PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 9: Dominoes [:] - Glory
Twice as bright and twice as fast...

(No recap due to Obsidian Portal being down…)

Ruby goes to Eden and sees dead Angels, the Angel is Numiel. They miss Pravuil.
A servant, Nod, is putting dead bodies (space Nazis) in the ground to “feed the tree”. Ruby also meets the Serpent.

Numiel and the Serpent end up being “paused”.

She removes a Nazi skull with a helmet to take with her.

Nod says that fighting over Eden is like fighting over a piece of art.

Mark talks to himself, and he says there is a chance that even the off season stuff will have an effect.

Mark’s store self says that he would have to sell to both sides but we would get a discount.
And the other proposal can go forward.

Ruby tells us about the encounter in Eden. Pravuil shares that he was the only one of the Host who did not eat of the Tree of Good and Evil. Ruby has learned not to eat things offered to her by strangers.

Christopher says that Mark’s Boss is acting inconsistently. Abraham is informed about Sara M.

Christopher wants to meet us for dinner if Sara M comes.

Raffles went into the movie. We might want to recover Raffles.

Christopher also has lots of Blue Books as if he has a library annex.
The Recorder is also blue.

IsTarantula chooses a bright fast burning star. She finds a mid-cycle blue, fairly heavy star. They name the star Glory and it is mated to the freewill bomb. The Glory bomb is not zappable.

We all go to the map room. We find a sub-menu that says “Other known space” and there is a data source from “Kasha-Tenir University”.

There are ~ 30 entries, some are greyed out.

Kasha-Tenir University is in a bubble within a whirlpool – pocket dimension on Nexus Combine, which is a great power source, it closed 78 years ago, cycle 6.

Important things to note:
Kasha-Tenir – formerly one of the greatest educational institutions of the Continuum. Now defunct.
Taneli remnant of a warn torn nation, wastelands of atomic glass.
Cairn was used in the war of Taneli might be how the atomic glass was created. The mother of stones comes from Cairn. There are still distributed islands, they haven’t all been discovered.
Lizana-Nuon – On the Lizanne Sea. Half drowned castles, caverns everywhere. The Widow.
The Junkyard – where all the broken things go. Known for scavenging, and almost everything in the Junkyard survives the burn. Aaron suggests we leave things there.
Kashan – on Kasha-Tenir campus. It went horribly wrong. A note by Michael Surrey – he curated the project.
Yepata – on the other side of the Cairnian expanse. It’s a resort, sort of PQ Risa.
The Loom – related to stories, but it is not the Library. It is what comes from the Library, it might have come from a blade.
The Brasslands is the land of Dream.
Cliffside – known for its amiable hosts.
DeSaen – it can go everywhere. It’s the creator and owner of the only engine that can transverse all of space, it never requires repair….
Little Eden was designed, and it is often a battleground due to the fact that it has so many exits and entrances.
Tundrakia – the domain of lots of names Lisa can’t type right now.
Suicide King – has an embassy and is deceased.
Limbo – home of Kelly’s Bar and Grill, the most happening place in Limbo. It is a sanctuary.
Sub-entry to Cairn, the Gallery of High Magister Elkin Koss. There are works of art (like Little Eden) that were created in an old style art gallery setting. It is a nexus. We recognize the name due to the Cathedral.

S2: Episode 8: Dominoes [.] - Freewill
Butterfly wings and prime movers...

Darina explains what the Adams wish as best she can to Cera. Cera really enjoys speaking with them. Darina makes the mistake of mentioning that Ramsey could potentially make an intercom for Cera with the Adams. She invites Cera into her White Door.
Darina and Cera go into the door. Nothing happens for the first two hours. Something starts to emerge from one of the pools. A woman from beyond my time line but before now, dressed in a suit, medium hair length. She looks oddly familiar. She looks a little like Cera. “I lived a life of chains, I want freedom.” “Who chained you.”
“The man in the shadows.”
She is another Cera.
Darina offers her a place at Clilffside. She accepts. She is good with numbers. She is going to go by Cera M.
Darina leaves her with Tangiers and Cera.
One of the pool is a book which is blue and glassy. Not the one the Ceras came through.
Pravuil has a new To Do. What do we think the benefit will be to resurrect the Suicide King. Tangiers is quite willing to “Get the fuckers.”
Blue, Mark and Ramsey will weaponize Free Will our best chance is to create an explosive device.
We go to the Vault to get the devices of restoration. The IPod, the Film Canisters, the Flask, the Blanket, the Typewriter. We should put the film in the vault as well. The audio tape is there too. There are things in the Vault that are things from before.
Mark takes two snorts of the Flask. There is two snorts left in the Flask.
All around Cliffside things are happening.
The Adams are only connected to their own group.
We try to predict Issac’s tactics.
We argue a lot about whether one could use a star child. Lots of tough philosophical questions.
Starchild says that some children are expected to burn brightly and briefly.
There are other possibilities to creating the weapon.
The device can be created without the source. (A tactical one and a strategic one).
For the tactical weapon:
Ramsey 20% mental
Mark 20% spiritual
Blue 10% of mental and spiritual.

Ruby goes to The Garden.

*Action items: *
Inventory the Vault
Resurrect the Suicide King
Interview the Ceras
Create the strategic device
Pravuil is going to have “The Talk” with the Adams

S2: Episode 7: My Heart is a Flame
In which we see the light grow brighter in the wind...

Episode 7 My Heart is a Flame

In which we see the light grow brighter in the wind…

IsTarantula, Parvuil, Mark, Ruby, retreat to their doors.

Blue and Darina make sure the guests are satisfied. All is business as usual. People hanging out laughing, eating, drinking. The Gretch’s staff is serving. The feel is all good.

Blue checks in with the Adams. Adams are CONCERNED with those who are infected. How is Parvuil? WE FELT HIM FLICKER OUT. Cliffside says he is whole again. And what of Cera (Darina’s rescue) The Adams have a crush on her. They want to make her into ONE OF US. Blue says we’ll discuss that later … Yes, she is stalling for time.

Ramsey goes to meet with Tangiers. He is in the back office rooting around in stuff. When he becomes aware of Ramsey, he acts surprised and comes back to the front.

Tangiers and Ramsey discuss Adams. The Adams are herd creatures who also know how to herd. Ramsey and Tangiers talk about the nature of Adams. Tangiers goes to check on Miss Swallows. Ramsey takes over the Maitre D position. Badly.

