PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 1: Intermission
In which the lights come up...

…and next moves are planned.

Jane and Charlotte’s change happened while Parvuil was filming.
Ramsey wants to diagnose Parvuil.
We wonder how the Adversary got the Lumivore, was it through Charlotte when our data is missing.

We need to build the universe.

Tangiers: Protocol 32 engaged, lockdown engaged, incursion door chamber.
We all wheel around and make our way there with a quad of Adams, except Ramsey who is going to make something.

There are now seven sets of doors.

Tall, jet black skin with sparkles. Mass of writhing red hair longer than she is tall and slightly glowing red eyes – clothed.

She apparently is the child of IsTarantula. Blue checks on Ramsey and keeps him from aiming the large gun (that he is wearing) at the new one. Writhing hair shoots at Ramsey. Her name is apparently Ruby, she is introduced to the rest of us. The gun is designed to make anyone with primacy flee the area. She is very heavy and she has lineage.

We ask the Gretch to make some food. The Adams are being sent to strategic locations.
Ramsey names the Repulser: Protector.

We explain to Ramsey that he now needs to take care of Protector.

We need to plan a memorial for the Adams which will be private because the current group of Adams don’t remember them.

The Gretch has forgotten the film.

Tangiers does not remember the film occurring.

Chris’ radio is giving a busy signal.

Chris’ line is dead.

Darina goes to each room, to speak to the guests, no one remembers the premiere. 10 pt Spiritual.

Parvuil and Mark go to the lighthouse and Chris is missing. They let us know. Chris’ book club book is open, he was clearly reading.

Blue senses Christopher in the booth. Blue goes to the booth.

Ramsey pisses off Protector and is now locked in place.

Chris is now on the film. There are others in the film. Charlotte and Jane are in the film. Blue checks to see if the Adversary is on the film.

Pravuils data is not heavy. Someone has to man the lighthouse.

One of the oldest of the Adams, that has a buttoneer, is fairly heavy, and might be trainable to run the lighthouse. Ruby asks if we want Jane, Charlotte and Chris. Mark uses eschatology to figure out if this is a good idea. Mark offers to help the volunteer. Darina gives him fortune’s boon. Pravuil teaches him Investigation. (According to Ruby in 50 years this is going to be fascinating). The Adam accepts the help and Mark uses Primacy on him. We name him Alexander because he asks for a name. His way of moving changes. He is now heavier and smarter. He is still communicating with the other Adams.

Pravuil and Mark return.

Alexander is the current lighthouse keeper.

Next time
• We will be restoring our energy in our doors
• Ramsey and IsTarantula are going to create a light bulb

Episode 11: Here Comes Trouble
In which Jane Fallows presents a special screening of her latest film...

Here Comes Trouble – Season Finale, Episode XI (Tags – Jane Fallows Shadows and Light, Season Finale) In Which Jane Fallows Presents a Special Screening of Her Latest Film “…” aka Ellipses

Last Episode Plot Holes, Episode X

The Premiere!

The premiere is scheduled for an hour after the diplomatic summit ends. The actual print is on site. Tangiers the Major Domo is the projectionist. Ramsey is up in the booth with him. Ramsey is made to promise not to ‘improve’ the projector until after the film has run. It is further suggested that Ramsey not improve anything, at least not without the prior approval of the rest of the Hosts. Ramsey insists that things want to be improved.

Invitees include Maximillian (de facto president of DeSaen), Samantha & James (the kids who crashed their cab and have been watching a lot of porn and getting a lot of room service), the dignitaries, the Gretch (by special request of Jane), and others. In total, there will be about 50 invitees present.

Charlotte is attending to Jane’s specific needs.

The Adams check in – All Good. The Usher Adams get special buttoners so they’ll be fancy.

It is a relatively small, old-fashioned theater with an unusually large screen for its capacity. Old timey theater front, popcorn, booze, red carpet, all very classy and impressive, as one would expect at Cliffside. The movie is a full 32mm print, which is quite advanced for the period in which it was produced.

Ramsey examines: the actual print of the film is interesting. Not light, ‘fairly heavy’ Halfway between the before and the now. That’s weird. The projector is okie dokey if vintage (Ramsey thinks its high tech) and in perfect condition. Ramsey sees room for improvement, but Tangiers insists he holds off. This is a talkie with magnetic sync. This is a big deal. It is Jane Fallow’s first talkie

The bulb in the projector seems to be not normal. It is built specifically to project whatever this is and can produce a lot more light than normally required. Heavy Light? It came with the resort. Made by Admiral Electric. There is one spare bulb.

People start showing up about a half hour before the show. After some discussion, the seating arrangements are as follows: front row, Charlotte and Jane are front row center, Dorina, Mark, Maximillian and other top flight dignitaries make up the rest of the row. Blue and Parvuil stand in the back so they can see everything. IsTarantula is attached to the back wall and is cautioned against making mandible shows in the projector light, at least not until after the show. Then we all kind of want one.

The BiblioSniffer is released to run around the estate. But the Adams are informed that it is not to be disturbed by the guests. The BiblioSniffer is dubbed Raffles (after the hotel and the criminal, but mostly because it is just so darn cute).

Samantha and James arrive more or less completely smashed. They make a blatantly fannish run at Jane but are politely prevented by Charlotte.

