PQ - New World Order

Episode 9: Accounts

In which ends are besought, bargained, and sold.

Ramsey wants to build energy transfer devices. Potentially build video conferencing of some kind for the Christopher to talk people here.
Mark has come back to the shop. Apparently the shop was open while we were gone. Mark finds Charlotte is in the shop eating licorice and scritching Rupert. “Just so you know, no customers, it’s been pretty quiet.” She claims that the sign and door were open. "Rupert seemed lonely.”
Tomorrow night is the premiere. She mentions that she needs our help. The Descent delegation is tonight. (It is about 10 times as long in the door as outside). We need to arrange security, catering, etc, and we need to gladhand the others.
Darina needs to interact with the Gretch for Charlotte.
Mark looks at the security tape, he sees that right after he left, the door is open. Neither security tape shows what happened and the tapes don’t seem altered.
Blue reaches out to the store with clairvoyance to figure out what happened. The store seems disturbed because the door to the shop was open and that’s not supposed to happen.
Pravuil asks the Adams if they saw us leave and the sign said Closed and the door was closed, and then it left. Ramsey suspects that the door may have opened for Charlotte. The door did open shortly before Charlotte walked in.
Darina takes a Classic Adam (non-Veteran) with her and some Classic coke in the bottles to the Lighthouse and a Cliffside sweatshirt.
Pravuil does the debriefing with the Adams, one of each type. Pravuil gives a rousing speech of gratitude etc. The Masters are not native Tendrakians, they are from Tenalee. The native Tendrakians died long ago. The Adams we found on Tendrakia were created by the ancient Tendrakians. The Tendrakian Adams are confused. Pravuil explains that we want to prevent unnecessary Adam death. He explains why we repaired Adams instead of having them cannibalize eachother. He asks them to let us know if they get a sign that the Masters are on their way. All Adams salute him.
Ramsey gives Tangiers authority to handle the problem. Blue restricts that authority, so that he knows he can come to us if he is not sure. Don’t build new rooms until he’s checked with us. We ask him to report back. We give Tangiers an office with Hotel Manager on the door.
Darina’s Adam mentions to her that the shop door was open. Darina asks the Adam to let us know If this happens again. (Ramsey creates within Cliffside and the known universe that it’s instantaneous communication and outside the known universe it’s voice mail.) She introduces Christopher to Adam. Lots of chatter has been going on. A big carrier went down and he picked up on the feed. ‘Catastrophic failure portside, propulsion down, 1000 ft, 200 ft flatline.” He would like a communication feed and potentially a portal. He suggests a book club.

Around the time that the store opened there was static in the feeds. He thought it was sun spots. He doesn’t think that the static would be due to the Shadowman. Charlotte is the great communicator, he wants to know if she has a boyfriend. She could call him if she wants. Christopher has a record of what we did in another place.
He hands her Rashomon to read for the book club. The lighthouse still has the mirror.
Mark has an employee meeting (Rupert sits outside). They are both confused. They wonder if there is an ulterior motive. ‘How knowy is her knowing?’ (Charlotte is not heavy, but is part of the library) Mark’s employee wants to go into the white door.
Mark heads to the white door with Rupert. Darina, Blue and IsTarantula go with him. The door opens on an office, warm wood leather, swank. Ledgers are laid out. Barrister bookcases, and some doors that lead to other rooms. Window that looks out onto a factory floor. Seven wheels that look to be versions of Desaen’s wheel, they are quantum engines and are making things. Shelves stretch back to forever. Mark sees a note that looks wrong. Stock transferred IOU – not in Mark’s hand – A lumivore. (Mark wants to compare the handwriting with the note from Charlotte to Darina),
One door goes to the bedroom, the other door goes to a games room and a bar.
The lumivore could have caused the sunspots. Could it have been used intentionally to cause the static. The lumivore is ‘done’. It is a one use item. We leave, Mark takes a nap.
Ramsey asks Morrison Day if Desean noticed any disturbance at X’o’clock. The wheel ‘skipped’ at the same time.
Darina goes in with isTarantula, they are not underwater. It’s a courtyard made of blue and green marble with arches etc, outdoors. Nature but with a purposeful hand (slightly sculpted). There are about 50 or 60 pools of water in little marble enclosures. Straight ahead there is a waterful off of some arches and into a pool. In front of that there is a throne, half submerged. There is a woman in one of the pools looking up at Darina. She comes out of the water when Darina gives her her hand. She is soaked, late 1800’s dress. “Thank you lady for answering my prayer.” She prayed to Lady of the Still Waters to give her a boon. The woman’s husband has spurned her, she cannot leave him. She touches the woman’s head and sees what happened to her by her husband. He has threatened to send her to an asylum if she does not perform. She grants her Fortune’s Boon of 10.
She explains Justice Vengeance to IsTarantula. And replenishes herself.
They return without about an hour and a half to get ready for the party.
Darina gives Ramsey the note for the handwriting analysis. Mark takes a picture of the note in the ledger. There are enough similarities to suggest that the end of the note to Darina was written by the same person (personality) as the note in the ledger. Mark needs to look at her book to see if she is being rewritten.
Darina talks to the Gretch next time.


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