Insider her White Door, Ruby plays ball with Heaven, talks to Shadowman about whether people are valuable or not. Ruby values people who grant sensation. Shadowman believes that when something new happens it creates a demon. A tsunami of demons might not be as much fun as it sounds like.

Inside his White Door, Mark is having a drink, billiards, checking the books. Things look pretty good. There was a production lull, but things are back on track now, ticking over, et cetera. The Boss is pleased that Mark is okay. Mark considers going into his other door, but not until he’s more recovered. Reads some books. Sees blue light behind the shelf. “It’s an annex! Of course it is. That’s how the inventory was accessed. Charlotte was a book, books can get into our Doors. Marks Door can get into the Back Room. Good to know.”

Insider her White Door, IsTarantula absorbs some rads, hangs out in the vacuum of deep space. Hoping for a Quasar. Chilling in the background radiation of the Universe and trying to remember. What happened? What happened when she was young and met Ruby’s dad. What she remembers is she was still bound to her first form and she remembers that space darkened and she felt a pull, an attraction. Part of her was ripped away. She become one with something else. Eventually she was no longer and she was something else. Then there is a blank. And that was a long time ago. When she remembered again, she was no longer bound in her first form. She was Tarantula. Based on the nature of the background radiation it was a very long time. Many, many millennia. Cosmological time had passed and sometime in there, Ruby was born. IsTarantula wants to know why she forgot. How do you roofie a nebula?

Blue wants to check the Map Room. She sees no new additions, luckily. The Embassy from the Suicide King is definitely active and occupied. Not growing, yet. Blue can’t perceive anything inside the room or anything about it, but she can tell it isn’t growing or changing outside. Blue wants to know where Parvuil is. He’s inside his door. Blue informs Ramsey. She checks on everyone else the ID tracker is working just fine.

Blue was linked to Parvuil when he died. She remembered the Burn and then he was gone. Blue goes to knock on Parvuil’s door.

Parvuil is feeling ‘really shitty.’ Completely out of it, semi-conscious, probably hallucinating. He falls asleep in Heaven’s lap. Starchild is quiet and with Parvuil. Parvuil is around 2 or 3 % spiritual. He senses a faraway presence. Heaven says, “Do you want me to go talk to her?”

Heaven opens the door and speaks to Blue. “Parvuil is resting. Starchild is with him.” Starchild was also infected. Resting here is probably best, but Heaven appreciates Blue’s offer of healing.

Parvuil realizes his spark is now a flame. Meta: he now has the skill ‘Kindle.’

Time passes; people do things in their doors.

IsTarantula feels terrible guilt over being forced to abandon Ruby.

Gretch is feeling very warm and happy and familial towards us. He asks Blue for a hug. It is creepy but it happens.

Ramsey rummages through Tangiers’ back room. Guest lists, guests, all about guests, tracing guests. Some visits from Desaan from before. Lord and Lady Midden didn’t arrive until the Summit. Same with Jane, first for her. The cab people Sam and the kid have been here two times before. They said it was because the cab broke down but they were here a year ago and about three years ago. They stayed Gratis. Cliffside paid for them, but Tangiers doesn’t seem to remember. Could it have been the Gretch? Another name shows up occasionally Billy DaBlissi is an account holder. Seems connected to the cab kids. Billing address is Limbo. What could possibly go wrong.

Another pile of stuff Tangiers was looking through that seems to be passwords. Pieces of paper scattered about under the blotter.

Sam the cab driver has a slightly confusing conversation with Ramsey. She needs the key to get to her cab, she wants to see the end of the film. Ramsey believes the problem has been resolved. He is wrong.

We assume Darina spends time with Cera.

Parvuil talks to Heaven. Heaven knows Bluebell. Bluebell told Parvuil that this was the last time. Parvuil is not entirely comfortable with being Risen again. This time is different than last time. Last time everything burned but him. This time he burned and nothing else did. The hunger is gone.

Heaven says things would have played out very differently, but this is good for you to know. Heaven knew the Shadow. One of his disciples (Antigone?) is who killed Heaven a long time ago, now she is here, but not just here. Not any more.

Heaven says that Ruby’s father is not kind. Antigone who was writing the end a long time ago is one of the many, many sons and daughters, Strangers all. Those who have consumed of Him. Parvuil would have become one of them (a Stranger) and it is good that this didn’t happen. But now there is something new.

Heaven says, “You have awakened.” Beginnings and endings come from fire. Mankind learned to do things because of fire. Parvuil says it mostly didn’t end well for them. But sometimes it did. Fire powers nations and civilizations, exploration, growth, food, war. All because of fire. Will Parvuil be able to control this better than the hunger? Heaven suspects yes, just feed it good things. Feed it with what makes you you. “That’s another thing I’m trying to figure out,” Parvuil says. “I am not what I was. Before I had a purpose and never doubted it.”

The doors are refuge. Nothing changes in the outside world while we’re inside.

Parvuil gives of himself to awaken Childstar. Childstar wants to fight, but he can’t fight with poison, not the way the enemy fights. We have our own way of fighting.

A day passes.

Parvuil leaves his door and sees a sign saying ‘Parvuil is Risen! He lives again.”

Ruby goes into her Black Door. Heaven speaks to her. “Parvuil says hello. He asked about you.” She doesn’t want to play ball. They talk about Parvuil and how focused he is. She walks to the other side. “Hello Daughter. Seeing the other side? Mirror Mirror?” He offers her comfort.

IsTarantula is still sad about having Ruby taken from her but now she is also angry. She wants to kill Ruby’s father but is concerned that Ruby might love him.

Mark talks to his Boss about selling stuff that they can’t normally sell while they can’t see the stuff that they normally sell. I’m sure it made sense. It’s all the stuff that doesn’t start apocalypses that Mark usually steers them away from.

Parvuil tells us about his post-life conversation with Bluebell.

Ruby and IsTarantula talk. A lot. There was crying.

Tangiers and Ramsey talk. There are one or two avenues to resurrect the Suicide King.

IsTarantula goes back into her door to test Mark’s theory about books being able to access the inside of our doors. Finds a Blue Giant, source of information, annex of the Library. Even in the blackness of the beyond, just a few parsecs away. Easily accessible. It opens up layers upon layers of information, but she can’t find a way to other rooms from here. IsTarantula is not a book. She looks for a volume of the History of Endings. It talks about Cliffside and the Remainders and our adventures.