“Here Comes Trouble”

No title. Open Road, Asphalt leading to a desert scape, blinking neon lights A desert gambling town. Early morning, sun rising. Quiet. Roar of an engine, Car comes screaming in and blows out a tire. Comes screeching to a halt A woman gets out of the car, kicks the car in frustration. Our heroine. She makes her way towards the city in the distance. We see a neon sign for The Suicide King.

Empty foyer of the Casino. Our Heroine tosses a full bag aside. What’s in it, maybe money? We don’t know. Is the Suicide King a casino or a hotel? Perhaps it is both. We don’t know. From the style and the architecture it might be the 1930s.

Another woman appears. She is slight, and has long hair. She might be blonde, might be a red head. Her teeth sparkle like glass or diamond. Her teeth are blue glass. Actual library material. The teeth feel both real and heavy. It’s weird. Ramsey can tell how strange it is from the booth.

Woman with blue teeth offers our heroine a Safe Room. Her name is Camille Devereaux. The Safe Rooms are in a high tower, even though from the outside the Suicide King clearly didn’t have a tower.

Another car arrives. From the car and other indications, we now believe the movie feels like it was made in the 50s. Very fluid as to the time the film was set in, as opposed to the time it was filmed. Mobsters in classic mobster suits with classic mobster fedoras get out of the car. They toss Our Heroine’s abandoned car. Apparently they do not find what they are looking for (the bag?) They set the abandoned vehicle on fire and make their way onward.

There is a stutter in the projector lamp. Tangiers fiddles with it. Sound also is distorted. After a moment the film continues.

Our Heroine (Jane) is in her Safe Room. She unzips the bag. It contains a veritable mountain of cash and a severed human head. You never see the face of the head, but from the line of the jaw and the shape of the forehead it appears masculine. The head is always filmed completely in shadow, even though nothing else in the room is. Perhaps an unusual technique has been used. It makes Ramsey think of the Antagonist who is also called the Shadowman.
The screen flickers again and again the sound is distorted. The foot lights go down for a second and then they come back up. After a moment, all the lights, even the Emergency Lights go out. It is completely dark.

Jane and Charlotte stand up and turn towards the booth. Their shadows are cast against the screen. Another stutter. Everything freezes for a stutter second. The projector, the screen, Jane and Charlotte all remain eerily frozen. Something is Happening.

Blue grabs everything that kills. Mark attempts to pull Jane out of the light, Darina attempts to likewise pull Charlotte out of the light. IsTarantula tweaks gravity so none of the guests can get out of their seat. Ramsey slams the projector booth window closed.

Mark and Darina are horrified to discover that Charlotte and Jane aren’t there any more. They’ve become shadow and light. Ramsey smells celluloid burning as he closes the window. The two blink out of existence just like projected images as the window closes. They vanished along with the film on the screen as the light went out.

Mark rises and speaks persuasively to calms the crowd and assure them that Nothing Is Wrong. Darina scans the crowd for suspicious behavior. The crowd seems to be generally impressed by the special effects but want to know why the film has stopped. Only Samantha and James seem upset but they again, they’re pretty drunk. IsTarantula lets people stand up.

Everything goes black. Not just the usual kind of everything, but Everything Everything. It is really quite black. There is no light. Mark and Parvuil switch their vision to various spectra. In no spectrum or bandwidth is their any light whatsoever. This is dark roleplaying, folks.

A second later on the stage we see the silhouette of a man. (We all take a moment to sing a snatch of Bohemian Rhapsody) It is clearly the same man whose severed head we saw in the film. It is also clearly the Antagonist, the Shadowman. He is a little bit early for his reservation.

He flourishes for our benefit and for the crowd. He is a person-sized and shaped absence of everything to all of Parvuil’s enhanced senses. He is not actually being projected on to the screen, but standing slightly in front of it. A disembodied shadow with just enough presence to not be quite two-dimensional.

Blue empathies at it and starts falling into a black hole of the mind. She tries to pull back as fast as she can. Will she be fast enough with only Average Reflexes?

The Gretch is clenched and shaking. This disturbs Darina more than anything else. The Adams are moving. IsTarantala wants to contain the Antagonist and does some quick quantum math in her head. The Antagonist is what happens when really large versions of IsTarantula dies. Crossing the Event Horizon that is the Shadowman would be bad. IsTarantula ponders universal Armageddon.

Ramsey is tinkering frantically to make the projector produce light on all spectrums everywhere at once as a weapon to use against the absence of light that is the Antagonist. He pushes 20% Spiritual, 20% Physical and 20% Mental. It’s Go Time.

Darina attempts to seduce the Shadowman. Her seduction is all about allowing people to be vulnerable around her. Welcome, let down your guard, the water is fine. She makes lots of eye contact. The kind you can’t ignore. Using her mouth. No, not for that, you dirty minded … Draw him more into our space. Pushes 15 spiritual and 20 physical

Mark declares Primacy and pushes 60% This Is Our House! We are the Host, we do not tolerate bad behavior. If you keep this up, we shall have to ask you to leave. In fact, we shall insist.

Darina angles her seduction to support Mark’s Primacy play.

IsTarantula works to synergize with Ramsey’s effort by locking the Antagonist down without actually crossing his Horizon. IsTarantula and Ramsey instinctively work together; they know how each other’s work as well as only two creatures that hate each other as much as they do possibly can.

