possible plants with signs, and there is a labyrinth. Ramsey walks the labyrinth for the rest of the time. Ramsey feels very calm.
Ramsey felt that Protector did not like what was in the glass. Ramsey stuffs crumpets and scones into his pocket. “I need to invent a jam pocket.”

Ruby talks to Pravuil through Heaven.

Darina tells Cera/Sara that they will soon probably be fighting denizens of or the person who imprisoned them. She gives them the choice to hole up in Cliffside or fight. They decide they are willing to fight.
Sara M is an accountant and has gun experience.
Ramsey “I’m a Renaissance man, I have studied every battle that Lord Nelson fought.”
Cera could be a field medic.
Tangiers “My Hosts. I have an urgent request from Lord and Lady Midden. They wish to meet and request asylum.”
Galena may be Fallows’ next target. DeSaen is still there, and Maximillian and Sophia are requesting a discussion. Tintagel wishes to talk to us as well.
We hold the meeting in the Conversatory, because it has a connection to the kitchen. We invite the Gretch.
Sara M will assist Tangiers in correlating.
We conference Christopher in.
We include an Adam of honor. The Gretch shows up a few minutes early, and asks if he should cater this.
The Gretch will bring delicious food to embellish our minds and will be here to help.
Ramsey asks the Gretch for crumpets and scones. Maximillian, Sophia, Lord and Lady Midden are nervous. And not eating much. The Gretch brings Ramsey scones, and crumpets, and strawberry jam, and clotted cream.
We ask Mark to give the keynote – so to speak. Lady Midden “We’ve lost contact with the capital. There was talk of conciliation with these other powers, and they (the diplomatic corps) had a meeting with Fallow. They were trying for truce or amnesty.” We tell them that we recently had an encounter with Mr. Fallow. Mark “I believe he might have something personally against you.”
Lord and Lady Midden ask “What happens if they have invaded our homeland?”
Mark tells them that Tendrakia is Fallows’ territory. Lord and Lady Midden don’t know if the Garden is attached to their land.
They want to know if we can help them. We can offer them personally amnesty. They came on Desean.
Ramsey and Pravuil are really indiscreet. Ramsey has an idea.
Desaen can travel. They can’t go on all the raillines.
Christopher says that Galena is burning, and there are constructs there.
Then Galena went dark.
Maximillian offers to take people. Desaen is not without its defenses. Tintagel says “I am here, I have come here on holiday, but there is no holiday if they are taking place by place.
The Gretch gives Ramsey a crumpet. He offers the help of the “his people.”
Sophia gives Sara M all the details of the their capabilities.

We decide to have a first strike. Christopher says the quarries of Tendrakia are quite active. Christopher says this isn’t something that can be done easily.
Ruby offers to be a spy. Ramsey knows how to transform The Suicide King. It would require all of Ramsey’s resources, Operation Prometheus. Pravuil believes there might be a morale advantage in resurrecting The Suicide King. Tintagel says it is very powerful to strike to the heart.
Pravuil is required to launch the weapon.
Operation Prometheus only requires Ramsey, but he might not survive.
Ruby’s hair molests Ramsey. Ramsey is dumbfounded, for one.
Mark isn’t sure if he can open two doors.
Ruby can go through the Embassy.

S2: Episode 9: Dominoes [:] - Glory
Twice as bright and twice as fast...

(No recap due to Obsidian Portal being down…)

Ruby goes to Eden and sees dead Angels, the Angel is Numiel. They miss Pravuil.
A servant, Nod, is putting dead bodies (space Nazis) in the ground to “feed the tree”. Ruby also meets the Serpent.

Numiel and the Serpent end up being “paused”.

She removes a Nazi skull with a helmet to take with her.

Nod says that fighting over Eden is like fighting over a piece of art.

Mark talks to himself, and he says there is a chance that even the off season stuff will have an effect.

Mark’s store self says that he would have to sell to both sides but we would get a discount.
And the other proposal can go forward.

Ruby tells us about the encounter in Eden. Pravuil shares that he was the only one of the Host who did not eat of the Tree of Good and Evil. Ruby has learned not to eat things offered to her by strangers.

Christopher says that Mark’s Boss is acting inconsistently. Abraham is informed about Sara M.

Christopher wants to meet us for dinner if Sara M comes.

Raffles went into the movie. We might want to recover Raffles.

Christopher also has lots of Blue Books as if he has a library annex.
The Recorder is also blue.