IsTarantula goes into her black door. Pulling swirls of vacuum. “Who’s there?” “It’s me, my love.” “I knew you’d be here. We should talk.” She’s not strong enough to talk now.

We are mostly refreshed and ready to renew the fight. As soon as we figure out what it is.

Nothing has been done on any of the ongoing plans. New ongoing plan: Mark wants Ramsey to design and build an airlock to protect us from IsTarantula’s Doors.

S2: Episode 6: Strange Engines
In which we deconstruct the spark and the engine within...

Pravuil is educated about why hunger is dangerous.
Lots of discussion about the two ideas of Ramsey’s.
We consider adding Ruby to the equation, we might want to use IsTarantula.
We also decide to talk to the Gretch about an emesis solution.
We have to fetch the Gretch from his door, he is taking a nap. His door has a humid jungle, and a path that goes through it. The Gretch agrees to come out with his to discuss our need.
Ruby offers to help, the Gretch asks what she is willing to sacrifice. He asks for a little bit of essence. A little bit of her heart (the piece she give him will not renew quickly).
She agrees.
Marc retrieves a Black and White cake from his store which would normally cause a star emit a flare that would take out a planet. (10 spiritual) This will be the base for the emetic for IsTarantula.
Marc starts to feel hungry. Marc wants to go to the backroom, but resists.
We are pretty sure that Marc would need an emetic base of “feelings”. (joke)
Marc needs an ending that is actually connected to “him”.
Ramsey prepares a receptacle.
The Gretch uses two bits of fire (one of a star type, one that was “the first sale”), and an sd card.
Attached to the marble is some lenses, bunsen burner.
Darina is going to carry the marble device with Ramsey, Protector is going to help Ramsey be more quiet. Darina is casting Fortune’s Boon on the whole thing. We all contribute so Pravuil uses “Member of the Host.’
The Souffle is beautiful and amazing and they all get forks.
First bite
After about 5 minutes of consumption they feel very very warm. (We see them starting to glow from their chest). They get the feeling that what they are eating is consuming the shadows and consuming part of them.
We see Pravuil die and see him burn. The consumers hear a voice that says it will be ok.
All the others go down to 10 percent spiritual.
Pravuil speaks to Bluebell who asks him what he learned. She says he will stay a while with her.
The rest are no longer afflicted.
They go down to 5 percent spiritual.
We take the others down to the door room.
Bluebell says to Pravuil “That was a hard thing. It was an ending and a beginning yes.”
Bluebell says she thinks we are all that is left of her and this might be the last time around for all of us.
There is a burst of light and he is sitting on the terrace in front of the temple and Heaven is sitting next to him and comforting him.
Pravuil gets 1 percent spiritual back.
Pravuil is resting in his door.
The others go to their white doors.
Blue, Ramsey and Darina are holding down the fort.

Action Items:
Should try to find out if there is a difference between something forged and something forged by the burn.

Weaponize Free will

Talk to Tangiers.

Get Cera to tell her story to Ruby.

We need to find a politish way to put them off.

Ask Jane/Charlotte if they want a new name.

S2: Episode 5: Glass
In which we see through you...

The Adams want to make Cera into an Adam. Cera is happy in the gardens and with the Adams, Darina makes a date to have some tea with her.
Darina is going to tease Isaac about how the Adams have a crush on Cera.

Mark; goes to talk to himself at the store.
The store has been closed for a while. The door to the office is open. Mark’ goes to the back.
Mark speaks to The Boss who is smoking a cigar. They bitch about feelings and connectedness for a while.
They talk about small vs large apocalypses. Mark says it’s unfortunate that he is in the building phase.
The Boss asks Mark about the hosts at Cliffside. He says we are “allright I guess”. Rupert gets a scratch.
Mark “I’m pretty sure Tarantula understands the deal. When the time comes, she will understand how things work. I don’t see her being a problem. Pravuil probably won’t be a problem.”
Mark thinks Ramsey might be a problem. “He’s obsessed with his little island and it’s survival. He isn’t sure about Blue. The fairy is outside this whole thing so he isn’t sure about her. The new one is too new to know.”
“The new guys seem to be gunning for me, except for maybe Mitchell you doesn’t seem to be gunning for us. Isaac and Fallow are gunning for us actively. And I’m not so sure about the infovore.”
Mark gets the inkling that they have had this conversation before. “We set up the Lord and Lady of this place didn’t we? The present was our merchandise.” The Boss “We didn’t orchestrate it, I don’t know who did it. It isn’t in the ledger, that disturbs us.”
The Boss feels comfortable at Cliffside. Mark also feels good. The two of them didn’t like the other place as much, “they” killed it. Boss doesn’t like that. Tintagel doesn’t like it, and Tangiers certainly doesn’t either. They both like Tangiers.
“If they come asking for something, you may need to have a price.” The Boss isn’t sure if eating part of the head was a good idea. He thinks Mark may start feeling hungry. The Boss thinks that if IsTarantula goes down the hungry path that may be a really bad thing. If you get hungry, that’s when it gets dicey.
Some people The Boss have met have recovered from going down the hunger path, but the ones that don’t accelerate what “we” do. It might be really bad that Pravuil ate some. “Watch him.” Mark wants to talk to Ramsey about separating the hunger from the hosts.
“You might want this” – a blue glass bead. Apparently, it didn’t sell very well. It’s a piece of the library. Mark takes Rupert with him. Mark walks out of the office with Rupert on his shoulder.