Parvuil is ready to deal with whatever comes up and however it goes amok. He considers crazy possessed priestess and out of control steampunk technology to both be equally likely.

The situation has been Framed. This is our House, we are the Host, and you play by our rules. The Shadowman is oddly happy with this. We are playing the right game, we are playing it the right way, and we are stepping up.

IsTarantula starts pushing everything at him. She wants him to know what it’s like to be sat on by an entire Nebula. It’s the right amount. The Shadowman isn’t fighting back very hard.

Darina catches the Antagonist’s ‘eye.’ She has the feeling of a gaze. She has caught the eye of nothing. Now we have a relationship. A nod and a wink and a promise that he’ll get back to her.

Blue. When she pushes in a hand grabs her and begins pulling her in. Blue cannot resist that pull, but her strength is what saves her. She burns 20% Spiritual and is able to rip free. Parvuil sees a shadow pass over Blue’s face and a cold surrounds her, but she resists the pull of that cold, cold mind.

Ramsey has readied the thing. It is prepped. He’s giving the Antagonist Both Lightbulbs.

The Shadowman reaches into his heart. And he offers us a gift from Mark. He throws a tiny apocalypse. It immediately activates. Parvuil acts immediately. He snatches up the box and throws it back at the Shadowman, but Mark recognizes his own inventory. It’s a Lumivore and there is no minimum safe distance.

The Shadowman vanishes and The Lumivore is loose! We are left us to deal with the oncoming Apocalypse.

The new Creation hears the four most frightening words ever. Ramsey has a plan!

IsTarantula will lock down and super focuses the light. Blue will telepathically link with Parvuil to lens and super focus the projector light. Ramsey will then give the Lumivore both bulbs!

Mark makes everyone feel present and in the moment and Heavy. We become More Real. We Are The Host. This Is Our House.

Darina draws the audience’s eyes to the exits and away from the incipient Super Nova. “Thank you For Attending Our Spectacular! See You Again Next Time. Free Drinks in the Bar!” The crowd begins an orderly exist.

IsTarantula will sit on the Super Nova. 40 Physical and 30 Mental.

Here’s what happens:

The door is thrown open and a comforting burst of light that feels oddly familiar bursts out. It feels like the Burn. It feels like Bluebird. It gets focused and concentrated. The pending Shadowpocalypse contracts. We contain it, we deactivate it. It stops growing by over feeding. It goes dormant but is not destroyed. A little sphere falls out. Mark boxes it. “Back to Inventory with you…”

The Usher Adams sacrifice themselves to protect the audience. James throws up.

We summon an Adam from outside the theater (who grows a buttoner) and brings James and Samantha back to their room.

Two Adams have been destroyed but we will honor them. Charlotte and Jane Fallows are lost (what will become of DeSaen?!?) but we might be able to bring Jane and Charlotte back; Parvuil recorded them as shadow and light.

Mark makes a note in his inventory that the Lumivore is ‘refurbished.’

That’s it for now.

Episode 10: Plot Holes
In which stories are spun and some are missed entirely.

We all get fancy clothes from Mark.

We decide to invite Samantha and James to the cocktail reception but not the formal dinner.

Darina goes to talk to the Gretch. Gretch mentions a dimming of the lights happened. The dimming of the lights also happened right before the event from the last incarnation. The Gretch goes through his door when he’s hungry. The Gretch wants to join the book club.

Mark asks Pravuil for a help with getting the book. They go to the library. The section of the library that Charlotte’s book is in is in a blue glass section (that’s what the library is made of). It’s in a tiny cube which is missing. You cannot check things out of the library. It would have had to be very heavy to remove the book. Pravuil looks up reviews and citations of the book, and they find out that the book was written and existed in a previous incarnation. The citation was by Tristan (blade of Antigone) and he liked the story. The oldest reference is from Eric, Father Blue, and Aerianne (who is his sister). And he spoke of her as a babysitter. Many cycles ago she might have been a person. The character is based on the babysitter that the children had in Domino Mile, New Jersey which may have existed before. They liked her a lot, she was very social. Charlotte disappeared around the time Aerianne disappeared. Father Blue mentioned seeing a Jane Fallows film. We wonder who put them into this reality. They were clearly memories from someone that were put into this reality.

They check the security tapes of the library. There is blackness when last this shelf was stolen from. This happened about a month ago.

Ramsey creates a bibliosniffer. It may or may not look somewhat like a mop dog robot with a top hat.

Blue asks Galen for the 411 on the guests. Tintagel has been spending a lot of time on the veranda ‘listening’. The people from Galena have been cagey. Samantha and James have been ordering in and watching porn. Jane Fallows has been by and is cool according to Galen. The Suzy’s have been kinda bored. The Adams seem kinda all right.

“An Adam inventory may be in order.” There are two new ones which are Classic Adams with a hint of lime. They look like Adam Classics. We are staging the newest Adams someplace nearby where we can deploy them if needed but we are trying not to advertise that we are an Adam Factory.

Pravuil is sketching up the plans.

IsTarantula is wearing a dress and a hat with a little veil. The dress has a starfield on it that is shifting.

The Gretch’s whites are pristine. and his hat is starched and awesome.

There are about three hundred people at the cocktail reception.

