PQ - New World Order

Episode Three: Derailed
In which the Winds of Limbo beckon...

Ramsey runs off to create something to solve the problem, and heads to the forge. We don’t see him again until next session. Presumably he is making something clunky, steampunky, that spews noxious gases.

The Sphere in the front of the train is broken, that is where the star should go. We think we might be able to put IsTarantula’s child with the moby wrap where the sphere was.

Blue pulls Darina, Ramsey and IsTarantula back through the door.

The space next to the train seems to be quite safe. It’s just the area in front of the train that is an issue. Pravuil creates a space adjacent to the train instead of in front of the train, and puts the door there. It will be a refueling/maintenance station. IsTarantula is going to warn them that we are going to add the space. facepalm

DeSaen has responded ‘Lockdown initiated.’ Communications are cut off.

Mark determines that this is not an escatological event for DeSaen.

Darina gives Blue a 5 Spiritual Fortune’s boon for trying to do telepathy to the Prime Minister.

Mark talks to Morrison. Morrison explains that: Lockdown means there has been some sort of incursion and they are now under martial law. He believes they will consider us approaching them a hostile act. He gives us a specific thing to say to them if we can get them to listen. “On Holliday”.

Blue and IsTarantula try to warn DeSaen that Blue is going to try to contact the Prime Minister using telepathy and explains about the depot, they use the code name “On Holliday”. We have no idea if they heard anything.

IsTarantula and Blue attempt to go through the door together. They can see that there are shields down over the windows of the cockpit. Mark and Darina join when we know it’s not pure vacuum. We can see the void from where we are. It is now brushing against the front. That is why the sphere is decaying.

Apparently the skin prevents telepathy. Blue uses Clairvoyance to try to figure out what is going on. There is a timer that is at 1:37 and is counting down. There are large weapons and people are huddling in their rooms. Someone is constructing a device of some sort – it’s not a bomb but it is complex.

Pravuil and IsTarantula try to use the PA systems in the train to speak to them. They throw mental woogie powers at it.

Mark signals the train.

We hear screams and gunfire and radio chatter that is in a language we don’t recognize (even Pravuil) through the intercoms. The root of the language is similar to Tundrakian (Space Nazi language).

IsTarantula touches the skin which feels cold. She climbs onto the train and the sound of the wind seems to be scratching inside her head.

Mark grabs the handle thingy.

IsTarantula finds out more about the sphere. It not only powers the train but also forges a path through reality like a plow, and it connects to things inside DeSaen. The star is dead.

Mark uses the handle to open an hatch into the engineering section, we go into it.

Blue does telepathy with the Prime Minister. He says there was a detonation in front of the train and there are intruders.

We realize there is a chance that inserting the power source could cause a catastrophic failure. He suggests that we power the wheel to go backwards.

Pravuil sends an Adam through. He barely fits in the corridors at all.

Pravuil creates a peninsula along the train with an occasional bush/flora, that goes about 8 miles. He sends one Adam to the terminus.

We use the handle again. We hear a claxon and PA message. We send Adam first. The walls of the train manage to scrape off some of Adam’s substance. We are in the wheel room, which is a huge space which is nice because Adam fits. The wheel is perpendicular to the train and is on an axis. The wheel is heavy. We are noticed by the people with the device. We identify that there are targets ahead. A flash of light and Adam gets blown to pieces. IsTarantula is badly hurt.

Blue distracts them in their heads. Darina creates illusions of multiple Adams. IsTarantula shoots at the intruders with physics. Mark shoots his shot gun.

The intruders disappear ‘Echo 1 punch out.’

Darina has the fake Adams advance with menacing arms. The real Adam hurls a piece of his damaged body
toward the target.

The intruders shots hit the wall, which breaks, and one of the wheel brackets, which doesn’t break. The wheel might be spinning up.

Mark shoots and tries not to hist Blue. The other intruder is shot and his arm is crushed. ‘Echo 2 punch out’ the intruder disappears.

IsTarantula realizes the weapons feel like her. Fundamental physical forces. The Wheel absorbed a little bit of the energy and is starting to spin. IsTarantula bleeds off some of the energy and heals herself a bit.

Darina gets Adam his chunk back.

Blue realizes the devices are used to move objects. She disconnects it gracefully. Mark does it less gracefully with his and breaks it.

There are at least 10 other intruders along the length of DeSaen.

We realize we need Ramsey to install the star or to man the wheel.

Darina and Mark go onto the sphere to fix the conduits with the acetylene torch. Mark goes in a gecko humanoid form. Darina camouflages the two of them.

Blue thinks she never made connection with any one of them.

Pravuil isolates the frequency that the dudes are using and could jam it if we had more equipment.

We talk to the Prime Minister. Also the timer is now at 45:37 sec. Pravuil retrieves Ramsey and his device, puts him into an environmental suit and takes him through the door and to the wheel room

finish fixing the housing of the sphere
simultaneously installing the star and steering the wheel
not getting shot
repelling the remaining ten invaders somehow
as soon as Ramsey is through the door, move the door, we need to get the Adams at the other end of the train we need the Adams to get rid of the other two devices
Open the doors

Episode Two: Dots and Dashes
In which the Hosts of Cliffside meet the Guests...

