PQ - New World Order

Episode Six: Erebus

The motions of his spirit are dull as night...

…And his affections dark as Erebus.

Ramsey dashes through his black door before IsTarantula can yell at him. We follow him, because we don’t trust him to go by himself. We are icked out by the place.

There is very little light, the sun is below the horizon, and everything is washed out in reds and white. It is sooty and oily and gross. The ground is broken and black and covered in a thousand fires’ worth of soot. Buildings everywhere, in the Parliament area, and we can see a shell of Big Ben. Black ooze seems to have dripped down it. The Thames is dry and we see the remains of boats. Bones all over the streets.

Ramsey stows a femur for later. We are standing at a crossroads near two bodies that are an amalgam of flesh and metal that are connected to sockets in the street. The flesh is mostly rotted. Glowing red through the eye sockets. IsTarantula feels the presence of her children inside the bodies. They do not respond to IsTarantula, they have no words.

The beings bow to Ramsey. The umbilical tech behind them is holding them up and not their legs. They have only purpose (based on Blue’s analysis) they only have duty, no mind. We hear a faint whine of wind and a thrumming beating sound of engines that we can feel in our bodies. It feels post-escatonic. IsTarantula touches one of the creatures which drains her of energy. Ramsey orders them to stand down. He orders the two to share their energy.

We hear a scream and a growl that comes from deep inside the city. The sound is traveling at least a mile. Ramsey thinks he can see the mistakes he’d make and never make them. Blue sends a mind probe towards the growling. IsTarantula feels thousands of her children there. Pravuil gets some elevation to see from above.

Blue senses only a hunger, it was made to hunt. It has sensed prey. Sn;he believes it is IsTarantula it is sensing. Blue is moving her towards the door.

Pravuil sees something moving, the size of a few grizzlies side by side.

IsTarantula senses hunger and a recognition of ‘Mommy’, she retreats.

Ramsey thinks he can fix it.

Pravuil sees a tower with a light at the top, which is where the cables are going.

Ramsey thinks there is more to be learned here but perhaps not today. Ramsey touches one of the umbilici and a voice tells him it needs to talk to him. Pravuil offers to lift Ramsey up to see what he can see. Pravuil lifts him.

IsTarantula asks Ramsey to speak with her children. Ramsey asks Pravuil to bring him back down. Ramsey touches the chord. He hears his own voice, but many years older, perhaps in his 60s or 70s. Older Ramsey tells Ramsey that they “We really should talk. This is glory, Queen and Country and She wishes to speak to you.”

Ramsey delays the conversation for another day.

We all dash through the door.


Ramsey turns to IsTarantula and apologizes. They don’t yell so much but understand and rue what happened in the Black Door. IsTarantula ’You cannot simply use the children this way. Terrible things can happen. You cannot see them as I do. Can you remember what happens when the blade is made wrong. It is not all in the shaping. You must choose the child to be the thing, you must name it properly and shape it properly otherwise everything goes wrong. You cannot do this alone."

IsTarantula gets Ramsey to agree to allow her to choose the children when a blade is to be made.

Darina in a dip in the ocean so as not to contaminate the pool. Her skin has black spots that are are growing. IsTarantula is helping Ramsey get the ick off with controlled plasma.

IsTarantula gets that they are little tiny machines, nano soot.

Darina retreats from the water so as to not get the tiny machines in the water. IsTarantula plasma cleans all of us. Pravuil is self-cleaning. Mark removes his skin.

Pravuil does anomaly data mining.

Darina goes for her dip and then to talk to the Gretch. She goes to the kitchen. Dishes are laid out. The Gretch is no where to be found. She sees drones making salad. She knocks at the door and says “Friend Gretch.”

He says it is good to see her. He has had a few burns now. He refers to him as the Antagonist. He has always dealt with him from a distance. The Nameless one always tries to push the choice which will cause a more interesting story. He is a very good mirror. He has dwelt here through more than one creation. Purpose is an important word. He says his purpose is to make delicious food. Sustenance is a grand purpose. That is life.

The Gretch has created sustenance for such creatures as IsTarantula, the light we receive is not dead, recycling. Everything is connected. Everything can be recycled, or cycled. The Gretch says that because Cliffside is special the density is high, it has survived three burns that he knows of, perhaps because it is the edge. His burns have all been at Cliffside. In the past he has been alone as the only survivor. The last hosts were not right, the nameless one may have talked to them for a long time.

He flirts a bit with Darina.

The Gretch has one door. “That’s interesting.” The Gretch is refreshed by walking through his door. He gives her a special door code.

Mark goes to see Jane Fallows.
She is in the cafe. She is delighted that the phone has stopped ringing.

She has been invited to the reception for the luminaries of DeSaen.
Mark realizes that Jane is in fact DeSaen personified, and where she goes, DeSaen makes Reality.
Mark realizes he needs to arrange for her to film more movies in new places.

Ramsey tries to make self-replicating reality spider crawlers – “RAMSEY DO NOT TAKE IDEAS FROM YOUR BLACK DOOR AND CREATE THEM.” We teach him to make them less dangerous, largely with Mark’s guidance.

Mark tells Charlotte that Jane Fallows is DeSaen. Charlotte is confused. Mark is not very comforting. He asks Charlotte to book her in new places. Charlotte agrees. “We may have queened a pawn.”

Pravuil goes on a flyby to the lighthouse. The container ship has passed. It looks as he remembers it. Scorched and everything, the light is spinning and doing its thing. The light does not do damage to Pravuil as it spins. Pravuil goes in for a closer investigation. Lower door has the same lock, but it works now. The scorch goes about 20% up. The land around it is a bit scorched. It was automated, and there was evidence there was a person there as well. Pravuil meets the lighthouse keeper. Everyone heads to the light house. He is given leave to enter. The lighthouse keeper has hair everywhere wearing cans that squash his hair. He is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, black slacks and sandals. He is looking at a tape player which is exactly the same one as we have in storage. The tape is recording. Blue and Ramsey are taking the steam sled because it is “faster”. Pravuil introduces himself. The lighthouse keeps is Christopher. He is not heavy and the tape player is not heavy. The recording is heavy but the medium is not. He is the lighthouse keeper and the recording technician. The tapes go into a chute, and we don’t know if the chute existed before. It goes into the forge. The light house keeper says the light house is as if it was picked up and set down.
Ramsey and Blue arrive. Ramsey wants a sample. The light house keeper gives him a book, “Sophie’s World.”
Darina arrives and joins the conversation.
IsTarantula notices that the children are learning about everything through the tapes. They are learning about the Nameless One.
Christopher doesn’t remember anything about the Nameless One, he is bad news. “You know about Underspace right?” There is a place you can store things, that is connected to you but is not you. Shoving people in Underspace is you against them and it’s bad if you lose. It’s called a Zap Zone.
Christopher just became heavy, as he realized he has a Zap Zone.
IsTarantula tries out putting things in her Zap Zone. Things returned sterilized, all life is gone from it.
Momentum is preserved in the Zap Zone. Heavy things might not be zappable. Christopher “I do this a lot because I want to remember things.” Christopher can call us. Christopher recalls some of the New Tundrakian language, but only what we recall. We ask him to keep watch for that, and info about the Nameless One, and anything he finds particularly interesting.
IsTarantula finds a connection to New Tundrakia a few lightyears away but it is only a shift away. It is there, and there is a beacon. Mark could open a door to it. Mark does so.

To do:
Data mining
Figure out more about the container ships
Get matter from New Tundrakia
Put things in our Zap Zones for the attack on New Tundrakia


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