Samantha and James introduce themselves to Jane Fallows.

75% of the guests leave after the cocktail reception and go to the other event, thank goodness.

Ramsey shows up with the bibliosniffer. Blue makes an effort to cockblock Ramsey at every opportunity. We schmooze. Mark does the hard sell on the people from Galena. They are interested in what is going on with us and DeSaen. They are super into structure and rules.

Maximillian speechifies about how awesome we are.

The Galena people didn’t know that we had done what we did with DeSaen.

Mark speechifies. Establishing strong ties, etc etc etc, establishing a firm foothold for moving forward where everyone can flourish, and working together for the common good, stressing cooperation and order. Playing to the DeSaen crowd and the Galena people and Tintagel.

Pretty much positive feedback from people.

The bibliosniffer goes right to Mark while he is speechifying and looks at him very intently and then wanders over and sits next to Charlotte. Ramsey gets distracted while Blue tries to find out whether Charlotte has her own book on her person. Pravuil senses the weak energy of her blue glass. Blue uses psychometry to figure out where the book is, it is part of her apparently. There are two coexisting things there, a second Charlotte that is very cold and very dangerous and is reaching out to her as she touches and she backs off.

Charlotte thinks things went well. We encourage her to join the book club so that we can get Christopher to recover the book from Charlotte.

Episode 9: Accounts
In which ends are besought, bargained, and sold.

Ramsey wants to build energy transfer devices. Potentially build video conferencing of some kind for the Christopher to talk people here.
Mark has come back to the shop. Apparently the shop was open while we were gone. Mark finds Charlotte is in the shop eating licorice and scritching Rupert. “Just so you know, no customers, it’s been pretty quiet.” She claims that the sign and door were open. "Rupert seemed lonely.”
Tomorrow night is the premiere. She mentions that she needs our help. The Descent delegation is tonight. (It is about 10 times as long in the door as outside). We need to arrange security, catering, etc, and we need to gladhand the others.
Darina needs to interact with the Gretch for Charlotte.
Mark looks at the security tape, he sees that right after he left, the door is open. Neither security tape shows what happened and the tapes don’t seem altered.
Blue reaches out to the store with clairvoyance to figure out what happened. The store seems disturbed because the door to the shop was open and that’s not supposed to happen.
Pravuil asks the Adams if they saw us leave and the sign said Closed and the door was closed, and then it left. Ramsey suspects that the door may have opened for Charlotte. The door did open shortly before Charlotte walked in.
Darina takes a Classic Adam (non-Veteran) with her and some Classic coke in the bottles to the Lighthouse and a Cliffside sweatshirt.
Pravuil does the debriefing with the Adams, one of each type. Pravuil gives a rousing speech of gratitude etc. The Masters are not native Tendrakians, they are from Tenalee. The native Tendrakians died long ago. The Adams we found on Tendrakia were created by the ancient Tendrakians. The Tendrakian Adams are confused. Pravuil explains that we want to prevent unnecessary Adam death. He explains why we repaired Adams instead of having them cannibalize eachother. He asks them to let us know if they get a sign that the Masters are on their way. All Adams salute him.
Ramsey gives Tangiers authority to handle the problem. Blue restricts that authority, so that he knows he can come to us if he is not sure. Don’t build new rooms until he’s checked with us. We ask him to report back. We give Tangiers an office with Hotel Manager on the door.
Darina’s Adam mentions to her that the shop door was open. Darina asks the Adam to let us know If this happens again. (Ramsey creates within Cliffside and the known universe that it’s instantaneous communication and outside the known universe it’s voice mail.) She introduces Christopher to Adam. Lots of chatter has been going on. A big carrier went down and he picked up on the feed. ‘Catastrophic failure portside, propulsion down, 1000 ft, 200 ft flatline.” He would like a communication feed and potentially a portal. He suggests a book club.

Around the time that the store opened there was static in the feeds. He thought it was sun spots. He doesn’t think that the static would be due to the Shadowman. Charlotte is the great communicator, he wants to know if she has a boyfriend. She could call him if she wants. Christopher has a record of what we did in another place.
He hands her Rashomon to read for the book club. The lighthouse still has the mirror.
Mark has an employee meeting (Rupert sits outside). They are both confused. They wonder if there is an ulterior motive. ‘How knowy is her knowing?’ (Charlotte is not heavy, but is part of the library) Mark’s employee wants to go into the white door.
Mark heads to the white door with Rupert. Darina, Blue and IsTarantula go with him. The door opens on an office, warm wood leather, swank. Ledgers are laid out. Barrister bookcases, and some doors that lead to other rooms. Window that looks out onto a factory floor. Seven wheels that look to be versions of Desaen’s wheel, they are quantum engines and are making things. Shelves stretch back to forever. Mark sees a note that looks wrong. Stock transferred IOU – not in Mark’s hand – A lumivore. (Mark wants to compare the handwriting with the note from Charlotte to Darina),
One door goes to the bedroom, the other door goes to a games room and a bar.
The lumivore could have caused the sunspots. Could it have been used intentionally to cause the static. The lumivore is ‘done’. It is a one use item. We leave, Mark takes a nap.
Ramsey asks Morrison Day if Desean noticed any disturbance at X’o’clock. The wheel ‘skipped’ at the same time.
Darina goes in with isTarantula, they are not underwater. It’s a courtyard made of blue and green marble with arches etc, outdoors. Nature but with a purposeful hand (slightly sculpted). There are about 50 or 60 pools of water in little marble enclosures. Straight ahead there is a waterful off of some arches and into a pool. In front of that there is a throne, half submerged. There is a woman in one of the pools looking up at Darina. She comes out of the water when Darina gives her her hand. She is soaked, late 1800’s dress. “Thank you lady for answering my prayer.” She prayed to Lady of the Still Waters to give her a boon. The woman’s husband has spurned her, she cannot leave him. She touches the woman’s head and sees what happened to her by her husband. He has threatened to send her to an asylum if she does not perform. She grants her Fortune’s Boon of 10.
She explains Justice Vengeance to IsTarantula. And replenishes herself.
They return without about an hour and a half to get ready for the party.
Darina gives Ramsey the note for the handwriting analysis. Mark takes a picture of the note in the ledger. There are enough similarities to suggest that the end of the note to Darina was written by the same person (personality) as the note in the ledger. Mark needs to look at her book to see if she is being rewritten.
Darina talks to the Gretch next time.