Does Cliffside have a personality?
train schedule
aviary – probably aren’t any cages with giant birds
Mark wants to go to the gift shop
Little Eden
Greet the guests
Find out about Jane’s communications

Aviary – there are no cages, or birdpeople. No large eggs of any color or kind. Lush vegetation. Lovely orchids. The birds are chatty and the acoustics are good. There are insects. We see Adam standing outside the aviary, we go to see him. Adam is weaving, we thank him for his hard work.

Greeters –
Lord and Lady Galina – fairly tall, hefty, roughly humanoid. Slightly ashen. Rougher. Dressed in blues and oranges, mottled coloring. Ornamentation that is leaden in color. Lord Midden has a beard and spectacles, Lady has her hair tied back in a long plait. They are very pleased to see Blue and Mark. They are awaiting the result of a complicated succession resolution. They claim Jane Fallows have been problematic, yelling and screaming in the night and they want her moved. They think it’s admirable that that we aren’t aligned with anyone, independent and free of thought. That may be why we are such a beacon and why people are drawn here. We recommend to them to visit the beach etc.

Jane Fallows – (the screamer, Theda Barra look alike) A stunning woman who is 5’4", not a twig but fit, bob cut, 1920’s style dame. Dressed in a flapper dress with a cigarette holder. She is intensely reading the menu as if to avoid what’s going on in the dining room. She is worried about her notoriety and is trying to avoid the hoi polloi. Thanks us for the rapid booking. She is curious about The Gretch, we tell her that he is someone who relishes his seclusion. Jane has been having issues with the communication system, she keeps getting phone calls, with strange sounds on the other end – beeping or clicking, patterns. It has interrupted her sleep. She says she has talked to Tangiers about this and he brushed her off. Blue and Mark promise to help out and suggest that they might relocate her. She mentions that she was getting these calls before she came here. The quality has changed. The rhythmic beeping is new. Offers to do signings after the premiere of “Here Comes Trouble” which will be in two days. Is Tarantula finds no records of phone calls to Ms. Fallows room. Pravuil finds that as well.

Sam and James – Sam (f) has a leather jacket, tattoo piercings. James is a hipster. They are picking at their food, and have had two mimosas a piece. They are happy and plastered. They are going to add this to the route. They are on honeymoon. They say this place is the best. They parked the cab and suggest the valet should not get in the cab. Because they might die. “It’s particular.” They mention the movie premiere. They also mention that in their timeline she has been dead for 50 years. Mark promises that there will be posters – he expects there is something in the gift shop.

Morrison Holiday – Grey man in a grey suit with a grey hat and a grey umbrella. He seems to know numbers very well. He does logistics for DeSaen and is wondering why he hasn’t had a reply to his message yet because they are usually prompt.

Is Tarantula finds out -The train always stops at the train station once a day. Right now Desean is four light minutes from the train stop and is not moving.

Morrison believes that it is not moving because he is on vacation. He asks for more tea.

Tintagel – Guy looks like he’s made out of a tapestry. He has a glass of beer or mead and bread. He has spoken to ‘Cliffside’ briefly and is impressed. He was worried when the borders changed but is now content. He is thinking about moving here. Cliffside was recommended to him by the bird. He tells us that the borders continue to change. Cliffside is interested in happy with the idea.

Does Cliffside have a personality? – YES

Update To Do:
Mark wants to go to the gift shop
Little Eden
Find out about Jane’s communications
Figure out what’s up with DeSaen

Is Tarantula notices that there is a bright star that is not hers in the nexus (nursery), it is of the nature of Bluebell. To accelerate growth Tarantula must be in direct proximity to the nexus.

Ramsey futzes.
Ramsey tries to make a few precautions. He takes some complicated gizmos with weird names.
Is Tarantula believes they might be out of power. Tarantula packs an egg. Ramsey makes her a mobius wrap for the egg. He invests some essence in it to make it heavish. Ramsey makes it look unncessarily steampunk.
They go to the map room to make a door to DeSaen from the Obelisk. The door is triangulated properly with help from Pravuil. Pravuil acts snarky about astronomical distances. The door is created carefully and we whitelist the beings we want to go through it – sentience is required to send things through.

The sound that comes through the door is the wind that erases everything.

Ramsey sends the drones through.

Mark says the sound is like the ‘Winds of Limbo.’ We see grey through the door. We have lost communications with the drones. We think they may not exist anymore.

DeSaen still exists so we think the door does not go to there, but instead to Limbo. DeSaen is outside the data store.

In the map room, on the Globe, we can see that there is a break in the tracks past DeSaen from us (about a mile from the train).

Ramsey sketches in reality near where he wants the tracks to be. A valley. The door now works.

Morrison recommends Maximillian DeGuerre – the Prime Minister, Sofia Aristophalus, the engineer.

