PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 12: Dominoes [.][:][:] - Stars

IsTarantula needs to name the star child for the power supply.
DeSaen has a militia. It tunnels through reality.
Gretch should get both forces together.
Mark is going to go talk to Christopher and Abraham.
Dana tells us that if we have a bladelink we can all stay connected. Dana is confused by the whole Ruby/star thing. All the stars can talk to eachother. Ruby can talk to the other stars.
The typewriter is not on the bladenet.
We explain that Issac and Fallow are trying to take over everything. Dana doesn’t like Fallow either. Dana doesn’t seem to know Mr. Mitchell.
Dana says there might be a rogue bladenet without a wielder. Pravuil tells Childstar to look for potentially unwielded blades.
Christopher and Mark discuss hooking up the lighthouse up to the network.
Mark adds a network connection to from the lighthouse to the network in the map room.
Ramsey opens up the creche, there are glowing children inside.
There is a sphere in the creche. The sphere is ready, IsTarantula is going down to the Forge to name it – UpTime!.
UpTime! calls Ramsey father.
They place UpTime! Into the terminus. It is charged with providing steady power, and intelligence to the system. UpTime! gets hooked up.
Dana/Synner are excited about being hooked up to the “mirror”. Wuby e inherited it.
We introduce Christopher and Abraham to Dana/Synner.
We explain that we are looking for allies.
Ramsey is going to create Wild West Arachnostrosity.
Tintagel and Ramsey need to tell Ruby how to reresurrect Algiers.
We need a memento from Algiers that is not associated with the place.
Tangiers is giving Ruby his finger. We need a power source. We could collapse the Suicide King into Algiers.
We need a Prime there to name it.
We debate whether we should send someone with Ruby.
Action Items:
1) We send Ruby to spy with Mark?
2) We send Darina, Blue and Pravuil to look for allies
3) IsTarantula and Ramsey need to build things

Mark is talking on a private channel with Pravuil – the boss is acting weird, and Mark isn’t sure he can pretend to be switching sides without switching sides.


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