Episode 8: Quarry [Definition 2]
In which the Hosts learn the secrets of Forge Stone...

So there we were….

Ramsey notices a plateau (plane), there is a spot that the rain goes around, and it’s descending and big. ‘Cloaked ship landing.’ We note that there is some filtered light and there are things standing there.

IsTarantula, Mark and Pravuil take Ramsey, Blue and Darina down.

We see the lights are covered in dust and this place looks like it hasn’t been used in a long time.

There is a bright light that pulses, and the depth of the hole is about a mile. It seems like at some point we notice things ‘slowing down’. There is ‘something weird’ going on down below. They are ‘fucking with local physics.’ The light (which is electromagnetic) got brighter when it happened. The source of the power is the glowing thing.

There is a lightning strike which gets sucked into the glowing thing.

There is a metal contraption that is not being affected by the acid rain. There are cables going into the ‘mine’. There are 20 ‘Adams’ that are patrolling the area. We get the feeling that the lightning is part of them.

IsTarantula notices that the bluff around is feels like the forge.

Ramsey does something ill-advised (trying to talk in New Tendrakian to order the Black Adams) while the rest of us try to be unobservable.

For some inexplicable reason they seem to be forming up in front of the mine entrance. This is the place where a forge was, a long time ago. ’They’ve been strip mining reality.’

Ramsey sets up a Forgestone Extraction Device. Some of the Adams look modified – like more than one is merged together. The Adams shrug off the sulphuric acid rain.

We hear a sound like something ‘touching down’, a ramp potentially. We all sense a thousand steps at once, Three of the Adams are isolated.

A gunship is heading our way. Darina is wearing Ramsey’s goggles. There are things that are not Adams near the loading zone. The disruptions in the rain sometimes cross. There are probably two gunships. Adams are bonding, ripping it open and separating it.

Pravuil shoots at where the gunships will eventually intersect – at the outpipe – such that when one of them explodes it will collide into the other. Pravuil and Childstar attempt the shot. It works.

Mark moves the door to the shop, we start moving rocks and sending the Adams through.

We hear another thum sound. Another ramp sound.

We decide to try to take out the gunships after finding out that they are carrying ‘Masters’ that are leaving to go to war against everyone.

There is a war going on among the Adams about Blue and her intentions. About 2/3 go with Blue. She orders her Adams to create a protective ring. The entity controlling the others are upset.

The Adams fight eachother over attacking/protecting us.

Darina sees a shimmer behind one of the Adams. It is being concealed by an Adam, and it is heading towards Mark/Ramsey.

Darina illusions a charging Adam running at the protective Adam. Child star and Pravuil shoot at the dodging camoflaged Tendrakian. They hit and her camo drops.

The Tendrakian aims at Pravuil.

The Tendrakian attacks us with blades. Darina tries to push the Tendrakian down.

Pravuil shoots the Tendrakian while it’s down. It is totally dead.

We have control of all the Adams. We take the 3 Adams through, we go through the door.

Blue uses medicine on us. Mark takes the armor back.

IsTarantula studies and broods the Miner Adams we brought with us.

The Tundrakian Adams, and the Miner Adams are willing to interact with the Cliffside Adams, due to everyone being alluring, empathetic, etc. They use Ramsey’s weird brain transfer device thing…

They stare at eachother for 15 minutes and exchange information. We find out that the Tendrakians have very limited world views, where as our Adams have personhood and freedom and a wide view. The Miners decide they want to join the other Adams.

The Soldier Tendrakian Adams seem to be upset about their brethern switching sides. Blue connects a Soldier using telepathy and empathy to our Cliffside Adams. IsTarantula applies brood care.

The Soldier Adams are incorporated into the Adam network.

The Miner’s have claws for hands and are gorilla like. The Soldiers are more angular. The Soldiers and Miners have a ripple effect in their physicality.

Mark and Darina intend to go to their white doors.

Episode 7: Quarry [Definition 1]
In which the Hosts make their first move...

[Dave gets hit multiple times]

Mark moves the door back to the hotel because he is not doing this on his own.

We are trying to come up with a plan.

Ramsey decides to create a Forgestone extraction device.