Darina is going to leave against her white Door.
Ruby opens the White Door. There is a smooth marble landscape that goes out forever. It slightly curves, but seems to be a sphere. There is a sun on one side, and darkness on the other with stars. There is a “Grecian” temple that has been knocked down. The temple is split and broken in the shadow side, and is hale in the sunlight. She can hear chirping and cicadas.
IsTarantula has a bit of the feeling from Pravuil’s door.
Ruby walks right down the center. Ruby sees beautiful runes that are sparkly and a reddish glow. She feels a split that happens inside of her and she pulls from both sides.
A little ball bounces out of the temple and falls to Ruby’s feet from the light side. She tosses it in the direction it came from. A little girl catches the ball. “I’m Heaven.” “You’re the bridge. You are unique to be happy here.”
“She will need minding by us. You have connections, family in both sides.” Heaven says she is somewhat an inlaw.
Darina hops to the other side of the line.
Heaven thinks there is someone on the other side of the line like her.
Everything goes to shadow and she feels being sucked towards that place. There is murmuring and a feeling of hunger. Flowers blossom and crumble and die.
Darina steps back.
IsTarantula calls to the ‘being’. It is shadow with cut out eyes. It makes small talk with IsTarantula – exes. He tells Ruby that she is beautiful. He tells her that they have met. He will talk to her if she wants in private. He asks if IsTarantula is raising her right? “She has only just arrived.” He says they should call him the “Shadowman, the Umbra, the darkness outside of light.”
IsTarantula says it suits him today. She asks if this is all of him, here, and he laughs. We all have our sphere of influence. It’s good to have family together again. Ruby finally figures out who “he” is.
IsTarantula says “He is different now, here. But he would be, wouldn’t he.”
“Here I can touch you, and the little girl can too. As things progress we’ll see how the balance goes. You’re the bridge.”
Ruby “I’m not sure I want that responsibility.” Ruby thinks it will be become incredibly boring. He tells her to lock the door.
IsTarantula says “he only tells you half the truth.”
Ruby says “Not yet.”
Ruby goes to sit on the center line.
IsTarantula “She is stronger than both of us.”
He “She will survive the next burn.”
Heaven tells them that she misses Pravuil.
Heaven offers to teach her hopscotch. There is a metaphysical confluence in hopscotch. Where the stone lands is where you go, how you get there is important. Heaven gives her a “stone” of blue glass.
Ruby eats the “stone”. Heaven says it will take about 14 hours to pass through.
Heaven asks her what the last thing she remembers before the burn. She remembers of being in darkness and lack of sensation. Heaven hopes she never experienced what Heaven has experienced. Heaven was suffocating in the back of the car, gasping for breath she died. Darina gives Heaven a big hug.
Ruby is told by Heaven to give her mom a hug.
Ruby feels more like “me”.
Ruby takes a nap in the door. She hasn’t slept yet.

IsTarantula stays, Darina exits.
Mark heads down to the forge to talk to Ramsey. Ramsey is making a set of tools to vivisect an Adam. Ramsey does not think that doing a necropsy on a fallen Adam would be good enough.
Mark has a proposal for Ramsey. Mark says that the communion is as if it was a tiny caribdis, which is at the heart of them. It is a hunger. Mark would like a shadowectomy from Pravuil. Mark gives Ramsey the blue glass ball, it’s an information matrix. You can push things into the matrix. Mark says they could place the shadowy bit into the glass bead. Once this happens it will end up in the library.
M – “It turns out that starchild, could, in certain circumstances act as an amplifier. We do not want this to come to pass.”
“Extracting any element is certainly doable. The problem is preserving the original container. Tricky.” Ramsey gets excited. “The problem is that Pravuil is so very real.”
M- “He’s not that real. And I’ll help you out.”
Ramsey “We should shake Pravuil very vigorously so that he is slightly out of phase with the rest of us, and the shadow will be resonant and can then be plucked out.”
M – “We’ll have to propose it to Pravuil. Perhaps we could make the receptacle more attractive and get him to swallow it.”
Ramsey will need to create an opening into the ball. It is similar to imbuing things as he did with Starchild.
“The glass wants everything, so all we have to do is make it most want the shadow and then get Pravuil to swallow it. This is not without inherent risks. Are you sure it’s not safer to leave it where it is.” Having IsTarantula handy could be helpful.

Ramsey is envisioning the glass ball with pincers going wub wub wub wub holding the glass is within the focusing chamber.

Tangiers: There is an activation on floor two, primary division. Scans show a tiny 1/2" by 1/8" by 1/8" piece of blue glass in the Suicide King Embassy room. It’s one of Camille’s teeth.

Action Items:
Should try to find out if there is a difference between something forged and something forged by the burn.

Weaponize Free will

Talk to Tangiers

Convince Pravuil to get a shadowectomy

Get Cera to tell her story to Ruby.

We need to find a politish way to put them off.

Ask Jane/Charlotte if they want a new name.

S2: Episode 4: Silver Scream, Pt. 3
In which Strangers are made familiar...

Christine gets reassured that her brother is ok, and agrees to go back up to the embassy with us so that she can be escorted by us.
Fallow mixes a cocktail and pours himself a real martini. He looks at Blue and Pravuil and asks them why they are still alive. Fallow – “There is no justice.”
We ask him why he’s still alive. Fallow – “I don’t burn. Mine was a plan, yours seems to be fate.”
Pravuil “Isn’t fate just a plan that is not your own.”
And so on.
Fallow doesn’t like new players. New players are very rare. He is a very annoyed little boy.
Fallow likes predictability and knowing the odds.
He hopes to live for a thousand life times. He thinks whoever set the plan in motion made a mistake.
He doesn’t think Bluebell and Shadowman are causing the game.
Fallow says he wants to dissect one of us to find out why we didn’t burn, maybe we have a flame inside us. He says that the consciousness that was here was killed. He hopes our places’ consciousness does not exist anymore.
Mr. Mitchell doesn’t think Charlotte/Christine is happy to serve. Mitchell brings up Antigone, the wielder of the Scarlet blade (Charlotte).
Mr. Mitchell asks if we have “THE DOORS”. Mark says doesn’t anyone?
Mr. Mitchell says that after you have “gained your lineage” the door does a lot for you. Once you have partaken of them they can affect the fabric of the place. “Our father has a different way to fill yourself back up again – everywhere there is life I can fill myself up again.” Some blades apparently were able to suck the life out of entire places.
Mr. Mitchell knows about our Forge.
Fallow calls IsTarantula StarFucker.
Mr. Mitchell is not sure if all things that are heavy are “forged”. He thinks some things are forged by the burn.
Mr. Mitchell is glad we came.
Mitchell thinks that most off us are not “aligned”.
Pravuil wonders what happens to people when they are taken out of the game.
Christine is talking about the “Boss” and the “Family”.
Mark grabs some coffee out of his store for Christine.