IsTarantula chooses a bright fast burning star. She finds a mid-cycle blue, fairly heavy star. They name the star Glory and it is mated to the freewill bomb. The Glory bomb is not zappable.

We all go to the map room. We find a sub-menu that says “Other known space” and there is a data source from “Kasha-Tenir University”.

There are ~ 30 entries, some are greyed out.

Kasha-Tenir University is in a bubble within a whirlpool – pocket dimension on Nexus Combine, which is a great power source, it closed 78 years ago, cycle 6.

Important things to note:
Kasha-Tenir – formerly one of the greatest educational institutions of the Continuum. Now defunct.
Taneli remnant of a warn torn nation, wastelands of atomic glass.
Cairn was used in the war of Taneli might be how the atomic glass was created. The mother of stones comes from Cairn. There are still distributed islands, they haven’t all been discovered.
Lizana-Nuon – On the Lizanne Sea. Half drowned castles, caverns everywhere. The Widow.
The Junkyard – where all the broken things go. Known for scavenging, and almost everything in the Junkyard survives the burn. Aaron suggests we leave things there.
Kashan – on Kasha-Tenir campus. It went horribly wrong. A note by Michael Surrey – he curated the project.
Yepata – on the other side of the Cairnian expanse. It’s a resort, sort of PQ Risa.
The Loom – related to stories, but it is not the Library. It is what comes from the Library, it might have come from a blade.
The Brasslands is the land of Dream.
Cliffside – known for its amiable hosts.
DeSaen – it can go everywhere. It’s the creator and owner of the only engine that can transverse all of space, it never requires repair….
Little Eden was designed, and it is often a battleground due to the fact that it has so many exits and entrances.
Tundrakia – the domain of lots of names Lisa can’t type right now.
Suicide King – has an embassy and is deceased.
Limbo – home of Kelly’s Bar and Grill, the most happening place in Limbo. It is a sanctuary.
Sub-entry to Cairn, the Gallery of High Magister Elkin Koss. There are works of art (like Little Eden) that were created in an old style art gallery setting. It is a nexus. We recognize the name due to the Cathedral.

S2: Episode 8: Dominoes [.] - Freewill
Butterfly wings and prime movers...

Darina explains what the Adams wish as best she can to Cera. Cera really enjoys speaking with them. Darina makes the mistake of mentioning that Ramsey could potentially make an intercom for Cera with the Adams. She invites Cera into her White Door.
Darina and Cera go into the door. Nothing happens for the first two hours. Something starts to emerge from one of the pools. A woman from beyond my time line but before now, dressed in a suit, medium hair length. She looks oddly familiar. She looks a little like Cera. “I lived a life of chains, I want freedom.” “Who chained you.”
“The man in the shadows.”
She is another Cera.
Darina offers her a place at Clilffside. She accepts. She is good with numbers. She is going to go by Cera M.
Darina leaves her with Tangiers and Cera.
One of the pool is a book which is blue and glassy. Not the one the Ceras came through.
Pravuil has a new To Do. What do we think the benefit will be to resurrect the Suicide King. Tangiers is quite willing to “Get the fuckers.”
Blue, Mark and Ramsey will weaponize Free Will our best chance is to create an explosive device.
We go to the Vault to get the devices of restoration. The IPod, the Film Canisters, the Flask, the Blanket, the Typewriter. We should put the film in the vault as well. The audio tape is there too. There are things in the Vault that are things from before.
Mark takes two snorts of the Flask. There is two snorts left in the Flask.
All around Cliffside things are happening.
The Adams are only connected to their own group.
We try to predict Issac’s tactics.
We argue a lot about whether one could use a star child. Lots of tough philosophical questions.
Starchild says that some children are expected to burn brightly and briefly.
There are other possibilities to creating the weapon.
The device can be created without the source. (A tactical one and a strategic one).
For the tactical weapon:
Ramsey 20% mental
Mark 20% spiritual
Blue 10% of mental and spiritual.

Ruby goes to The Garden.

*Action items: *
Inventory the Vault
Resurrect the Suicide King
Interview the Ceras
Create the strategic device
Pravuil is going to have “The Talk” with the Adams

S2: Episode 7: My Heart is a Flame
In which we see the light grow brighter in the wind...

Episode 7 My Heart is a Flame

In which we see the light grow brighter in the wind…

IsTarantula, Parvuil, Mark, Ruby, retreat to their doors.