Zap Zone volume is dependent on the Zap Zone ability level, and amount of energy to be put in.

Forgestone is not heavy but is weighty.

Ramsey and IsTarantula become better at Zap Zone.

Darina zaps a bucket of water and food and random things like flashlights into her Zap Zone.

Pravuil and Childstar practice dealing with Zap Zone and projectiles, they also bond.

Forgestone feels like the Forge, and Blue can possibly spy it from a distance.

Tendrakians have camouflage technology, and Ramsey wants a counter measure. We are building a targeting system for Blue to use for hitting Tendrakians. Mark is going to get Blue guns.

Mark is bringing gas masks and oxygen containers. And environment suits.

We have semteks and radio detonators.

Darina will place an illusion on Pravuil and IsTarantula – 20% Spiritual.

Mark is going to push 40% Spiritual into armor for everyone.

The light is a purplish color, we are at the top of a huge blackish stone Desert Bluff kind of area at a Quarry. The sky is a violet color with black clouds and strikes of lightning. The area we are in was once ruins made of black stone. They get no life signs immediately. There are however actual signs with this language everywhere. “Arsan Quarry, Active, No Trespassing, Danger Falling”. The language is New Tendrakian. They can see that below the way the earth has been carved out is in a spiral going down (like a quarry), and there is light down there, and infrastructure. The signs look battered and beaten and old. The lights are dim and covered in dust. There is sulphuric acidic rain. The weather is the problem, not the atmosphere (there is oxygen). There is a fairly strong wind (northwesterly). The facility seems to be running on minimum power. The general feeling is grunge and dirty.

Ramsey has made a metal top hat for his suit. We are all embarrassed to know him.

They notice a bunch of moving pockets of Forgestone. IsTarantula detects the pattern of the moving of the Forgestone. It seems like a patrol. We use clairvoyance to figure out where there might be Forgestone without an Adam patrolling it.

Episode Six: Erebus
The motions of his spirit are dull as night...

…And his affections dark as Erebus.

Ramsey dashes through his black door before IsTarantula can yell at him. We follow him, because we don’t trust him to go by himself. We are icked out by the place.

There is very little light, the sun is below the horizon, and everything is washed out in reds and white. It is sooty and oily and gross. The ground is broken and black and covered in a thousand fires’ worth of soot. Buildings everywhere, in the Parliament area, and we can see a shell of Big Ben. Black ooze seems to have dripped down it. The Thames is dry and we see the remains of boats. Bones all over the streets.

Ramsey stows a femur for later. We are standing at a crossroads near two bodies that are an amalgam of flesh and metal that are connected to sockets in the street. The flesh is mostly rotted. Glowing red through the eye sockets. IsTarantula feels the presence of her children inside the bodies. They do not respond to IsTarantula, they have no words.

The beings bow to Ramsey. The umbilical tech behind them is holding them up and not their legs. They have only purpose (based on Blue’s analysis) they only have duty, no mind. We hear a faint whine of wind and a thrumming beating sound of engines that we can feel in our bodies. It feels post-escatonic. IsTarantula touches one of the creatures which drains her of energy. Ramsey orders them to stand down. He orders the two to share their energy.

We hear a scream and a growl that comes from deep inside the city. The sound is traveling at least a mile. Ramsey thinks he can see the mistakes he’d make and never make them. Blue sends a mind probe towards the growling. IsTarantula feels thousands of her children there. Pravuil gets some elevation to see from above.

Blue senses only a hunger, it was made to hunt. It has sensed prey. Sn;he believes it is IsTarantula it is sensing. Blue is moving her towards the door.

Pravuil sees something moving, the size of a few grizzlies side by side.

IsTarantula senses hunger and a recognition of ‘Mommy’, she retreats.

Ramsey thinks he can fix it.

Pravuil sees a tower with a light at the top, which is where the cables are going.

Ramsey thinks there is more to be learned here but perhaps not today. Ramsey touches one of the umbilici and a voice tells him it needs to talk to him. Pravuil offers to lift Ramsey up to see what he can see. Pravuil lifts him.

IsTarantula asks Ramsey to speak with her children. Ramsey asks Pravuil to bring him back down. Ramsey touches the chord. He hears his own voice, but many years older, perhaps in his 60s or 70s. Older Ramsey tells Ramsey that they “We really should talk. This is glory, Queen and Country and She wishes to speak to you.”

Ramsey delays the conversation for another day.

We all dash through the door.


Ramsey turns to IsTarantula and apologizes. They don’t yell so much but understand and rue what happened in the Black Door. IsTarantula ’You cannot simply use the children this way. Terrible things can happen. You cannot see them as I do. Can you remember what happens when the blade is made wrong. It is not all in the shaping. You must choose the child to be the thing, you must name it properly and shape it properly otherwise everything goes wrong. You cannot do this alone."

IsTarantula gets Ramsey to agree to allow her to choose the children when a blade is to be made.

Darina in a dip in the ocean so as not to contaminate the pool. Her skin has black spots that are are growing. IsTarantula is helping Ramsey get the ick off with controlled plasma.

IsTarantula gets that they are little tiny machines, nano soot.

Darina retreats from the water so as to not get the tiny machines in the water. IsTarantula plasma cleans all of us. Pravuil is self-cleaning. Mark removes his skin.

