PQ - New World Order

S2: Episode 1: Intermission

In which the lights come up...

…and next moves are planned.

Jane and Charlotte’s change happened while Parvuil was filming.
Ramsey wants to diagnose Parvuil.
We wonder how the Adversary got the Lumivore, was it through Charlotte when our data is missing.

We need to build the universe.

Tangiers: Protocol 32 engaged, lockdown engaged, incursion door chamber.
We all wheel around and make our way there with a quad of Adams, except Ramsey who is going to make something.

There are now seven sets of doors.

Tall, jet black skin with sparkles. Mass of writhing red hair longer than she is tall and slightly glowing red eyes – clothed.

She apparently is the child of IsTarantula. Blue checks on Ramsey and keeps him from aiming the large gun (that he is wearing) at the new one. Writhing hair shoots at Ramsey. Her name is apparently Ruby, she is introduced to the rest of us. The gun is designed to make anyone with primacy flee the area. She is very heavy and she has lineage.

We ask the Gretch to make some food. The Adams are being sent to strategic locations.
Ramsey names the Repulser: Protector.

We explain to Ramsey that he now needs to take care of Protector.

We need to plan a memorial for the Adams which will be private because the current group of Adams don’t remember them.

The Gretch has forgotten the film.

Tangiers does not remember the film occurring.

Chris’ radio is giving a busy signal.

Chris’ line is dead.

Darina goes to each room, to speak to the guests, no one remembers the premiere. 10 pt Spiritual.

Parvuil and Mark go to the lighthouse and Chris is missing. They let us know. Chris’ book club book is open, he was clearly reading.

Blue senses Christopher in the booth. Blue goes to the booth.

Ramsey pisses off Protector and is now locked in place.

Chris is now on the film. There are others in the film. Charlotte and Jane are in the film. Blue checks to see if the Adversary is on the film.

Pravuils data is not heavy. Someone has to man the lighthouse.

One of the oldest of the Adams, that has a buttoneer, is fairly heavy, and might be trainable to run the lighthouse. Ruby asks if we want Jane, Charlotte and Chris. Mark uses eschatology to figure out if this is a good idea. Mark offers to help the volunteer. Darina gives him fortune’s boon. Pravuil teaches him Investigation. (According to Ruby in 50 years this is going to be fascinating). The Adam accepts the help and Mark uses Primacy on him. We name him Alexander because he asks for a name. His way of moving changes. He is now heavier and smarter. He is still communicating with the other Adams.

Pravuil and Mark return.

Alexander is the current lighthouse keeper.

Next time
• We will be restoring our energy in our doors
• Ramsey and IsTarantula are going to create a light bulb


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