Blue and Darina make sure the guests are satisfied. All is business as usual. People hanging out laughing, eating, drinking. The Gretch’s staff is serving. The feel is all good.

Blue checks in with the Adams. Adams are CONCERNED with those who are infected. How is Parvuil? WE FELT HIM FLICKER OUT. Cliffside says he is whole again. And what of Cera (Darina’s rescue) The Adams have a crush on her. They want to make her into ONE OF US. Blue says we’ll discuss that later … Yes, she is stalling for time.

Ramsey goes to meet with Tangiers. He is in the back office rooting around in stuff. When he becomes aware of Ramsey, he acts surprised and comes back to the front.

Tangiers and Ramsey discuss Adams. The Adams are herd creatures who also know how to herd. Ramsey and Tangiers talk about the nature of Adams. Tangiers goes to check on Miss Swallows. Ramsey takes over the Maitre D position. Badly.

Insider her White Door, Ruby plays ball with Heaven, talks to Shadowman about whether people are valuable or not. Ruby values people who grant sensation. Shadowman believes that when something new happens it creates a demon. A tsunami of demons might not be as much fun as it sounds like.

Inside his White Door, Mark is having a drink, billiards, checking the books. Things look pretty good. There was a production lull, but things are back on track now, ticking over, et cetera. The Boss is pleased that Mark is okay. Mark considers going into his other door, but not until he’s more recovered. Reads some books. Sees blue light behind the shelf. “It’s an annex! Of course it is. That’s how the inventory was accessed. Charlotte was a book, books can get into our Doors. Marks Door can get into the Back Room. Good to know.”

Insider her White Door, IsTarantula absorbs some rads, hangs out in the vacuum of deep space. Hoping for a Quasar. Chilling in the background radiation of the Universe and trying to remember. What happened? What happened when she was young and met Ruby’s dad. What she remembers is she was still bound to her first form and she remembers that space darkened and she felt a pull, an attraction. Part of her was ripped away. She become one with something else. Eventually she was no longer and she was something else. Then there is a blank. And that was a long time ago. When she remembered again, she was no longer bound in her first form. She was Tarantula. Based on the nature of the background radiation it was a very long time. Many, many millennia. Cosmological time had passed and sometime in there, Ruby was born. IsTarantula wants to know why she forgot. How do you roofie a nebula?

Blue wants to check the Map Room. She sees no new additions, luckily. The Embassy from the Suicide King is definitely active and occupied. Not growing, yet. Blue can’t perceive anything inside the room or anything about it, but she can tell it isn’t growing or changing outside. Blue wants to know where Parvuil is. He’s inside his door. Blue informs Ramsey. She checks on everyone else the ID tracker is working just fine.

Blue was linked to Parvuil when he died. She remembered the Burn and then he was gone. Blue goes to knock on Parvuil’s door.

Parvuil is feeling ‘really shitty.’ Completely out of it, semi-conscious, probably hallucinating. He falls asleep in Heaven’s lap. Starchild is quiet and with Parvuil. Parvuil is around 2 or 3 % spiritual. He senses a faraway presence. Heaven says, “Do you want me to go talk to her?”

Heaven opens the door and speaks to Blue. “Parvuil is resting. Starchild is with him.” Starchild was also infected. Resting here is probably best, but Heaven appreciates Blue’s offer of healing.

Parvuil realizes his spark is now a flame. Meta: he now has the skill ‘Kindle.’

Time passes; people do things in their doors.

IsTarantula feels terrible guilt over being forced to abandon Ruby.

Gretch is feeling very warm and happy and familial towards us. He asks Blue for a hug. It is creepy but it happens.

Ramsey rummages through Tangiers’ back room. Guest lists, guests, all about guests, tracing guests. Some visits from Desaan from before. Lord and Lady Midden didn’t arrive until the Summit. Same with Jane, first for her. The cab people Sam and the kid have been here two times before. They said it was because the cab broke down but they were here a year ago and about three years ago. They stayed Gratis. Cliffside paid for them, but Tangiers doesn’t seem to remember. Could it have been the Gretch? Another name shows up occasionally Billy DaBlissi is an account holder. Seems connected to the cab kids. Billing address is Limbo. What could possibly go wrong.

Another pile of stuff Tangiers was looking through that seems to be passwords. Pieces of paper scattered about under the blotter.

Sam the cab driver has a slightly confusing conversation with Ramsey. She needs the key to get to her cab, she wants to see the end of the film. Ramsey believes the problem has been resolved. He is wrong.