Pravuil does anomaly data mining.

Darina goes for her dip and then to talk to the Gretch. She goes to the kitchen. Dishes are laid out. The Gretch is no where to be found. She sees drones making salad. She knocks at the door and says “Friend Gretch.”

He says it is good to see her. He has had a few burns now. He refers to him as the Antagonist. He has always dealt with him from a distance. The Nameless one always tries to push the choice which will cause a more interesting story. He is a very good mirror. He has dwelt here through more than one creation. Purpose is an important word. He says his purpose is to make delicious food. Sustenance is a grand purpose. That is life.

The Gretch has created sustenance for such creatures as IsTarantula, the light we receive is not dead, recycling. Everything is connected. Everything can be recycled, or cycled. The Gretch says that because Cliffside is special the density is high, it has survived three burns that he knows of, perhaps because it is the edge. His burns have all been at Cliffside. In the past he has been alone as the only survivor. The last hosts were not right, the nameless one may have talked to them for a long time.

He flirts a bit with Darina.

The Gretch has one door. “That’s interesting.” The Gretch is refreshed by walking through his door. He gives her a special door code.

Mark goes to see Jane Fallows.
She is in the cafe. She is delighted that the phone has stopped ringing.

She has been invited to the reception for the luminaries of DeSaen.
Mark realizes that Jane is in fact DeSaen personified, and where she goes, DeSaen makes Reality.
Mark realizes he needs to arrange for her to film more movies in new places.

Ramsey tries to make self-replicating reality spider crawlers – “RAMSEY DO NOT TAKE IDEAS FROM YOUR BLACK DOOR AND CREATE THEM.” We teach him to make them less dangerous, largely with Mark’s guidance.

Mark tells Charlotte that Jane Fallows is DeSaen. Charlotte is confused. Mark is not very comforting. He asks Charlotte to book her in new places. Charlotte agrees. “We may have queened a pawn.”

Pravuil goes on a flyby to the lighthouse. The container ship has passed. It looks as he remembers it. Scorched and everything, the light is spinning and doing its thing. The light does not do damage to Pravuil as it spins. Pravuil goes in for a closer investigation. Lower door has the same lock, but it works now. The scorch goes about 20% up. The land around it is a bit scorched. It was automated, and there was evidence there was a person there as well. Pravuil meets the lighthouse keeper. Everyone heads to the light house. He is given leave to enter. The lighthouse keeper has hair everywhere wearing cans that squash his hair. He is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, black slacks and sandals. He is looking at a tape player which is exactly the same one as we have in storage. The tape is recording. Blue and Ramsey are taking the steam sled because it is “faster”. Pravuil introduces himself. The lighthouse keeps is Christopher. He is not heavy and the tape player is not heavy. The recording is heavy but the medium is not. He is the lighthouse keeper and the recording technician. The tapes go into a chute, and we don’t know if the chute existed before. It goes into the forge. The light house keeper says the light house is as if it was picked up and set down.
Ramsey and Blue arrive. Ramsey wants a sample. The light house keeper gives him a book, “Sophie’s World.”
Darina arrives and joins the conversation.
IsTarantula notices that the children are learning about everything through the tapes. They are learning about the Nameless One.
Christopher doesn’t remember anything about the Nameless One, he is bad news. “You know about Underspace right?” There is a place you can store things, that is connected to you but is not you. Shoving people in Underspace is you against them and it’s bad if you lose. It’s called a Zap Zone.
Christopher just became heavy, as he realized he has a Zap Zone.
IsTarantula tries out putting things in her Zap Zone. Things returned sterilized, all life is gone from it.
Momentum is preserved in the Zap Zone. Heavy things might not be zappable. Christopher “I do this a lot because I want to remember things.” Christopher can call us. Christopher recalls some of the New Tundrakian language, but only what we recall. We ask him to keep watch for that, and info about the Nameless One, and anything he finds particularly interesting.
IsTarantula finds a connection to New Tundrakia a few lightyears away but it is only a shift away. It is there, and there is a beacon. Mark could open a door to it. Mark does so.

To do:
Data mining
Figure out more about the container ships
Get matter from New Tundrakia
Put things in our Zap Zones for the attack on New Tundrakia

Episode Five: Hopscotch
One for sorrow, two for mirth...

We crest the hill and can hear the sound better, it’s like a glass armonica. There is a forest far off in the distance. There are rolling hills.

Ramsey puts a flower in a preservation tube.

We see a huge complex of marble buildings, looks like the Acropolis. Somethings seem to be crumbling. Ramsey takes a sample of some of the marble for later.

We hear a young girl singing the rhyme of the mockingbird.

Pravuil doesn’t sense any others. Darina is worried about not knowing protocol, Pravuil is unconcerned.

The small girl is playing hopscotch, ten square style, and there is a stone in one of the squares. She waves to us.

We recognize her from a piece of art.

She speaks to Pravuil as if she knows us. She says we always sees us. We tell Mark that the small girl says he should feel free to join us. She is ‘Heaven’, She says we are all safe, at least now, because Pravuil is here. His presence makes the place safe. She is his connection. The naming of something is very important. It makes them more real. Initial namings are very celebrated and very powerful. This is a game of territory. There are many different ways to change the game. She believes that Cliffside may have a ‘stone’ upon it, might be untouchable, untouched, so far.

