PQ - New World Order

Episode 10: Plot Holes

In which stories are spun and some are missed entirely.

We all get fancy clothes from Mark.

We decide to invite Samantha and James to the cocktail reception but not the formal dinner.

Darina goes to talk to the Gretch. Gretch mentions a dimming of the lights happened. The dimming of the lights also happened right before the event from the last incarnation. The Gretch goes through his door when he’s hungry. The Gretch wants to join the book club.

Mark asks Pravuil for a help with getting the book. They go to the library. The section of the library that Charlotte’s book is in is in a blue glass section (that’s what the library is made of). It’s in a tiny cube which is missing. You cannot check things out of the library. It would have had to be very heavy to remove the book. Pravuil looks up reviews and citations of the book, and they find out that the book was written and existed in a previous incarnation. The citation was by Tristan (blade of Antigone) and he liked the story. The oldest reference is from Eric, Father Blue, and Aerianne (who is his sister). And he spoke of her as a babysitter. Many cycles ago she might have been a person. The character is based on the babysitter that the children had in Domino Mile, New Jersey which may have existed before. They liked her a lot, she was very social. Charlotte disappeared around the time Aerianne disappeared. Father Blue mentioned seeing a Jane Fallows film. We wonder who put them into this reality. They were clearly memories from someone that were put into this reality.

They check the security tapes of the library. There is blackness when last this shelf was stolen from. This happened about a month ago.

Ramsey creates a bibliosniffer. It may or may not look somewhat like a mop dog robot with a top hat.

Blue asks Galen for the 411 on the guests. Tintagel has been spending a lot of time on the veranda ‘listening’. The people from Galena have been cagey. Samantha and James have been ordering in and watching porn. Jane Fallows has been by and is cool according to Galen. The Suzy’s have been kinda bored. The Adams seem kinda all right.

“An Adam inventory may be in order.” There are two new ones which are Classic Adams with a hint of lime. They look like Adam Classics. We are staging the newest Adams someplace nearby where we can deploy them if needed but we are trying not to advertise that we are an Adam Factory.

Pravuil is sketching up the plans.

IsTarantula is wearing a dress and a hat with a little veil. The dress has a starfield on it that is shifting.

The Gretch’s whites are pristine. and his hat is starched and awesome.

There are about three hundred people at the cocktail reception.

Samantha and James introduce themselves to Jane Fallows.

75% of the guests leave after the cocktail reception and go to the other event, thank goodness.

Ramsey shows up with the bibliosniffer. Blue makes an effort to cockblock Ramsey at every opportunity. We schmooze. Mark does the hard sell on the people from Galena. They are interested in what is going on with us and DeSaen. They are super into structure and rules.

Maximillian speechifies about how awesome we are.

The Galena people didn’t know that we had done what we did with DeSaen.

Mark speechifies. Establishing strong ties, etc etc etc, establishing a firm foothold for moving forward where everyone can flourish, and working together for the common good, stressing cooperation and order. Playing to the DeSaen crowd and the Galena people and Tintagel.

Pretty much positive feedback from people.

The bibliosniffer goes right to Mark while he is speechifying and looks at him very intently and then wanders over and sits next to Charlotte. Ramsey gets distracted while Blue tries to find out whether Charlotte has her own book on her person. Pravuil senses the weak energy of her blue glass. Blue uses psychometry to figure out where the book is, it is part of her apparently. There are two coexisting things there, a second Charlotte that is very cold and very dangerous and is reaching out to her as she touches and she backs off.

Charlotte thinks things went well. We encourage her to join the book club so that we can get Christopher to recover the book from Charlotte.


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