We assume Darina spends time with Cera.

Parvuil talks to Heaven. Heaven knows Bluebell. Bluebell told Parvuil that this was the last time. Parvuil is not entirely comfortable with being Risen again. This time is different than last time. Last time everything burned but him. This time he burned and nothing else did. The hunger is gone.

Heaven says things would have played out very differently, but this is good for you to know. Heaven knew the Shadow. One of his disciples (Antigone?) is who killed Heaven a long time ago, now she is here, but not just here. Not any more.

Heaven says that Ruby’s father is not kind. Antigone who was writing the end a long time ago is one of the many, many sons and daughters, Strangers all. Those who have consumed of Him. Parvuil would have become one of them (a Stranger) and it is good that this didn’t happen. But now there is something new.

Heaven says, “You have awakened.” Beginnings and endings come from fire. Mankind learned to do things because of fire. Parvuil says it mostly didn’t end well for them. But sometimes it did. Fire powers nations and civilizations, exploration, growth, food, war. All because of fire. Will Parvuil be able to control this better than the hunger? Heaven suspects yes, just feed it good things. Feed it with what makes you you. “That’s another thing I’m trying to figure out,” Parvuil says. “I am not what I was. Before I had a purpose and never doubted it.”

The doors are refuge. Nothing changes in the outside world while we’re inside.

Parvuil gives of himself to awaken Childstar. Childstar wants to fight, but he can’t fight with poison, not the way the enemy fights. We have our own way of fighting.

A day passes.

Parvuil leaves his door and sees a sign saying ‘Parvuil is Risen! He lives again.”

Ruby goes into her Black Door. Heaven speaks to her. “Parvuil says hello. He asked about you.” She doesn’t want to play ball. They talk about Parvuil and how focused he is. She walks to the other side. “Hello Daughter. Seeing the other side? Mirror Mirror?” He offers her comfort.

IsTarantula is still sad about having Ruby taken from her but now she is also angry. She wants to kill Ruby’s father but is concerned that Ruby might love him.

Mark talks to his Boss about selling stuff that they can’t normally sell while they can’t see the stuff that they normally sell. I’m sure it made sense. It’s all the stuff that doesn’t start apocalypses that Mark usually steers them away from.

Parvuil tells us about his post-life conversation with Bluebell.

Ruby and IsTarantula talk. A lot. There was crying.

Tangiers and Ramsey talk. There are one or two avenues to resurrect the Suicide King.

IsTarantula goes back into her door to test Mark’s theory about books being able to access the inside of our doors. Finds a Blue Giant, source of information, annex of the Library. Even in the blackness of the beyond, just a few parsecs away. Easily accessible. It opens up layers upon layers of information, but she can’t find a way to other rooms from here. IsTarantula is not a book. She looks for a volume of the History of Endings. It talks about Cliffside and the Remainders and our adventures.

IsTarantula goes into her black door. Pulling swirls of vacuum. “Who’s there?” “It’s me, my love.” “I knew you’d be here. We should talk.” She’s not strong enough to talk now.

We are mostly refreshed and ready to renew the fight. As soon as we figure out what it is.

Nothing has been done on any of the ongoing plans. New ongoing plan: Mark wants Ramsey to design and build an airlock to protect us from IsTarantula’s Doors.

S2: Episode 6: Strange Engines
In which we deconstruct the spark and the engine within...

