PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 4: Silver Scream, Pt. 3

In which Strangers are made familiar...

Christine gets reassured that her brother is ok, and agrees to go back up to the embassy with us so that she can be escorted by us.
Fallow mixes a cocktail and pours himself a real martini. He looks at Blue and Pravuil and asks them why they are still alive. Fallow – “There is no justice.”
We ask him why he’s still alive. Fallow – “I don’t burn. Mine was a plan, yours seems to be fate.”
Pravuil “Isn’t fate just a plan that is not your own.”
And so on.
Fallow doesn’t like new players. New players are very rare. He is a very annoyed little boy.
Fallow likes predictability and knowing the odds.
He hopes to live for a thousand life times. He thinks whoever set the plan in motion made a mistake.
He doesn’t think Bluebell and Shadowman are causing the game.
Fallow says he wants to dissect one of us to find out why we didn’t burn, maybe we have a flame inside us. He says that the consciousness that was here was killed. He hopes our places’ consciousness does not exist anymore.
Mr. Mitchell doesn’t think Charlotte/Christine is happy to serve. Mitchell brings up Antigone, the wielder of the Scarlet blade (Charlotte).
Mr. Mitchell asks if we have “THE DOORS”. Mark says doesn’t anyone?
Mr. Mitchell says that after you have “gained your lineage” the door does a lot for you. Once you have partaken of them they can affect the fabric of the place. “Our father has a different way to fill yourself back up again – everywhere there is life I can fill myself up again.” Some blades apparently were able to suck the life out of entire places.
Mr. Mitchell knows about our Forge.
Fallow calls IsTarantula StarFucker.
Mr. Mitchell is not sure if all things that are heavy are “forged”. He thinks some things are forged by the burn.
Mr. Mitchell is glad we came.
Mitchell thinks that most off us are not “aligned”.
Pravuil wonders what happens to people when they are taken out of the game.
Christine is talking about the “Boss” and the “Family”.
Mark grabs some coffee out of his store for Christine.

Mr. Mitchell comes up to Ruby “Before that you didn’t even need to.” “You are family.”
Mr. Mitchell says that Ruby did not seem to be here after the burn but now she is. Ruby says she was burning in the darkness in between – halfway between the darkness and the burn. Mr. Mitchell seems to want to divine the family tree – “The family tree is a family constellation.”
Mr. Mitchell says to be careful not to get put in a box and used. And when you get hungry, be careful what you eat. Obliterating life is not sustainable. He also warns us that our doors are like an amplifying chamber.
Darina makes a mental note to tell Ramsey that Fallow might be what happens when you take inspiration from your black door.
Mr. Mitchell kibitzes with Mark about connection, because Mark seems grossed out by it.
Camille taps Mr. Mitchell on the shoulder and pulls Ruby over to the side. “Why are you with them?” “Because my doors are next to theirs?”
Camille thinks that the fact that Ruby is with us, and new means things are off balance. Ruby says her grandfather was interested in that too, and told her to experience things and learn and make choices.
Camille says “If you ever want to speak with us, just go to your door and whistle.”
The caterers take the food away.
Mark tips the staff and Darina thanks them.
Ramsey, IsTarantula and Pravuil notice that the sun seems to be setting.
They say they will visit us at Cliffside at their embassy.
We walk out into the desert.
Ramsey is ready to alert us with foreshadowing.
We are confused by Ramsey’s suggestions. At the unfurling of the wings, Mark and Ruby is in shadow.
The sun slowly sets behind us. The shadows get longer.
About an hour out at normal pace we see a light in the darkness against the mountains. Another half hour of walking we see that the light is through a window.
This night has no stars and no moon. Film reels, burned books, type writers, costuming, scripts, are decaying and destroyed littering the ground. It’s getting cold. (Ramsey sees film grain).
The cabin ahead becomes more visible and has smoke coming out of the chimney, Ramsey tells us.
We are at the cabin at the edge of the desert. The window has either a flickering fire, a lamp, a projector.
She knocks on the door, a guy in a fedora opens it up and asks if she is here for her brother.
There are three mooks (including fedora guy). The mooks are watching a film. The film is Touch of Evil.
Mark puts Christopher’s reel on the projector “Afterglow”. (Our story)
They tell her her brother is in the other room. Pravuil and Christine go there and find Christopher.
Blue checks him to see if he is the same Christopher he was. She is pretty sure that that is Christopher.
We all join hands and touch Ruby, Mark grabs the reel before we get reeled in.
Mark, IsTarantula, Blue, Darina and Ruby combine to get us home.
Ruby bursts through the wall of the cabin. The reel is in Mark’s hand and we smell burning celluloid and the sound is off. A mook tries to shoot us and doesn’t succeed. Another one is trying to grab the film. The projector flips over, the light goes out and it goes black.

Ruby feels a kiss on her cheek. We come through the screen.
Mark reels up as much of the film as possible, it’s burning.
Christine is now Jane/Charlotte.
Pravuil flies Christopher back to the lighthouse.
Jane/Charlotte “The Premiere went badly.” We take her to Jane’s room.
Tangiers asks after Simon (the maître d of the Suicide King). We realize that they killed the place.

Tangier is very upset when we tell him that Simon was killed. He wants to talk to us about it the next day.

Action Items:
• Check the map to see if the “Suicide King Embassy” is on the map – it is.
• Ramsey weaponize FREE WILL
• We argue with Ramsey about vivisecting Adams.


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