PQ - New World Order

Episode 8: Quarry [Definition 2]

In which the Hosts learn the secrets of Forge Stone...

So there we were….

Ramsey notices a plateau (plane), there is a spot that the rain goes around, and it’s descending and big. ‘Cloaked ship landing.’ We note that there is some filtered light and there are things standing there.

IsTarantula, Mark and Pravuil take Ramsey, Blue and Darina down.

We see the lights are covered in dust and this place looks like it hasn’t been used in a long time.

There is a bright light that pulses, and the depth of the hole is about a mile. It seems like at some point we notice things ‘slowing down’. There is ‘something weird’ going on down below. They are ‘fucking with local physics.’ The light (which is electromagnetic) got brighter when it happened. The source of the power is the glowing thing.

There is a lightning strike which gets sucked into the glowing thing.

There is a metal contraption that is not being affected by the acid rain. There are cables going into the ‘mine’. There are 20 ‘Adams’ that are patrolling the area. We get the feeling that the lightning is part of them.

IsTarantula notices that the bluff around is feels like the forge.

Ramsey does something ill-advised (trying to talk in New Tendrakian to order the Black Adams) while the rest of us try to be unobservable.

For some inexplicable reason they seem to be forming up in front of the mine entrance. This is the place where a forge was, a long time ago. ’They’ve been strip mining reality.’

Ramsey sets up a Forgestone Extraction Device. Some of the Adams look modified – like more than one is merged together. The Adams shrug off the sulphuric acid rain.

We hear a sound like something ‘touching down’, a ramp potentially. We all sense a thousand steps at once, Three of the Adams are isolated.

A gunship is heading our way. Darina is wearing Ramsey’s goggles. There are things that are not Adams near the loading zone. The disruptions in the rain sometimes cross. There are probably two gunships. Adams are bonding, ripping it open and separating it.

Pravuil shoots at where the gunships will eventually intersect – at the outpipe – such that when one of them explodes it will collide into the other. Pravuil and Childstar attempt the shot. It works.

Mark moves the door to the shop, we start moving rocks and sending the Adams through.

We hear another thum sound. Another ramp sound.

We decide to try to take out the gunships after finding out that they are carrying ‘Masters’ that are leaving to go to war against everyone.

There is a war going on among the Adams about Blue and her intentions. About 2/3 go with Blue. She orders her Adams to create a protective ring. The entity controlling the others are upset.

The Adams fight eachother over attacking/protecting us.

Darina sees a shimmer behind one of the Adams. It is being concealed by an Adam, and it is heading towards Mark/Ramsey.

Darina illusions a charging Adam running at the protective Adam. Child star and Pravuil shoot at the dodging camoflaged Tendrakian. They hit and her camo drops.

The Tendrakian aims at Pravuil.

The Tendrakian attacks us with blades. Darina tries to push the Tendrakian down.

Pravuil shoots the Tendrakian while it’s down. It is totally dead.

We have control of all the Adams. We take the 3 Adams through, we go through the door.

Blue uses medicine on us. Mark takes the armor back.

IsTarantula studies and broods the Miner Adams we brought with us.

The Tundrakian Adams, and the Miner Adams are willing to interact with the Cliffside Adams, due to everyone being alluring, empathetic, etc. They use Ramsey’s weird brain transfer device thing…

They stare at eachother for 15 minutes and exchange information. We find out that the Tendrakians have very limited world views, where as our Adams have personhood and freedom and a wide view. The Miners decide they want to join the other Adams.

The Soldier Tendrakian Adams seem to be upset about their brethern switching sides. Blue connects a Soldier using telepathy and empathy to our Cliffside Adams. IsTarantula applies brood care.

The Soldier Adams are incorporated into the Adam network.

The Miner’s have claws for hands and are gorilla like. The Soldiers are more angular. The Soldiers and Miners have a ripple effect in their physicality.

Mark and Darina intend to go to their white doors.


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