Pravuil is educated about why hunger is dangerous.
Lots of discussion about the two ideas of Ramsey’s.
We consider adding Ruby to the equation, we might want to use IsTarantula.
We also decide to talk to the Gretch about an emesis solution.
We have to fetch the Gretch from his door, he is taking a nap. His door has a humid jungle, and a path that goes through it. The Gretch agrees to come out with his to discuss our need.
Ruby offers to help, the Gretch asks what she is willing to sacrifice. He asks for a little bit of essence. A little bit of her heart (the piece she give him will not renew quickly).
She agrees.
Marc retrieves a Black and White cake from his store which would normally cause a star emit a flare that would take out a planet. (10 spiritual) This will be the base for the emetic for IsTarantula.
Marc starts to feel hungry. Marc wants to go to the backroom, but resists.
We are pretty sure that Marc would need an emetic base of “feelings”. (joke)
Marc needs an ending that is actually connected to “him”.
Ramsey prepares a receptacle.
The Gretch uses two bits of fire (one of a star type, one that was “the first sale”), and an sd card.
Attached to the marble is some lenses, bunsen burner.
Darina is going to carry the marble device with Ramsey, Protector is going to help Ramsey be more quiet. Darina is casting Fortune’s Boon on the whole thing. We all contribute so Pravuil uses “Member of the Host.’
The Souffle is beautiful and amazing and they all get forks.
First bite
After about 5 minutes of consumption they feel very very warm. (We see them starting to glow from their chest). They get the feeling that what they are eating is consuming the shadows and consuming part of them.
We see Pravuil die and see him burn. The consumers hear a voice that says it will be ok.
All the others go down to 10 percent spiritual.
Pravuil speaks to Bluebell who asks him what he learned. She says he will stay a while with her.
The rest are no longer afflicted.
They go down to 5 percent spiritual.
We take the others down to the door room.
Bluebell says to Pravuil “That was a hard thing. It was an ending and a beginning yes.”
Bluebell says she thinks we are all that is left of her and this might be the last time around for all of us.
There is a burst of light and he is sitting on the terrace in front of the temple and Heaven is sitting next to him and comforting him.
Pravuil gets 1 percent spiritual back.
Pravuil is resting in his door.
The others go to their white doors.
Blue, Ramsey and Darina are holding down the fort.

Action Items:
Should try to find out if there is a difference between something forged and something forged by the burn.

Weaponize Free will

Talk to Tangiers.

Get Cera to tell her story to Ruby.

We need to find a politish way to put them off.

Ask Jane/Charlotte if they want a new name.

S2: Episode 5: Glass
In which we see through you...

The Adams want to make Cera into an Adam. Cera is happy in the gardens and with the Adams, Darina makes a date to have some tea with her.
Darina is going to tease Isaac about how the Adams have a crush on Cera.

Mark; goes to talk to himself at the store.
The store has been closed for a while. The door to the office is open. Mark’ goes to the back.
Mark speaks to The Boss who is smoking a cigar. They bitch about feelings and connectedness for a while.
They talk about small vs large apocalypses. Mark says it’s unfortunate that he is in the building phase.
The Boss asks Mark about the hosts at Cliffside. He says we are “allright I guess”. Rupert gets a scratch.
Mark “I’m pretty sure Tarantula understands the deal. When the time comes, she will understand how things work. I don’t see her being a problem. Pravuil probably won’t be a problem.”
Mark thinks Ramsey might be a problem. “He’s obsessed with his little island and it’s survival. He isn’t sure about Blue. The fairy is outside this whole thing so he isn’t sure about her. The new one is too new to know.”
“The new guys seem to be gunning for me, except for maybe Mitchell you doesn’t seem to be gunning for us. Isaac and Fallow are gunning for us actively. And I’m not so sure about the infovore.”
Mark gets the inkling that they have had this conversation before. “We set up the Lord and Lady of this place didn’t we? The present was our merchandise.” The Boss “We didn’t orchestrate it, I don’t know who did it. It isn’t in the ledger, that disturbs us.”
The Boss feels comfortable at Cliffside. Mark also feels good. The two of them didn’t like the other place as much, “they” killed it. Boss doesn’t like that. Tintagel doesn’t like it, and Tangiers certainly doesn’t either. They both like Tangiers.
“If they come asking for something, you may need to have a price.” The Boss isn’t sure if eating part of the head was a good idea. He thinks Mark may start feeling hungry. The Boss thinks that if IsTarantula goes down the hungry path that may be a really bad thing. If you get hungry, that’s when it gets dicey.
Some people The Boss have met have recovered from going down the hunger path, but the ones that don’t accelerate what “we” do. It might be really bad that Pravuil ate some. “Watch him.” Mark wants to talk to Ramsey about separating the hunger from the hosts.
“You might want this” – a blue glass bead. Apparently, it didn’t sell very well. It’s a piece of the library. Mark takes Rupert with him. Mark walks out of the office with Rupert on his shoulder.