Tangiers rolls up to Jane Fallows’ table with the phone. Pravuil listens in. It’s a communication that he observes and records. The source is not identifiable – not an extension from inside Cliffside. Mark listens in. It is a morse code SOS call.

Drones are detecting no signals from DeSaen despite being right in front of the engine – has a sphere on the front which is darkened and cracked.

Pravuil find out that our switchbox connects directly to another switchbox identical to it with no loss of signal. The signal is from the switch room in DeSaen. We send back a message in Morse Code to DeSaen.

Mark brings us all environment suits. Darina puts one on. So do the others. Pravuil and Mark elect to stay behind. We take an Adam with us.

Blue uses clairvoyance to see through the door – she sees an abstracted vision of the island we created shrinking, it’s being eroded and eaten and the same thing is happening with the tracks we created and DeSaen itself is decaying as well.

To Do DeSaen :

Pravuil and Mark handle communication and supply. – laser arrays that can communicate through the door, we radio to the laser arrays.
We contact the leadership
We try to fix things.

We go through. We step through the doorway and we feel a vibration that reminds of us of the winds of Limbo. We manage to stay there for five minutes and then we see reality crack and the tracks fall away and disappear.

Episode One: Many Rooms
Orientation after the Burn.

Darina goes swimming and comes to breakfast eventually.
Blue goes out to enjoy sun before breakfast.
Pravuil finds pants and then goes to look at the ship.
Mark gets suited up and tends to Rupert.
Ramsey gets dressed.
Pravuil and Tarantula meet at breakfast first.

The Gretch brings us breakfast and says he is free and likes it here and will cook for us. We find out that this is our place now, but no one truly owns this place. The Gretch would be willing to take on the responsibilities.

Chef Gretch
Suzy East and Suzy West
Callum Cree
Simon Brand
The Drones

Algiers was Tangiers erstwhile brother.

Someone asked about a booking in a month’s time, showed up in person. Tangiers cannot remember what his name was or what he looked like. Tangiers knows that he was given the name but can’t remember it. Pravuil looks at the security footage, guy all in black, no detail. Tarantula figures out that he has carved a hole in reality, she is afraid of him. He says he will come in June. Pravuil finds there is a whole in the sum of all knowledge where the man who isn’t here would be.

There are guests here, we have five occupied rooms. it is the beginning of the season.

Lord and Lady Midden of Galina
Samantha Blake and James Hattiger
Jane Fallows
Morrison Holiday

The ship is passing through, going east.

We can all now tell that things are heavy, and that we are heavy.

The Gretch, Tangiers and all the Adams are heavy.

Map Room or Architectural Design Room:
Looks a lot like the study.
The Globe is blank beyond Cliffside
The maps are blank.
The drawing implements are heavy.
Ramsey draws an England on the map, but it does not appear on the globe or in the encyclopedia of all knowledge in Pravuil’s head.
Pravuil looks at computers that have coordinates of everything that wasn’t… .
What Ramsey drew was a copy of what exists… the computers contain what doesn’t exist.
On the base of the Globe there are three initials, MDS we presume for Michael David Surrey.
Tarantula makes an obelisk next to the lighthouse on the globe and the map of Cliffside.
Mark thinks that the man who is a whole might be from the black egg of the Phoenix.
Blue finds out using Mind Probe on the Globe that the train is the moving city called Desaen. She accesses everyone’s mind at Cliffside and its environs briefly.
There are maps on the walls, star maps, maps from the Age of Exploration, maps of layers of the veil, map of the former artificial spaces of Cliffside and the burn.
Little Eden and the lighthouse still exist in Cliffside.

Ramsey adds a level of security to the map room, he creates a laser beam alert that Pravuil and Tarantula will be aware of if someone disrupts the beam.

The Vault:
The vault’s lock requires giving a bit of our essence. There is an airlock.
Sterile and stagnant, empty shelves and a reel to reel tape recorder with a tape on it.
The reel on the recorder has a song on it – the song of creation and destruction.

The Door Room:
On every other door there is a symbol that represent for each of us our place of origin. There are 6 doors that are black. They are in pairs.

Pravuil, Ramsey and Darina feel fear when looking at their black door.

The Forge:
Smelly, hot crowded, too much junk all around. Ramsey loves it for not apparent reason… This is the place that powers Cliffside and also harbors Tarantula’s children.
Schematics of how to create a child that can manipulate the world, is sentient, and can be a tool. In the schematics we see names of those that went before, Charlotte, Tristan, etc…

We can’t find a door to the library. We think we can access it through the map room. The computers in the map room are an access point to the library. We could create a door to the library using the map room if we wanted.

Tarantula stays in the Forge with her brood.

We are handed a note from Tangiers from someone else that says ‘Welcome to the God Game.’

We want to visit:
train schedule
aviary – probably aren’t any cages with giant birds
Mark wants to go to the gift shop

Ramsey wants to overhaul the camera technology and make the wold in the image of what he wants it to be… crazy old coot.


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