PQ - New World Order

Episode 7: Quarry [Definition 1]

In which the Hosts make their first move...

[Dave gets hit multiple times]

Mark moves the door back to the hotel because he is not doing this on his own.

We are trying to come up with a plan.

Ramsey decides to create a Forgestone extraction device.

Zap Zone volume is dependent on the Zap Zone ability level, and amount of energy to be put in.

Forgestone is not heavy but is weighty.

Ramsey and IsTarantula become better at Zap Zone.

Darina zaps a bucket of water and food and random things like flashlights into her Zap Zone.

Pravuil and Childstar practice dealing with Zap Zone and projectiles, they also bond.

Forgestone feels like the Forge, and Blue can possibly spy it from a distance.

Tendrakians have camouflage technology, and Ramsey wants a counter measure. We are building a targeting system for Blue to use for hitting Tendrakians. Mark is going to get Blue guns.

Mark is bringing gas masks and oxygen containers. And environment suits.

We have semteks and radio detonators.

Darina will place an illusion on Pravuil and IsTarantula – 20% Spiritual.

Mark is going to push 40% Spiritual into armor for everyone.

The light is a purplish color, we are at the top of a huge blackish stone Desert Bluff kind of area at a Quarry. The sky is a violet color with black clouds and strikes of lightning. The area we are in was once ruins made of black stone. They get no life signs immediately. There are however actual signs with this language everywhere. “Arsan Quarry, Active, No Trespassing, Danger Falling”. The language is New Tendrakian. They can see that below the way the earth has been carved out is in a spiral going down (like a quarry), and there is light down there, and infrastructure. The signs look battered and beaten and old. The lights are dim and covered in dust. There is sulphuric acidic rain. The weather is the problem, not the atmosphere (there is oxygen). There is a fairly strong wind (northwesterly). The facility seems to be running on minimum power. The general feeling is grunge and dirty.

Ramsey has made a metal top hat for his suit. We are all embarrassed to know him.

They notice a bunch of moving pockets of Forgestone. IsTarantula detects the pattern of the moving of the Forgestone. It seems like a patrol. We use clairvoyance to figure out where there might be Forgestone without an Adam patrolling it.


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