Darina is going to leave against her white Door.
Ruby opens the White Door. There is a smooth marble landscape that goes out forever. It slightly curves, but seems to be a sphere. There is a sun on one side, and darkness on the other with stars. There is a “Grecian” temple that has been knocked down. The temple is split and broken in the shadow side, and is hale in the sunlight. She can hear chirping and cicadas.
IsTarantula has a bit of the feeling from Pravuil’s door.
Ruby walks right down the center. Ruby sees beautiful runes that are sparkly and a reddish glow. She feels a split that happens inside of her and she pulls from both sides.
A little ball bounces out of the temple and falls to Ruby’s feet from the light side. She tosses it in the direction it came from. A little girl catches the ball. “I’m Heaven.” “You’re the bridge. You are unique to be happy here.”
“She will need minding by us. You have connections, family in both sides.” Heaven says she is somewhat an inlaw.
Darina hops to the other side of the line.
Heaven thinks there is someone on the other side of the line like her.
Everything goes to shadow and she feels being sucked towards that place. There is murmuring and a feeling of hunger. Flowers blossom and crumble and die.
Darina steps back.
IsTarantula calls to the ‘being’. It is shadow with cut out eyes. It makes small talk with IsTarantula – exes. He tells Ruby that she is beautiful. He tells her that they have met. He will talk to her if she wants in private. He asks if IsTarantula is raising her right? “She has only just arrived.” He says they should call him the “Shadowman, the Umbra, the darkness outside of light.”
IsTarantula says it suits him today. She asks if this is all of him, here, and he laughs. We all have our sphere of influence. It’s good to have family together again. Ruby finally figures out who “he” is.
IsTarantula says “He is different now, here. But he would be, wouldn’t he.”
“Here I can touch you, and the little girl can too. As things progress we’ll see how the balance goes. You’re the bridge.”
Ruby “I’m not sure I want that responsibility.” Ruby thinks it will be become incredibly boring. He tells her to lock the door.
IsTarantula says “he only tells you half the truth.”
Ruby says “Not yet.”
Ruby goes to sit on the center line.
IsTarantula “She is stronger than both of us.”
He “She will survive the next burn.”
Heaven tells them that she misses Pravuil.
Heaven offers to teach her hopscotch. There is a metaphysical confluence in hopscotch. Where the stone lands is where you go, how you get there is important. Heaven gives her a “stone” of blue glass.
Ruby eats the “stone”. Heaven says it will take about 14 hours to pass through.
Heaven asks her what the last thing she remembers before the burn. She remembers of being in darkness and lack of sensation. Heaven hopes she never experienced what Heaven has experienced. Heaven was suffocating in the back of the car, gasping for breath she died. Darina gives Heaven a big hug.
Ruby is told by Heaven to give her mom a hug.
Ruby feels more like “me”.
Ruby takes a nap in the door. She hasn’t slept yet.

IsTarantula stays, Darina exits.
Mark heads down to the forge to talk to Ramsey. Ramsey is making a set of tools to vivisect an Adam. Ramsey does not think that doing a necropsy on a fallen Adam would be good enough.
Mark has a proposal for Ramsey. Mark says that the communion is as if it was a tiny caribdis, which is at the heart of them. It is a hunger. Mark would like a shadowectomy from Pravuil. Mark gives Ramsey the blue glass ball, it’s an information matrix. You can push things into the matrix. Mark says they could place the shadowy bit into the glass bead. Once this happens it will end up in the library.
M – “It turns out that starchild, could, in certain circumstances act as an amplifier. We do not want this to come to pass.”
“Extracting any element is certainly doable. The problem is preserving the original container. Tricky.” Ramsey gets excited. “The problem is that Pravuil is so very real.”
M- “He’s not that real. And I’ll help you out.”
Ramsey “We should shake Pravuil very vigorously so that he is slightly out of phase with the rest of us, and the shadow will be resonant and can then be plucked out.”
M – “We’ll have to propose it to Pravuil. Perhaps we could make the receptacle more attractive and get him to swallow it.”
Ramsey will need to create an opening into the ball. It is similar to imbuing things as he did with Starchild.
“The glass wants everything, so all we have to do is make it most want the shadow and then get Pravuil to swallow it. This is not without inherent risks. Are you sure it’s not safer to leave it where it is.” Having IsTarantula handy could be helpful.

Ramsey is envisioning the glass ball with pincers going wub wub wub wub holding the glass is within the focusing chamber.

Tangiers: There is an activation on floor two, primary division. Scans show a tiny 1/2" by 1/8" by 1/8" piece of blue glass in the Suicide King Embassy room. It’s one of Camille’s teeth.

Action Items:
Should try to find out if there is a difference between something forged and something forged by the burn.

Weaponize Free will

Talk to Tangiers

Convince Pravuil to get a shadowectomy

Get Cera to tell her story to Ruby.

We need to find a politish way to put them off.

Ask Jane/Charlotte if they want a new name.


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