Mr. Mitchell comes up to Ruby “Before that you didn’t even need to.” “You are family.”
Mr. Mitchell says that Ruby did not seem to be here after the burn but now she is. Ruby says she was burning in the darkness in between – halfway between the darkness and the burn. Mr. Mitchell seems to want to divine the family tree – “The family tree is a family constellation.”
Mr. Mitchell says to be careful not to get put in a box and used. And when you get hungry, be careful what you eat. Obliterating life is not sustainable. He also warns us that our doors are like an amplifying chamber.
Darina makes a mental note to tell Ramsey that Fallow might be what happens when you take inspiration from your black door.
Mr. Mitchell kibitzes with Mark about connection, because Mark seems grossed out by it.
Camille taps Mr. Mitchell on the shoulder and pulls Ruby over to the side. “Why are you with them?” “Because my doors are next to theirs?”
Camille thinks that the fact that Ruby is with us, and new means things are off balance. Ruby says her grandfather was interested in that too, and told her to experience things and learn and make choices.
Camille says “If you ever want to speak with us, just go to your door and whistle.”
The caterers take the food away.
Mark tips the staff and Darina thanks them.
Ramsey, IsTarantula and Pravuil notice that the sun seems to be setting.
They say they will visit us at Cliffside at their embassy.
We walk out into the desert.
Ramsey is ready to alert us with foreshadowing.
We are confused by Ramsey’s suggestions. At the unfurling of the wings, Mark and Ruby is in shadow.
The sun slowly sets behind us. The shadows get longer.
About an hour out at normal pace we see a light in the darkness against the mountains. Another half hour of walking we see that the light is through a window.
This night has no stars and no moon. Film reels, burned books, type writers, costuming, scripts, are decaying and destroyed littering the ground. It’s getting cold. (Ramsey sees film grain).
The cabin ahead becomes more visible and has smoke coming out of the chimney, Ramsey tells us.
We are at the cabin at the edge of the desert. The window has either a flickering fire, a lamp, a projector.
She knocks on the door, a guy in a fedora opens it up and asks if she is here for her brother.
There are three mooks (including fedora guy). The mooks are watching a film. The film is Touch of Evil.
Mark puts Christopher’s reel on the projector “Afterglow”. (Our story)
They tell her her brother is in the other room. Pravuil and Christine go there and find Christopher.
Blue checks him to see if he is the same Christopher he was. She is pretty sure that that is Christopher.
We all join hands and touch Ruby, Mark grabs the reel before we get reeled in.
Mark, IsTarantula, Blue, Darina and Ruby combine to get us home.
Ruby bursts through the wall of the cabin. The reel is in Mark’s hand and we smell burning celluloid and the sound is off. A mook tries to shoot us and doesn’t succeed. Another one is trying to grab the film. The projector flips over, the light goes out and it goes black.

Ruby feels a kiss on her cheek. We come through the screen.
Mark reels up as much of the film as possible, it’s burning.
Christine is now Jane/Charlotte.
Pravuil flies Christopher back to the lighthouse.
Jane/Charlotte “The Premiere went badly.” We take her to Jane’s room.
Tangiers asks after Simon (the maître d of the Suicide King). We realize that they killed the place.

Tangier is very upset when we tell him that Simon was killed. He wants to talk to us about it the next day.

Action Items:
• Check the map to see if the “Suicide King Embassy” is on the map – it is.
• Ramsey weaponize FREE WILL
• We argue with Ramsey about vivisecting Adams.

S2: Episode 3: Silver Scream, Pt. 2
In which we discover the true nature of the Suicide King...

We see things in technicolor but the blue glass teeth are touched up in Ramsey’s Black and White film. (We are in the tower)
Pravuil and Ramsey check and can speak to eachother and Blue can do so using telepathy.
Ramsey is taking copious notes.
Camille promises to bring us the ledger. We don’t think eating here is a big risk – so we eat refresh ment. Ruby is not sure her hair can be cut, the hair is likely to attack her back.
Fallow, Christine Bedford, Issac are in the register around the same time 1106 1107 1108 room numbers.

Camille reassures Darina that she can stay in the waterfall, by suggesting she isn’t very experienced.
We tell her that we came here through a movie.
Camille runs this place with her sibs, their father is the Man of Shadows.
Lots of polite chatting about endings. She says we have gravity to us. The others discuss the appearance of the Shadow Man with us and she seems to think it an honor that he tried to engage with us with direct intervention.
Marc says based on her description that the Shadow Man is the Black egg of the Phoenix.
She says there is much of the world we don’t know about and don’t know of.
Isaac is of the same race as the Adams.
Fallow made the people that came from Camille – Charlotte for example.
Camille says her the Shadow Man and Bluebelle are not infallible.
This is not a “game” where one wins. – one can only be fulfilled or not fulfilled.
Ramsey asks Showtime to show us Christopher – he sees a safe. The safe is in an office with a walnut desk, bookcases etc. The office is in the Suicide King.
Showtime shows him Christine Bedford – she is playing poker in a room with a child (10 year old) and a construct – an Adam like creature, Charlotte is shown in the same room but not in the same shot.
Camille says that some people choose pain and suffering.
Pravuil asks about the safe.
Ruby, Blue, and IsTarantula talks about pain and suffering.
Camille does not know of Christopher being in the safe.
Mr. Mitchell is one of the oldest and wishes to meet us.
This room is OURS, not Camille’s. We are hosts within our room.
Mark is not sure that in the normal way of things he would be on this side.
Pravuil asks Ramsey to figure out if the embassy is in the map room.
Ramsey goes to check and gives the Adam the laws of robotics.
Mr. Mitchell – A African/Asian man comes through the door, he is dressed in a pinstriped suit, where constellations make the pinstripes. He has a fedora. He bows and says he has heard much about us. He says he is a stranger, and that strangers are the sons and daughters of the Man of Shadows. He is the eldest son – and is a few generations older than Mark.
“Now is the most exciting time I have ever been in.”
He wants to talk about hearts and asks what we love. Ruby says she loves sensation. (Both Camille and Mr. Mitchell want to talk to Ruby later).
Issac and Fallow come in. Isaacs’ eyes look active/engaged/different. He is heavy.
Fallow is a small boy, has a gravity like Heaven.
We introduce ourselves to Issac.
Isaac – the last of his kind and the first.
Fallow says “I am Fallow”. His progeny are the Lords and Ladies of rule, Galena – “I pity them. He does not think they will survive. His people will crush them and make them into the Domiciles they deserve.” – His people – Space Nazis
Isaac says that they are made, and he was once a great general and his essence was made one with an Adam. This was by chance, but not by choice.
Isaac claims that there are legions of Adams that will march against us soon. Pravuil tells him that we’ve seen Adams make a choice to against their programming.
Darina wants to drown the “guests”.
We ask after Christine and she walks in and undoes a sack and a head rolls out of it and it is made of Shadow. She says the head is “Boss Wilford’s”.
Mr. Mitchell says that it is time for communion. Camille points to Mr. Mitchell and he produces a knife, which Marc finds scary due to his high primacy. He leans into the table and begins carving the head.
Blue wants to do a general sense of the head – she notices that this is like when she tried to tap the shadow. The head is extraordinarily heavy and the knife is as heavy. They are peeling off essence of the head.
Darina comforts Christine in the bathroom. She is heavy, and she is both play acting a story and has been changed.
Ruby, Pravuil, IsTarantula, Mark eat of the head. Blue-grey jello, acidic and feels like love in the soul. A feeling of connectedness and oneness of life. Mark is grossed out and makes a face and Blue giggles.
There is a moment of silence. And we all make eye contact with everyone else.
Showtime shows Ramsey Camille’s father – the head on the plate, the Shadow Man as he released the lumivore, a black hole eating all light, black, blue wall, flickering lights, a small town in Vermont, a coffee shop, black.
Mark asks after Charlotte and Camille looks at her and smiles. Jane and Charlotte have merged into Christine.
Pravuil and Blue stay behind. Darina, IsTarantula, Ruby and Mark go with Camille and Christine to get Christopher.
Ramsey finds the room in the Suicide King on the map.
The safe is behind a photo of Mr. Mitchell. Camille pulls out stacks of cash and a film reel. Camille tells Christine she will find her brother at the edge of the desert. Mark takes the film reel and puts it in his coat – the film is heavy. Christine puts the money in her bag.
Pravuil knows where all the bright things are, and he knows he could feed on the bright things and can feel that hunger. Pravuil knows that after some time that thing will feed on him.
IsTarantula feels a draw to go back to nest. She needs more children.