She believes we threw the stone.

She tells Pravuil that there are no others of his order right now. The Creator was a very good creator, she liked him a lot, She calls Pravuil the creator. The last creator was a mason. He carved before the burn,

She tells Pravuil that he is the last one, and that he is new to this. She says she will always be there for him. She realizes he is unready.

We will meet many others who have survived many burns. The one we having coming to us is very dangerous, he is very old. She believes he plays for all the others who survive. He pushes the game. His presence causes creation and destruction. Mark wonders if he is the black egg.

We tell Heaven that the white egg is safe. She is the other one who always survives.

It is uncommon for a group like us to all survive. She has survived many but not as many as the nameless one.

We tell her about the fascists that tried to steal Desaen.

She does not know what is beyond the black doors, but believes that it is keyed to each one of us. She believes the burn was tampered with. She asks Pravuil if he is ready, and he says ‘no’ and she says that that means he is now ready. Pravuil does not know if free will was a mistake or not. She says that the predecessor learned but did not regret.

She says not to ignore the black doors. The black doors are new, and she believes it is from the Nameless Ones. If you have lived through the burn, you have influence, unless you are a place. The Gretch may also be a creator.

Desaen is a place that ‘gets around’.

‘Here we are separate, but in no way less real.’

This is a good place to practice. There are no others there.

Ramsey calls Darina’s advice not to ignore the Gretch ‘wise’ and we decide to return.

Pravuil hugs the child, he feels connected to The Creator again.

We need to figure out who is heavy, and could create.

Potential things:

Potential other creators:
The Gretch – his door may be somewhere else

Pravuil believes that some creator exists that was there during our burn, communicating with the Tendrakians, and created the other Space Nazis that we have encountered.

DeSaen’s creator?

Is it important that Jane Fallows is a star?

(the gift shop door could go to DeSaen)

To Do:
IsTarantula yells at Ramsey

Try to talk to DeSaen
Darina talk to the Gretch to see what his feelings on The Nameless one are, etc
Ramsey wants to have a ‘God Game’ hoedown/high tea
What is destroying territory?
Black doors.
White doors.
Creating more reality.
Gladhand Jane Fallows.

DeSaen function and Fallows.

In which the Hosts lick their wounds...

We get 3 improvement points.
We gave eachother a level 1 abilities.
We get 100 pts of energy to distribute amongst our energies.

Recovery Scene actions:

Blue spends time in the gardens skyclad, photosynthesizing
Blue plays attention to the guests as well.
Blue focuses on helping the Adams.

Pravuil has a crisis of faith, prays a bunch. He is disturbed that he’s becoming a creator – blasphemy. He gets an answer that he needs to go through his door, not the one that repels him but the one which draws him.

Darina will swim in the ocean and some in the hotel pool. She gets a swimsuit from Mark to wear in the pool.
Darina hangs out and gets to know the staff, and tries to find out what the Gretch is up to.
Sometimes the food is waiting when the staff get there and the Gretch is in the walkin. “Who is cooking? Did he cook it before?”

IsTarantula’s children are already weaned and are now juveniles. They can regenerate themselves, but it’s slow.
IsTarantula spends time with the Adam’s Before this, the amount of combat and Adam had seen was minimal.
They are willing to sacrifice for Cliffside.
They sometimes feel a ‘phantom Adam’. But the owners cannot sense the phantom Adams.
The substance of the Adams comes from Tendrakia (Old Space Nazi land). It is called Obsidian Forge Stone, and we need twice the volume of an .Adam to create an Adam. We will need the forge, and while they cannot forge themselves, they know how to do it, they can show the way.

Mark tends the shop, spends time with Rupert and Charlotte. She wants red licorice, she likes Twizzlers..And she calls Mark “Fantasic” and asks if he will be her Twizzler supplier from now on. Ms. Fallows has been asking about Mark and Charlotte is jealous. She wants us very much to watch the Ms.Fallow’s show. Windroses’s follow their path. She books acts and schmoozes with the talent. “To some people I’m not real. I am written.” She comes from Blacktree in North Carolina, but it has disappeared, which is when she ended up in Domino Mile. Mark recommends she talk to Tintagel. She tells Mark to look in the library to find out about Blacktree. She compliments Rupert and scritches him. Sometimes pets don’t like her.
Mark tries to figure out if there is a way to actually conduct business. Mark can open the door of his shop to someplace else. The door has to be in a controlled domain.
Mark is heavier than before and perceives us as lighter than before.

Mark spills what was up with the cards. They are a dangerous and powerful device. When he used them he was briefly transported to a place where he communicated with the Shadowy man who made a reservation at Cliffside. He congratulated us on ‘playing’ the god game. “We are playing on the level of gods.” He is in the same position, he is another player in the game.

Pravuil shares his concern about creation. We accompany Pravuil to the door room. The place feels different, like it’s pregnant with possibilities. Both sets of doors seem more aware? compelling?
Childstar wishes to come along.
The other side of the door has green rolling hills, blue skies, marble pillars reaching into the sky, other marble structures in the distance. Darina, IsTarantula, Blue and Ramsey try to go along. “The where of here is only itself.” Blue senses minds near the structures. Pravuil feels like this is his domain as in he belongs here.

To Do:
Alliances as part of the God Game individually or collectively


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