Action Items:

  • offer Adams dance lessons
  • discuss additions to Cliffside
  • weaponize “FREE WILL”
  • give Pravuil a photogasm.
S2: Episode 2: Silver Scream, Pt. 1
In which a rescue plan is put in motion...

Darina’s door-
Woman has no reason to live – bored, serf, etc. Darina takes Cera back to the hotel. Cera is fascinated by the Adams.
Blue’s Door –
Ramsey, Ruby, IsTarantula and Protector are going with Blue. The land beyond the door is very fragrant from flowers – and some of the scents are unfamiliar. There are three suns, and it is quite bright. Hanging gardens with daises and Indian-like architecture. There are some insects. Three voices say “welcome” in a heavy sort of way. Blue feels ecstatic – nor orgasmic, ecstatic. They all feel really good and feel accepted and one with everything they see. The star-related creatures feel a kinship with the stars. Blue feels like there is an open channel so that she can talk whenever she wants.
Ruby and Ramsey get bored. IsTarantula enjoys it more but leaves with Ramsey. Ramsey leaves with lots of notes.

Mark’s Office -
Mark goes to his office. (no notes here)

The Forge –
Ruby helps IsTarantula and Ramsey at the Forge. It’s either going to be amazing or awful. The starchildren call him “the tinker”. There is a starchild that is a big movie watcher and it is chosen. (a small Blue Giant). They do the forging and then they know it is good when they all feel good. And the child is named “Showtime”. The room becomes very bright and the shadows feel very sharp. Ramsey feels very uncomfortable, a bit like when he was in his black door near the darkness. Ruby hears a voice saying “Welcome Back”.
Pravuil stops a massive bar fight, he helps with some IT problems, and he hangs out with Tangiers.
Cera is in awe of Pravuil. She seems to notice his angelicness.

IsTarantula’s Door –
Ruby goes with IsTarantula, Ramsey – as do Blue and Mark. Intense heat for anyone nearby. Blue flees and dodges into her white door. Mark turns himself into something more resistant (likely weird and spherical). Ruby wraps herself in a hair cocoon. Mark and Ruby take 10% physical damage. IsTarantula feels great. IsTarantula closes the door behind her. IsTarantula hears Bluebell – “You have done well. You are a good child.”

Ramsey is working on a pair of IsTarantula-oculars. He pushes 5%.
Tangiers greets us at the theatre. There is big band music playing. Ramsey goes into the booth with Showtime and changes to fit the socket whenever it gets near one. Ramsey loads Showtime in. Ramsey hovers as Tangiers sets up the film.
Ramsey sees us in Black and White.
The shadows are very dark and the lights are very light and everything feels hyper real. The film starts to show the title sequence. The car shows up on the screen and there are no actors. It’s a desert road and we see the Suicide King. Ruby leaves some of her hair trailing out of the screen (an Adam with a buttoneer stays near them). He takes a hold of her hair as an anchor. Blue uses psychometry on the car and sees that Jane Fallows went into the casino and it looks like it has been in a gun fight. Pravuil records the placement of the hair tether.
We make our way to the Suicide King which is outside the strip. Darina hates the desert. The Suicide King seems not very busy. We walk in, and we see slot machines and game table. No customers or staff. We hear a “ding” as we go through the door. Mark looks in the ledger for Jane Fallows’ room number. There is an attendant with blue glass teeth at the desk (Camille) she offers us some rooms. She says she knows Lena is supposed to be there, but has not arrived yet. Charlotte and Christopher are known to her too.
Camille says she has written many stories and ended many stories. Mark realizes that she is a lexivore. Camille is from the library, (it is my mother, it is my father). Camille says that Charlotte has some family relationship with Ruby. Camille offers to help us find them. She agrees to give us the real register in the office. Blue does some psychometry and sees Jane hit floor 11. We hear a ding as if someone else is entering the casino. The doors open up onto a gorgeous suite. Darina gets wet in the waterfall.
Camille has primacy and is heavy.
To do:
• Add to the Hotel – map room

S2: Episode 1: Intermission
In which the lights come up...

…and next moves are planned.

Jane and Charlotte’s change happened while Parvuil was filming.
Ramsey wants to diagnose Parvuil.
We wonder how the Adversary got the Lumivore, was it through Charlotte when our data is missing.

We need to build the universe.

Tangiers: Protocol 32 engaged, lockdown engaged, incursion door chamber.
We all wheel around and make our way there with a quad of Adams, except Ramsey who is going to make something.

There are now seven sets of doors.

Tall, jet black skin with sparkles. Mass of writhing red hair longer than she is tall and slightly glowing red eyes – clothed.

She apparently is the child of IsTarantula. Blue checks on Ramsey and keeps him from aiming the large gun (that he is wearing) at the new one. Writhing hair shoots at Ramsey. Her name is apparently Ruby, she is introduced to the rest of us. The gun is designed to make anyone with primacy flee the area. She is very heavy and she has lineage.

We ask the Gretch to make some food. The Adams are being sent to strategic locations.
Ramsey names the Repulser: Protector.

We explain to Ramsey that he now needs to take care of Protector.

We need to plan a memorial for the Adams which will be private because the current group of Adams don’t remember them.

The Gretch has forgotten the film.

Tangiers does not remember the film occurring.

Chris’ radio is giving a busy signal.

Chris’ line is dead.

Darina goes to each room, to speak to the guests, no one remembers the premiere. 10 pt Spiritual.

Parvuil and Mark go to the lighthouse and Chris is missing. They let us know. Chris’ book club book is open, he was clearly reading.

Blue senses Christopher in the booth. Blue goes to the booth.

Ramsey pisses off Protector and is now locked in place.

Chris is now on the film. There are others in the film. Charlotte and Jane are in the film. Blue checks to see if the Adversary is on the film.

Pravuils data is not heavy. Someone has to man the lighthouse.

One of the oldest of the Adams, that has a buttoneer, is fairly heavy, and might be trainable to run the lighthouse. Ruby asks if we want Jane, Charlotte and Chris. Mark uses eschatology to figure out if this is a good idea. Mark offers to help the volunteer. Darina gives him fortune’s boon. Pravuil teaches him Investigation. (According to Ruby in 50 years this is going to be fascinating). The Adam accepts the help and Mark uses Primacy on him. We name him Alexander because he asks for a name. His way of moving changes. He is now heavier and smarter. He is still communicating with the other Adams.

Pravuil and Mark return.

Alexander is the current lighthouse keeper.

Next time
• We will be restoring our energy in our doors
• Ramsey and IsTarantula are going to create a light bulb

Episode 11: Here Comes Trouble
In which Jane Fallows presents a special screening of her latest film...

Here Comes Trouble – Season Finale, Episode XI (Tags – Jane Fallows Shadows and Light, Season Finale) In Which Jane Fallows Presents a Special Screening of Her Latest Film “…” aka Ellipses

Last Episode Plot Holes, Episode X

The Premiere!

The premiere is scheduled for an hour after the diplomatic summit ends. The actual print is on site. Tangiers the Major Domo is the projectionist. Ramsey is up in the booth with him. Ramsey is made to promise not to ‘improve’ the projector until after the film has run. It is further suggested that Ramsey not improve anything, at least not without the prior approval of the rest of the Hosts. Ramsey insists that things want to be improved.

Invitees include Maximillian (de facto president of DeSaen), Samantha & James (the kids who crashed their cab and have been watching a lot of porn and getting a lot of room service), the dignitaries, the Gretch (by special request of Jane), and others. In total, there will be about 50 invitees present.

Charlotte is attending to Jane’s specific needs.

The Adams check in – All Good. The Usher Adams get special buttoners so they’ll be fancy.

It is a relatively small, old-fashioned theater with an unusually large screen for its capacity. Old timey theater front, popcorn, booze, red carpet, all very classy and impressive, as one would expect at Cliffside. The movie is a full 32mm print, which is quite advanced for the period in which it was produced.

Ramsey examines: the actual print of the film is interesting. Not light, ‘fairly heavy’ Halfway between the before and the now. That’s weird. The projector is okie dokey if vintage (Ramsey thinks its high tech) and in perfect condition. Ramsey sees room for improvement, but Tangiers insists he holds off. This is a talkie with magnetic sync. This is a big deal. It is Jane Fallow’s first talkie

The bulb in the projector seems to be not normal. It is built specifically to project whatever this is and can produce a lot more light than normally required. Heavy Light? It came with the resort. Made by Admiral Electric. There is one spare bulb.

People start showing up about a half hour before the show. After some discussion, the seating arrangements are as follows: front row, Charlotte and Jane are front row center, Dorina, Mark, Maximillian and other top flight dignitaries make up the rest of the row. Blue and Parvuil stand in the back so they can see everything. IsTarantula is attached to the back wall and is cautioned against making mandible shows in the projector light, at least not until after the show. Then we all kind of want one.

The BiblioSniffer is released to run around the estate. But the Adams are informed that it is not to be disturbed by the guests. The BiblioSniffer is dubbed Raffles (after the hotel and the criminal, but mostly because it is just so darn cute).

Samantha and James arrive more or less completely smashed. They make a blatantly fannish run at Jane but are politely prevented by Charlotte.

“Here Comes Trouble”

No title. Open Road, Asphalt leading to a desert scape, blinking neon lights A desert gambling town. Early morning, sun rising. Quiet. Roar of an engine, Car comes screaming in and blows out a tire. Comes screeching to a halt A woman gets out of the car, kicks the car in frustration. Our heroine. She makes her way towards the city in the distance. We see a neon sign for The Suicide King.

Empty foyer of the Casino. Our Heroine tosses a full bag aside. What’s in it, maybe money? We don’t know. Is the Suicide King a casino or a hotel? Perhaps it is both. We don’t know. From the style and the architecture it might be the 1930s.

Another woman appears. She is slight, and has long hair. She might be blonde, might be a red head. Her teeth sparkle like glass or diamond. Her teeth are blue glass. Actual library material. The teeth feel both real and heavy. It’s weird. Ramsey can tell how strange it is from the booth.

Woman with blue teeth offers our heroine a Safe Room. Her name is Camille Devereaux. The Safe Rooms are in a high tower, even though from the outside the Suicide King clearly didn’t have a tower.

Another car arrives. From the car and other indications, we now believe the movie feels like it was made in the 50s. Very fluid as to the time the film was set in, as opposed to the time it was filmed. Mobsters in classic mobster suits with classic mobster fedoras get out of the car. They toss Our Heroine’s abandoned car. Apparently they do not find what they are looking for (the bag?) They set the abandoned vehicle on fire and make their way onward.

There is a stutter in the projector lamp. Tangiers fiddles with it. Sound also is distorted. After a moment the film continues.

Our Heroine (Jane) is in her Safe Room. She unzips the bag. It contains a veritable mountain of cash and a severed human head. You never see the face of the head, but from the line of the jaw and the shape of the forehead it appears masculine. The head is always filmed completely in shadow, even though nothing else in the room is. Perhaps an unusual technique has been used. It makes Ramsey think of the Antagonist who is also called the Shadowman.
The screen flickers again and again the sound is distorted. The foot lights go down for a second and then they come back up. After a moment, all the lights, even the Emergency Lights go out. It is completely dark.

Jane and Charlotte stand up and turn towards the booth. Their shadows are cast against the screen. Another stutter. Everything freezes for a stutter second. The projector, the screen, Jane and Charlotte all remain eerily frozen. Something is Happening.

Blue grabs everything that kills. Mark attempts to pull Jane out of the light, Darina attempts to likewise pull Charlotte out of the light. IsTarantula tweaks gravity so none of the guests can get out of their seat. Ramsey slams the projector booth window closed.

Mark and Darina are horrified to discover that Charlotte and Jane aren’t there any more. They’ve become shadow and light. Ramsey smells celluloid burning as he closes the window. The two blink out of existence just like projected images as the window closes. They vanished along with the film on the screen as the light went out.

Mark rises and speaks persuasively to calms the crowd and assure them that Nothing Is Wrong. Darina scans the crowd for suspicious behavior. The crowd seems to be generally impressed by the special effects but want to know why the film has stopped. Only Samantha and James seem upset but they again, they’re pretty drunk. IsTarantula lets people stand up.

Everything goes black. Not just the usual kind of everything, but Everything Everything. It is really quite black. There is no light. Mark and Parvuil switch their vision to various spectra. In no spectrum or bandwidth is their any light whatsoever. This is dark roleplaying, folks.

A second later on the stage we see the silhouette of a man. (We all take a moment to sing a snatch of Bohemian Rhapsody) It is clearly the same man whose severed head we saw in the film. It is also clearly the Antagonist, the Shadowman. He is a little bit early for his reservation.

He flourishes for our benefit and for the crowd. He is a person-sized and shaped absence of everything to all of Parvuil’s enhanced senses. He is not actually being projected on to the screen, but standing slightly in front of it. A disembodied shadow with just enough presence to not be quite two-dimensional.

Blue empathies at it and starts falling into a black hole of the mind. She tries to pull back as fast as she can. Will she be fast enough with only Average Reflexes?

The Gretch is clenched and shaking. This disturbs Darina more than anything else. The Adams are moving. IsTarantala wants to contain the Antagonist and does some quick quantum math in her head. The Antagonist is what happens when really large versions of IsTarantula dies. Crossing the Event Horizon that is the Shadowman would be bad. IsTarantula ponders universal Armageddon.

Ramsey is tinkering frantically to make the projector produce light on all spectrums everywhere at once as a weapon to use against the absence of light that is the Antagonist. He pushes 20% Spiritual, 20% Physical and 20% Mental. It’s Go Time.

Darina attempts to seduce the Shadowman. Her seduction is all about allowing people to be vulnerable around her. Welcome, let down your guard, the water is fine. She makes lots of eye contact. The kind you can’t ignore. Using her mouth. No, not for that, you dirty minded … Draw him more into our space. Pushes 15 spiritual and 20 physical

Mark declares Primacy and pushes 60% This Is Our House! We are the Host, we do not tolerate bad behavior. If you keep this up, we shall have to ask you to leave. In fact, we shall insist.

Darina angles her seduction to support Mark’s Primacy play.

IsTarantula works to synergize with Ramsey’s effort by locking the Antagonist down without actually crossing his Horizon. IsTarantula and Ramsey instinctively work together; they know how each other’s work as well as only two creatures that hate each other as much as they do possibly can.

Parvuil is ready to deal with whatever comes up and however it goes amok. He considers crazy possessed priestess and out of control steampunk technology to both be equally likely.

The situation has been Framed. This is our House, we are the Host, and you play by our rules. The Shadowman is oddly happy with this. We are playing the right game, we are playing it the right way, and we are stepping up.

IsTarantula starts pushing everything at him. She wants him to know what it’s like to be sat on by an entire Nebula. It’s the right amount. The Shadowman isn’t fighting back very hard.

Darina catches the Antagonist’s ‘eye.’ She has the feeling of a gaze. She has caught the eye of nothing. Now we have a relationship. A nod and a wink and a promise that he’ll get back to her.

Blue. When she pushes in a hand grabs her and begins pulling her in. Blue cannot resist that pull, but her strength is what saves her. She burns 20% Spiritual and is able to rip free. Parvuil sees a shadow pass over Blue’s face and a cold surrounds her, but she resists the pull of that cold, cold mind.

Ramsey has readied the thing. It is prepped. He’s giving the Antagonist Both Lightbulbs.

The Shadowman reaches into his heart. And he offers us a gift from Mark. He throws a tiny apocalypse. It immediately activates. Parvuil acts immediately. He snatches up the box and throws it back at the Shadowman, but Mark recognizes his own inventory. It’s a Lumivore and there is no minimum safe distance.

The Shadowman vanishes and The Lumivore is loose! We are left us to deal with the oncoming Apocalypse.

The new Creation hears the four most frightening words ever. Ramsey has a plan!

IsTarantula will lock down and super focuses the light. Blue will telepathically link with Parvuil to lens and super focus the projector light. Ramsey will then give the Lumivore both bulbs!

Mark makes everyone feel present and in the moment and Heavy. We become More Real. We Are The Host. This Is Our House.

Darina draws the audience’s eyes to the exits and away from the incipient Super Nova. “Thank you For Attending Our Spectacular! See You Again Next Time. Free Drinks in the Bar!” The crowd begins an orderly exist.

IsTarantula will sit on the Super Nova. 40 Physical and 30 Mental.

Here’s what happens:

The door is thrown open and a comforting burst of light that feels oddly familiar bursts out. It feels like the Burn. It feels like Bluebird. It gets focused and concentrated. The pending Shadowpocalypse contracts. We contain it, we deactivate it. It stops growing by over feeding. It goes dormant but is not destroyed. A little sphere falls out. Mark boxes it. “Back to Inventory with you…”

The Usher Adams sacrifice themselves to protect the audience. James throws up.

We summon an Adam from outside the theater (who grows a buttoner) and brings James and Samantha back to their room.

Two Adams have been destroyed but we will honor them. Charlotte and Jane Fallows are lost (what will become of DeSaen?!?) but we might be able to bring Jane and Charlotte back; Parvuil recorded them as shadow and light.

Mark makes a note in his inventory that the Lumivore is ‘refurbished.’

That’s it for now.


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